This is TheSuperiorOne and welcome to my personal RP. This is chapter 1 where I'll be introducing my character, a couple of fights and what my main character, Lance is up to currently. If you want to know more about Lance, go here to find more about him and his background to get a better understanding of him: So sit back and enjoy this RP.

Here's a key to my RP:

  • Words in normal text is speech
  • Words in bold and italics are actions that characters are preforming
  • Words in *asterisk* are referring to what the characters are thinking
  • Words in (parentheses) are extra side notes


A morning in New Spire... Edit

Lance: Ah... Gets up and yawns and looks at his dog, Shipper sleeping on the floor *Still sleeping huh* He gets up and does his morning routine and grabs a few bagels and heads out to go to school I'm out Mom.

(Just a side note, Lance always has a monotonous facial expression because he is never amused and almost always bored.)

Lance gets to school and is walking through the hallways to his first class when he sees his best friend/crush, Trinity Yanet walking from her locker to her class. He catches up to her and taps her on the shoulder surprising her but when she sees Lance she smiles.

Trinity: Hey Lance! She smiles cutely

Lance: What's good Trin.

Trinity: Oh nothing, I had such a weird morning... Whispers as she leans in towards him Look don't tell anyone but I think I might be spider-man or spider-woman or something.

Lance: This catches Lance's interest. Hm? How so?

Trinity: Well, when I woke up this morning and there was a spider on my bed, I screamed and jumped up to the corner of the wall in my room and just stuck there until I manually had to jump off and get my dad to kill it... Maybe it bit me and I got spider powers? I mean, there ARE people with actual powers throughout the world ya know? I could be a possibility!

Lance: Hm... You're lying. I know you are Tries to hold a slight smile

Trinity: Gets anxious What?? But I'm not!

Lance: Chill... Everybody is looking at you now...

Trinity: Oh... Sorry...

Lance: Look, it was probably a dream or something. Don't worry about it too much okay?

Trinity: Looks a little saddened Alright... See you in 2nd period Lance! She immediately brightens up and waves at Lance as she enters her 1st period class and Lance goes to his 1st period class

Lance: *Spider powers? It can't be, her powers must be surfacing... But she's must've had her powers for 7 years... She needs some blast cores...*

This continues in the other RP, inFamous Takeover, when Lance goes to get some blast cores

At home in his room Edit

Lance: Okay... Time to go to the basement. In his room there's a switch he presses to open up a passageway from his closet to go into a big basement full of stuff he experiments with. He goes down and sets the blast cores on a table and gets ready

Lance: *So I have to give one of these to her to help awaken her powers faster... I'll just try to crush one of the blast cores into some kind of powder to give to her so when she in-takes it, she'll absorb the energy when she uses her powers again... But she'll probably pass out... Ugh... I gotta try...*

So Lance sets one blast core on the table and puts on gloves while setting the rest of the blast cores to experiment with later for other tests. He takes the blast core and gets a machine to crush part of it, and it glows purple bright dust.

Lance: *Perfect* He begins to crush the rest and eventually crushes the whole thing. *Okay... Now to put in a jar to put in a sandwich or something... Hope I don't get arrested for this or something.* he does this and in the morning he goes to Dunkin' Donuts and goes somewhere real quick and pokes a hole in the Donut and inserts the dust in there. He then goes to school and greets her.

Trinity: Oh hey Lan- Whoa. Is that for me? You bought Dunkin' for me?

Lance: Blushes and looks away Y-Yea... I thought you might be hungry you know?

Trinity: She looks at him and smiles widely and hugs him Thank you! See you in 2nd! Maybe i'll share some in class with you! 1st period doesn't like us having food sadly.

Lance: Aight. See ya.

In second period, they sit next to each other while she starts eating the Donut and he glances at her once in a while to see if anything happened to her. Nothing happens then the day ends

Lance: So you feelin' okay?

Trinity: Huh? Yea why? Looks confused

Lance: Just wonderin'. Anyway I got to go today also. Bye Trin.

Trinity hugs him from behind and blushes but runs to the bus and Lance sees this and blushes heavily and walks home.

Next day on a Saturday Edit

Lance wakes up and does his morning routine and gets ready for school not remembering it's a weekend, then when he's almost out the door he remembers

Lance: Damn... I forgot bruh... He looks around then at himself *Well, I'm dressed... Might as well go on a little trip in the city...*

So Lance throws his backpack in his closet, sets Shipper's food and water and leaves a note for his mom saying where he'll be at. He leaves the house with a tank top, flexible skinny jeans, Vans, snapback on his heat facing backwards and headphones in ears and he looks around then a flash of lightning starts up as he leaves to the city.

In the middle of the bustling city of New Spire Edit

Lance is just walking around and goes into a smoothie place to grab a smoothie. He then sits down at the nearest outside table and starts browsing on his phone while drinking it. He then hears a man yelling at what seems to be his wife in public. She looks very terrified and people are staring at them. Lance gets up and walks to them.

Lance: Aye, what the hell are you doing? He says in loud voice to imitate his voice

Man: Who THE FUCK ARE YOU? Mind your own FUCKING BUSINESS KID. You shouldn't get involved in adult things.

Woman: Honey please...

Man: Miranda shut up! He goes to slap her and but then Lance grabs his arm and holds it

Lance: Stop bro. I don't wanna have to-

Man: He swings at Lance with the other arm but Lance squeezes his grip on the man's arm and you hear a crack. AHHHHHH!!! SHIT!!! FUCKIN-- Lance takes a sip of the smoothie.

Lance: As the man is on his knees crying about his arm, Lance squats to get on the man's level This is what happens to garbage pieces of crap like you. He walks over to the woman and leads her away from the man on the floor as 3 cops run to the scene (because it's like a crowded place, if you've ever been to NY. It's like Times Square.)

Cop #1: Get her to the station. Looks at Lance Thanks kid... The cops eyes Lance up and down and walks away.

The woman hugs Lance and is crying mouthing the words "Thank You" as she gets in the cop car and the man is handcuffed getting lead on into the cop car also. People are taking videos and looking at the scene and Lance walks away in the crowd to throw away his smoothie.

As Lance is walking through the city, he gets a call on his phone from Trinity.

Trinity (On Phone): L-Lance... I-I need your help...

Lance: Gets really concerned What's wrong Trin????

Trinity: M-My body... Something's happened to it... I'm not normal anymore... Her voice breaks as she starts to cry I-I-I'm at home by myself since my parents went to work today... Please... I have no one...

Lance: *SHIT, I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT* I'm on my way Trin. STAY. THERE. He jogs to an alleyway and then uses Speed of Lightning to travel to her house in 3 minutes.

At Trinity's house Edit

He gets in her house and yells for her location

Trinity: I'm in my room... How did you get here so fast....

Lance: My mom drove me here... He runs to her door and knocks Open up Trin...

Trinity: Please... When I open the door please don't leave or run or scream... You're the only one who wasn't scared and would come to my house...

Lance: Don't worry Trin, I've seen worse, come on. Open up.

The door slowly opens with some kind of transparent coat on Trinity and a pool of some kind a liquid on the floor and her fingers has some kind of circular mark on the tips of them.

Lance: Sheesh.... He pokes his head in and looks around and sees the bed covered in some liquid. As he does this Trinity looks at him with desperation and looks scared

Trinity: Lance... Please...

Lance: He walks in a squats down to look at the liquid on the floor and smells it but it has no odor. Ew... Hm... He gets up and walks back to Trinity and takes off the rest of the ripped coat off of her This is like... your old skin... You were shedding Trinity...

Trinity: Tears in her eyes start to form some more How?! What is this?!?!

Lance: He quickly runs out then runs back in with a vile and scoops up some of the liquid. First, we need to find out what this is. He then whistles with his fingers loudly, sending an electrical signal only his super-powered dog, Shipper can sense from anywhere they are.

Trinity: Geez Lance! What was that for! No time to be playing!

Lance: I'm not playing. What you're about to witness will change your life... Please don't be scared when this happens...

Trinity: In a worried and cautious tone What are you talking about... When WHAT happens Lance? Don't play...

Lance: ...Just wait for it.... Suddenly Lance's shadow darkens completely black and then a dog-like figure rises from it with glowing white eyes and shadowy strands coming from it's back and it's popped up ears.

Trinity shrieks and has a face of horror as she instinctively jumps back into the wall and sticks there

Lance: Whoa...

Trinity: What the hell is that! Is that Shipper?!?!

Lance: Trin calm do-

Trinity: Oh my god!! I'm sticking to the wall again!! What's happening!!!

Lance: Trin, quiet! He turns around to face Shipper. Hey buddy, take this vial to the U.S.A.S base to find out what kind of liquid this is. Kay? Love ya bro. He bends down to kiss Shipper and Shipper licks his face as he goes back into the shadow. Trinity has the most surprised and scared look on her face as she watches all that.

Trinity: Lance....

Lance: Yea... I know... I'm sorry... I should've told you...

Trinity: ...I can't really call you a monster since the same thing happened to me... You have shadow powers huh...

Lance: No... I have lightning powers which let me get here fast... My dog has Shadow Mimicry powers... It's hard to comprehend, I KNOW. But you have to get used to it... This is life now.

Trinity: ...I-I guess. I mean... I came to your house so many times watching Shipper grow up... Not knowing this about him... She finally unsticks to the wall and hits the floor in a crouched stance.

Lance: Let me check you out... Open your mouth Trin.

She opens her mouth and then she tries to extend her tongue but she feels it more longer than usually and pulls it out, but halfway through she screams and is scared.

Lance: What the hell? Reminds me of a frog...

Trinity: HEP MEH!! She moves her tongue around is going everywhere but she finally stops it and it gets absorbed back into her mouth. The hell...

Suddenly Shipper comes back out of Lance's shadow and telepathically communicates with Lance.

Lance: Whoa... It's poison... So you're shedding... Producing poison... Tongue extension and sticking to surfaces... Uh, Trinity, I think you have Amphibian powers... So, like Amphibian Physiology. Shipper clean this all up.

Trinity: Why this power... OUT OF ALL POWERS!!! It's so lame... Shipper is done cleaning and then looks at Trinity Thanks Shipper... Cool to know you have powers too...

Lance: Come Trin, we're gonna train your powers. I mean your parents aren't home right?

Trinity: True... F-Fine... And Lance? Thanks... It means a lot to have someone like you always by my side.

Lance: He blushes and looks away and smiles Anytime Trin.

They leave to go find out more of her abilities at Lance's personal training grounds in a special place to practice and test more of her powers.

One week later Edit

Lance is watching T.V bored and sees a bunch of conduits on the news near the G.E.N.E base.

Lance: Damn, looks like they need some help, but it's not my place to be in anyway ha. He remembers the blast cores he has, then he goes to his room then the secret lab and puts on his equipment

Lance: *So what could I do with these... They powder thing worked from Trin, so maybe I could make a product out of it... But what...*

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