Bill Walker
Bill Walker
Vital statistics
Alias Tin-Man
Gender Male
Race Conduit
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Health 10000
Level Amateur
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Status Deceased
Location San Diablo
Voiced By Sean Pertwee
Bill Walker is a conduit that appears in inFAMOUS: Anarchy and again in inFAMOUS: Apocalypse as an ally that often gives Alex Grace and Jacob Weebs evil side missions. Bill is shown to be an extremely skilled ferrokinetic conduit in his final stand against Alex.



Bill is normally characterized by a very serious attitude, rarely speaking unless necessary and quick to cut through banter to the heart of the matter. Beneath his stoic exterior, Bill is quick to anger and can be fearsome whenever someone provokes his wrath.



  • Bill Walker is set to be portrayed by Sean Pertwee who is known for his role as Colonel Radec in Killzone 2.