InFamous:Infinite is a fanon written by Jim "The Crownless King" Logan, and is a crossover story between InFamous and BioShock Infinite.


Booker DeWit, who Cole will meet in the story.

Chapter 1:Welcome to ColumbiaEdit

Cole awoke in what appeared to be a church, the floor filled with water, the walls covered in candles. Cole tried to recollect what had happened when he remembered he had been testing a new power to combine with the watch Zeke invented when he stepped through a portal to where he was now.

Cole remembered Zeke saying "Brother, you know how the RFI took away powers, and the Ray Sphere gave powers? Well with this, you can shut off your powers and turn them off whenever you want."

Cole was very skeptical about it, but he tried it anyway. Kuo was against it, but Cole, wanting to be a jackass tried it anyway, and now he felt as if he should have listened to Kuo. Cole walked into a room full of people clad in white robes when a priest pointed him out.

The Priest asked "Is it someone new?"

Cole said "Yeah, I am new here, I just need to get into the city."

The Priest said "The only way into the city is through baptism!"

Cole sighed "Look pal, I am not religious, I just need to get into the city."

The Preiest repeated himself "THe only way into the city is through baptistm!"

Cole said "Fine."

Cole grabbed the man's hand and found himself being submerged underwater, seconds later when he emerged the Priest was shouting something he couldn't comprehend when he could finally hear again , the Priest shoved him underwater again and Cole blacked out. When Cole awoke, he found himself in a garden full of peope clad in white robes.

Cole mumbled "Just need to find out where I am."

When Cole walked into the city, he found the city was among the clouds, and all the people were dressed in clothes that reminded him of a fan fair.

Cole walked up to a man talking to what Cole guessed to be his girlfriend "Excuse me, what year is it?"

The man laughed "What, have you been sleepin' under a damn rock? Why it's 1912!"

Cole thought to himself "Oh fuck me!"

The man asked "Are you here for the raffle in an hour?"

Cole replied "Uh...raffle?"

The man shouted "You know, the raffle, where the lucky winner gets a prize?!"

Cole nodded "Oh...yeah...I'll see if I can be there."

The man laughed "It's a law to be there friend!"

Cole mumbled "Yeah, whatever." and walked away.

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