Helene Lane
Helene Lane
"You're in the presence of a goddess. I suggest you kneel."
Vital statistics
Alias Goddess, Duchess, Ma'am, Boss Lady
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Havocs
Health N/A
Level N/A
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location N/A
Voiced By Claudia Black
"'Terrorist'. Hah. The label of frightened children. I prefer the term.... free spirit."
— Helene Lane.

Helene Lane (also known as the Duchess or the Goddess) is a Conduit wanted by the DUP. A renowned terrorist and criminal, Helene was once a part of the clandestine organization known as the First Sons before defecting to begin her own criminal enterprise known as the Havocs.


Early LifeEdit

The First SonsEdit

Secret Society to Criminal EmpireEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Conduit PowersEdit

Helene has the ability of creating energy constructs. Her powers can be considered a more advanced and powerful form of the Aura Conduit.

  • Golem Projection: Helene can project an aura around herself which is about thirty feet tall. The aura is humanoid in shape. This form grants Helene increased endurance and strength: her strikes are much more powerful than an average human, capable of tearing through buildings with ease. Like the First Sons' Aura Conduit, Helene is vulnerable at the center of the projection.
  • Aura Shield: Helene is capable of raising a wall of energy to block or deflect incoming attacks. This wall is capable of stopping projectiles such as bullets or thrown objects.
  • Aura Armor: A refined form of her Golem Projection power, Helene covers herself in layers of energy constructs. While not as large or as powerful as the Golem Projection, this technique affords much more manuverability and durability. Helene's body is not exposed, making cracking through this power more difficult.
  • Duplicate Projection: Helene is capable of creating duplicates of herself. As they are energy constructs, their actions are fairly limited and they made appear translucent in appearance. Helene, however, can swap places with any of her duplicates.
  • Energy Weapon: Helene can create a construct in the shape of an object or weapon. These can range in size, density or function.
  • Energized Bolt: Helene's most basic power, she can forego fashioning the energy into a more complicated shape. Instead, Helene simply generates and directs the energy in a simple bolt.

Other PowersEdit

  • Flight: Helene has demonstrated the ability to fly for brief periods of time.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


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