"Tell Jack Frost to take a break, because things are about to get "Frosty"!"
— "Frosty" Jackson

"Frosty" is a Frost/Ice conduit and is the first artificially made Conduit. He was created by an Conduit containment program called  N.I.C.E, which is now run by the remaining Vermaak88 from New Marias, who now take down the surviving Corrupted and other rogue Conduits.


"Frosty" is care-free and upbeat, oftenly making funny, if not smart remarkes about everything. He is sometimes cocky, but at the same does not think to less of an opponent, something he calls "safe bragging". He also sings songs only when someone says something that reminds him of one. "Frosty" is a bit rash, but not to rash to understand those ineed whether it be a "normal" or a Conduit. He is also aware of the Karma system, only he renames it to "Good, Bad, or the Frosty". Whenever a situation involving a choice, he takes a paused, dramatic moment and starts off saying, "To be Good, or to be Bad? That is the unanswered question." Since he is aware of the Karma system he often belives he is of "Tao-Christian descent."


Frost/Ice Manipulation: "Frosty" has the ability to control ice and cold weather and can also manipulate anything that conducts cold.(wind and sky)

Curing: "Frosty" can cure anyyone with the Conduit gene. He cannot fully cure full fledge Conduits. Some can be partially cured or uncurable.

High Endurance: "Frosty" can take an exceeding amount of damage and still keep going.

Unpredictability: Due to "Frosty'"s happy, upbeat, (and inability to tell good jokes) nature, he tends to do unexpected things when fighting or not.

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