Gyaga San-Cheuy is a very powerful ruler who rids cities of their crime and injustice in the "They Took Over" Series.


Gyaga is rumored to be around for centuries, wiping cities off the map because of their slight imperfectness. It is unknown when he was born or if he died and then came back to life somehow. Have you ever heard of the city of Davidselch? No? That's because he blew it up! When the World Engine was activated, he came to New Marais and made his Gyaga Guys.


Gyaga is first present in Level 6: The Test when Agent Claudia Ryker is about to give you your next mission but he interrupts by hacking into their channel. He threatens you that he's got hostages in the Chechen Warehouse and that if you don't get to them in time he'll blow them up. When you're about halfway there, he blows it up anyway, along with lots of tall gas tanks and they all collapse, sending fire and explosions everywhere. Sounds awesome, right? To actually experience this, go play the UCG mission, "They Took Over" Part 6.

How He RollsEdit

This guy rolls by blowing up areas of crime with special toxic Gyaga Bombs. When he declares a city too corrupt, you better run outta that city. It's about to blow up like Fatman at a belching contest.

As the Story ProgressesEdit

As the story progresses, he blows up more and more areas of the city until you have the courage to stop him. When he is defeated, all the bombs around the city stop and you must go around disabling them because they can no longer explode.

Gyaga GuysEdit

The Feldisians were a experimented-on group of soldiers stolen by Gyaga for testing somewhere between Levels 6 and 7. They are first present at the end of Level 7: Smokie Bombing where you must save Wyatt Onasaf from them. Their powers seem to be Ice-Related Powers.

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