Chris Deus
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.47.09 PM
Golden Sovereign
Vital statistics
Alias Golden Boy
Crystal Freak
Inmate #92-4425
Gender Male
Race Human (Conduit)
Affiliation Himself
Health Perfect
Level Unknown
Power Hyalokinesis
Status Active
Location Seattle
Voiced By Brandon Keener

Chris Deus is a Conduit who can manipulate glass. Formerly a regular human who survived the horrendous events created by the Beast, he unlocked his powers shortly after surviving the RFI blast which supposedly killed all nearby Conduits. Though he never intended to do harm, he was captured by the Department of Unified Protection who labeled him as a Bioterrorist and confined him behind the walls of Curdun Cay for roughly five years.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Basic Conduit AbilitiesEdit




  • Chris's name comes from the Greek word "Chrysafénios", which means "Golden", while his last name, Deus is Latin for "Sovereign", thus "Golden Sovereign".

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