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InFAMOUS: Survival of the Fittest
Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions
Sucker Punch Productions
Release Date:
Action, Superhero, Non-Linear
Game modes:
Single-Player, Co-Op

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I'm inFamous is an inFamous Fanon game that takes place after inFAMOUS 2 and in a time where conduits are growing larger and larger in numbers (Presumed to be after Second Son too, making it after 2018)). The game follows Victoria Jameson, a newly activated conduit, her allies, her quest and the various factions she interacts with.

Story Edit

Mission 1: Introduction part 1Edit

The game starts with a cutscene of many armored soldiers walking in an area that looks like a desert city, until a ray field blast begins and the screen goes blue, while many shards are seen scattering as the blast hits the earth.

Victoria wakes up on the ground of an area that looks like an apocalyptic city, with parts of the houses, machines and everything lying broken on the ground, along with the ground breaking, dust storms, rain and parts of ground scorched by the blast. Three blast shards can be found near Victoria.

Victoria: "Aaggh...what happened?"

Remembring the blast

Victoria: "Oh no. No, nononononononono! This can't be happening!"

A creature roars from a distance, and the roar echoes through the placet'

Victoria rises and tries to pose a threat

The game informs the player to use L2 to aim at the creature(An humanoid beast, with 6 arms, tentacles coming out of its back, some kind of plant bags growing on it and its face is covered with somekind of a plant like parasite with one eye) and then R2 to shoot at the creature.

Victoria shoots oil from her hand, that grows and becomes large ball that's constricting the creature. 

Victoria: "WHAT!? I...can.. do that?!"

The player must shoot at least 3 times at the creature until it is subdued.

The ground behind Victoria starts to break.

Victoria: "I saw these conduits moving faster than usual. You can do it. Just...dash as if it was natural."

The game tells the player to use the O button to dash.

Victoria than becomes oil and dashes quickly, while not consuming energy.

The ground continues breaking and the player must dash faster and faster until he reaches the mission symbol.

Gameplay Edit

Karma is still a large mechanics, but now, Victoria would develop brand new power branches for each karma. Along that, there are more ranks added, including the return of the "Truly Infamous" rank and the addition of the "Truly Heroic" rank.

Further gameplay details will be added later

Characters Edit

To be added maybe

Co-Op Mode Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first inFAMOUS game to present Co-Op, as well as the first with a female protagonist(Not including First Light) and the first one to have the Truly Heroic rank.

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