Eira Briggs
Eira Briggs
Detailed Information:
Appearances: TBA
Nicknames: "Ice Witch"

"The Snow Conduit"

Species: Human (former), Conduit
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington
Birthdate: 2/22/96
Conduit Power Cryokinesis
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 Ibs.
Hair Color: Black, Bleach White and Blue
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Family: Mia Briggs (mother), Steven Briggs (father) Rose Briggs (sister)
Voice Actor: Lydia Mackay

Eira Briggs is a Conduit that utilizes Cryokinesis in battle.


Eira is a short girl with black hair that she dyed first blonde, then blue. It ended up with light blue at her roots all the way to around her chin. She usually wears

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