(Post-Good Karma Second Son ending)

The D.U.P's tyrannical hold on Seattle and its people has come to an end at the hands of a gamer, a junkie, and a small-town delinquent. With the exposure of Brooke Augustine's deception to the American public, the Department of Unified Protection has been disbanded. Conduits imprisoned at Curdun Cay Station have thus been released to live their own lives within a country that is slowly beginning to recognize them as equals.

Hello and welcome to my inFAMOUS RP!

If you are interested in joining, create an OC and post their description in the comments.


1. No godmoding - your character's cannot be invincible, cannot predict the future, dodge all attacks, etc. Keep it as realistic as possible.

2. No killing other people's OC's unless you have their permission beforehand.

3. Make your character and their power unique!

4. Stay within the lore - no absurd powers, please.

5. Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

6. Swearing and gore are allowed. Nudity, sex, or anything of the such is not allowed.

7. Be creative, and have fun!

Character Creation sheet:





Description of appearance (clothes, face, etc.):



Short bio:

This RP is written in a more short story-esque fashion - there are no asterisks for actions, nor bolded text for a character's inner thoughts.

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