An RP about a researcher named Oliver Shrew studying conduits in Curdun Cay, a RP that shows a variety of different prime conduits in the facility. If you have any conduit idea that's not too OP, post it!


Professor Shrew uses a key card to access a dim lighted room with a one way mirror showing a girl with several bees.

Oliver: This is subject 169 am I correct?

Agent: Yes professor.

Oliver: Name?

Agent: Jodie Irving.

Oliver: I guess this is the conduit with control over Genus Apis? According to her data she have the ability to manipulate, absorb and expel wax and honey, she also has a superior telepathic ability to communicate with all types of bees. Astonishing potential!

Agent: We used one canister of tear gas to subdue her, she isn't much of fighter.

Oliver: I didn't ask for your opinion, didn't I?

Agent: Sorry Mr. Shrew.

Oliver: It's PROFESSOR SHREW you moron!

Agent: Sigh...

Oliver: To the next

They walk past the next room, it looks empty from the first sight, but a male in his late teens appeared out of tin air.

Oliver: Ah, this is?

Agent: Subject 247, Travis Spears, the power to-

Oliver: The power to turn invisible and phase through solid objects, interesting ability with useful potential.

Agent: We should set his pain collar to high if he tries to escape.

Oliver: Would you please not talk about such stupid things!


Oliver: Another subject shall we?

In the next room, they saw a man with scales manifesting on his skin, long tail, sharp teeth.

Agent: Subject 82, Yogi Hammerstein.

Oliver: He possess the ability of Anthromorophsis, the ability to take the form of a raptor-like creatures, although, he is a bit more intelligent than a regular lizard.

Agent: He almost killed one of our allies!

Oliver: I know, I know, but isn't he beautiful?

Agent: *I'm starting to hate this guy.*

Oliver: Our next subject, a rather interesting form of a conduit, Mr. Dorian Hemisphere.

In the next room, a male, early twenties, playing with a pack of cards and throwing them at a target practice on the wall.

Oliver: Subject 60, Dorian can increase the kinetic energy in matter, making solid objects explode!

Agent: Terrific...

A woman's voice echos the room.

Augustine: After you're done rounding up the subjects, I need them in the practice area, right away.

Oliver: Just one more, just one more...

Chamber 21, a boy, no older than 17, sitting in the chamber alone, with two laptops in front of him.

Oliver: Ethan Marx, this conduits sees through a world of codes, can hack through any systems telepathically, he even threatened to hack ours if we don't give him his computers...

Agent: Why don't he just escape then?

Oliver: He stated that freedom is overrated, he likes staying here, in his "cozy" cell.

Agent: This is indeed, a freak house.

Oliver: Okay, okay it's time to round up these subjects to the practice chamber, dun dun dun!

Agent: *Oliver Shrew, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a conduit himself...*


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