This is a new inFamous Fanon-Made storyline called inFamous: Liberty. This is an alternate universe that takes place in New Spire, New York. G.E.N.E, a loved government organization own a school that is rich and huge, the best in the world. All the students are conduits and have their own rooms where they have anything they want. They learn to control and use their powers during most of the lessons but is G.E.N.E keeping a secret from them? This storyline is Role-played and made by a certain number on experienced RPers and these are the RPers:

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If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and we will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a inFamous: OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities.
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.


2 caramel colored 10th graders in high-school named Lance Asher and Leonardo Simon get on the bus at the same time. They walk to the back of the bus and sit next to each other.

Leo: Sup bro.

Lance: Hey.

An English boy and a tanned skinned boy walk on the bus and sit on the seats in front of the back

Seth: What school is this Tom?

Tom: A boarding school.

Seth: I mean it seems kinda weird to me.

Tom: I heard it's an awesome school.

Seth: It's still a school.

Tom: Good point.

A skinny pale white boy wearing make up walks on the bus and sits by himself across Tom and Seth

Seth: turns to Leo Hey, what's the name of this school?

Leo: He looks up to see a boy talking to him and he takes out his earphones. Huh? I didn't hear you, sorry.

Seth: Forget it. turns back

Tom: Dude, look at the size of these fucking rooms! Shows Seth pictures of the rooms at the school

Seth: Cool.

A girl, Christine, walks on and sits on the seat in front of Danny, the kid across Tom and Seth

Seth: bumps Tom Dude, are you checking her out!

Tom: Shut up.

Seth: laughs

Bus driver: Alright kids, a few more stops and then we'll go to the school. to the school Alright Principal Hurst, the other 6 buses are full, only a couple more students left.

The bus drives then goes to stop at other stop. 2 girls come on named Trinity Yanet and Madelyn Reiner and sit in the front away from each other. Then the bus keeps going.

Tom: I think this is my cousin's house.

The bus stops and as a girl called Bella steps on, a boy with grey hair pushes her out the way and runs on the bus and sits down. She sits down near the emo and opposite to Tom, her cousin

Bella: Hey Tom!

Tom: Hey Bella. Can you believe how many conduits are getting picked up?

Bella: I know, I didn't think we lived near so many.

The bus continues on to another house, where a tall, tan Asian boy gets on and sits in an empty spot where no one is

Hunter: Holy crap, I didn't know this many people had powers too. *Please don't tell me my crush is a conduit too.*

The bus goes further down the block then stops. A cute blonde girl named Hailey gets on and sits in the seat opposite to the Asian boy

Hailey: There's so many other conduits here. I can't believe that I lived near all these conduits and never knew. Looks around and spots the Asian boy then gasps *Am I dreaming? Hunter's a conduit too? I think I'm in Heaven.*

6 more conduits show up and then the bus is full.

Bus Driver: Off to school now! You're all going to love it!

Lance: Takes one earphone out and listens *Ugh..*

Leo: Is playing games on his phone and not even listening *Wonder who I can hook up with here... Heh, there's gotta be some sexy conduits bitches.* He chuckles to himself a little

Hunter: *Alright then, I think Hailey was one of the kids who got on.* Takes out his phone and ear-buds, then puts them on and starts listening to music

At Spire Central High School Edit

The bus comes to a stop and everyone looks outside to see a whole bunch of students gathered in the front of the school and they see some powers flashing from the huge crowd. They then get out of the bus.

As Leo gets out the bus, he has his hands in his pockets and his earphones still in his ear. Lance also gets out with one hand a pocket and his phone in the other hand as he's texting people not giving a care about the school.

Leo: *Tch, this place looks rich as HELL.*

All the students get off in a crowd and the buses leave. A bald man in a tuxedo stands in front of the crowd looking friendly and smiling

Hurst: Hello kids, and welcome to Spire Central High School, the best school in the world. I am Principal Hurst. You are all here because you are special, different than the other people. You have powers, you are conduits. In this school you will learn all the normal things a school teaches you but also how to control and use your amazing abilities. Now before you enter, each student must go to the doors on the right and tell us your full name and age then give in your phones but don’t worry, we will give you new phones, better ones with all the data saved. We will also give you a key with a number, that number will be your room. For now, the rooms are empty and if you would like to move closer to a friend or something, contact me or a member of staff. Very soon, you will be able to personalize your rooms to however you please. Now go ahead. he leaves and the students start walking

Someone bumps Tom

Max: Sorry my mistake

Tom: It's alright. Let's go get our keys Seth.

Tom and Seth get their keys

Tom: I got 37 what did you get?

Seth: Awesome, I got 38.

Hunter: Goes to get his key Lucky me, I got 16. Spots Hailey then pulls up his scarf to hide his blush *Holy shit, I was right. Hailey is a conduit too! I wonder what her power is. Also, what's her room number?*

Hailey gets her room key and meets up with a few friends

Hailey: So everyone, what's you're room numbers? I got 17.

Hunter walks past them and hears this

Hunter: *Great. She's my neighbor. Please, please, please, no awkward meetings and conversations.* Walks to somewhere no one is then takes out his new phone and ear-buds and goes back to listening to music with one ear-bud on

Max: I got 13 leaves the area

Leo goes and takes a key to get number 69 which is the second floor. Leo then spots a pretty girl with long hair and another girl next to her going to the group Hailey is in. Their names or Madelyn and Trinity.

Leo: *Damn... She look good...* He takes out the earphones from his phone, gives it to a person and then takes his new phone and goes to sit on a ledge to browse the new phone for his songs.

Then a person comes up to Leo.

Lance: What's good bro. You look chill, what's your name.

Leo takes out a earphone and looks up at him.

Leo: My names Leo... What about you?

Lance: Lance. Yo, this school look dumb as shit right? Sits down next to Leo

Leo: Yea bruh, I mean I'm already learning to control my powers... I don't need HELP on it. The fuck...

Lance: True... But aye, what's yo' power?

Leo smirks slightly and makes a ball of ice-colored fire then drops it on the floor for it to turn into ice and a little steam coming from it.

Lance: Heh, dope... He takes his left hand from his pocket and puts his index finger across from his thumb and creates an electrical current that connects to both fingers.

Leo: Nice bruh! But I'm gonna find my room aight? See you.

Lance: What's your room number? Mine is 34.

Leo: Mine is 69, you bout to go talk to the Dean to get it moved next to me or you good?

Lance: Yea bro, let's go.

They both leaves into the building to get their room next to each other.

Tom: Hey Seth, let's go plant a gas bomb in the principles office.

Seth: We just got here, you really wanna get kicked out?

Tom: Fine, let's go to our rooms.

Seth: Yeah.

They go to their rooms

Tom: *fuck, this room is huge. It's got a HD TV!*

Hailey: Alright, I'll see you gals later! I'm going to my room. Walks away and waves at her friends to find her room while they wave back and find their own rooms

Hunter: Time to find my room. *No awkward meetings and stuff, please.* Gets up and find his room, then notices Hailey is in front of him *Aw, shit. I guess I'll follow her, since her room is next to mine.*

Hunter and Hailey both go to their rooms, say hi to one another, then enter

Hunter: Sweet, Merciful Buddha. This is amazing. There's a fucking 90 inch Plasma screen HD TV, a shit ton of video games... Checks out the bathroom the bathroom is huge! Walks around the room some more Huh, Lot's of red and white. Not complaining though.

Hailey: Holy cow! This is awesome! Walks around her room and inspects it Everything is perfect. I like it.

Lance arrives at his room #70 and opens the door to a nice well organized room. He looks around to see a 90' Bendable Samsung TV, a king sized bed, a big desk with a special PC hooked up to it.

Lance: Wow... I'm gonna take out the bed and maybe put a huge coach all around... And maybe put books all around the room... Ha...

Over in the next room, Leo walks in to see a similar design but everything arranged in different places.

Leo: Cool shit... Slings book-bag onto the bed and walks out. He strolls down into Lance's room. Damn, your room looks better, but I'm gonna make mine look the best. Hehe.

Lance: Nice. Lemme browse and set this PC.

Leo: Aight. He leaves and closes his door and walks past all the other students to go downstairs and sees the prettier girl from earlier coming up the stairs. But some dudes run up the stairs and drop her stuff on the stairs and she gets mad but begins to pick up the stuff.

Leo: Here.. Let me help you with that.He starts to go down to help her

Madelyn: No! I'm okay! She looks down and picks up her stuff and walks past him to go to her room.

Leo: *Wow...*

Hunter walks out of his room and accidentally bumps into Hailey making her spill her hot coffee on him

Hailey: Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there.

Hunter: Takes a few deep breaths from the hot coffee No, it's fine. I'm okay.

Hailey: How did it not burn you?

Hunter: It's my... um power. I have White Fire, which allows me to control fire and light either separately or fused together. It's fine though. I'm good.

Hailey: Oh, that's a cool power. I have pressurized water. You know, absorb water, then shoot it out at extreme pressure levels. If I went evil, the pressurized water could fly straight though your body. I'm good though, so no kills. Am I right? Nudges Hunter with her elbow in a playful manner

Hunter: Yeah. I'm also good. He says that with pride in his voice My fire could burn you alive, but I'm not evil, so yeah. I was just going to see if my friends were here. And possibly make new friends.

Hailey: Oh, nice. I was just gonna meet up with my friends. They requested to have their rooms moved closer to me. Yeah, they're down the hall near the elevator and stairs.

Hunter: Okay then. I'll see ya around then.

Hailey: Yeah, see ya. Walks towards the elevator and meets up with her friends Kayley and Madison

(BTW, Madison is different from Madelyn. DO NOT confuse the two.)

Hunter: Quietly Alright then. Walks to the training arena and notices some people are already there Shit. I'll just find an empty one. Walks to an empty one when Kyle enters the same one Aw shit.

Kyle: Well if it isn't Bitch-face McGee. Get out, it's my arena now.

Hunter: With anger in his voice You. Hunter's Flame mask starts forming from his left eye i got here first.

Kyle: I saw this place first. Get lost.

Hunter: We'll spar for it then. I was hoping I could work on my mask, but I guess I'll let it out on you. As he says this, the mask begins to form further, covering the left half of his face after he finishes his sentence

Kyle: I'm gonna teach you to never mess with me... ever.

Hunter: Make me leave, I dare you.

Kyle: Prepare to get WRECKED!!! Charges at Hunter while trying to punch him

Hunter: Baka. Dodges then sweep kicks Kyle, making him fall face first into the ground No effort required. Tears the mask segment off then stomps on it I'm done. you should work on your hand-to-hand combat. I've done some Martial Arts and Kung Fu training when I was really young. Soooo... yeah. Fuck you. Walks away like nothing happened then goes back to his room

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.05.39 PM

Leo and Lance's gym clothes.

Next Day Edit

All the students are in class. They have different periods and Leo and Lance's last period is gym. They arrive in the gym and look around in amazement at the giant gymnasium.

Leo: Geez... It's so big! He looks up and around the whole place in amazement.

Lance: Damn... So this gym. Meh, could be better for a school this rich.

Leo: Shut up...

Gym Teacher: Alright everyone you should of brung your own uniforms for gym as we said yesterday. Now go into the locker rooms to dress in your gym clothes. Remember, this is the most physical class for using your powers.

Everyone goes into the locker rooms to dress out. Lance and Leo go into lockers next to each other in a turned corner of the giant room.

Leo: You got the clothes made?

Lance: Yea. He pulls out 2 black and white uniforms out his backpack and hands one to Leo.

Leo: Yaass! My dawg.

They put on the gym clothes and head out and wait for everyone else to come out.

Hunter's last period is math. He's in an accelerated Math class

Hunter: This is surprisingly well-maintained and neat.

Math Teacher: Welcome everyone. I hope you brought a notebook, with graph paper.

Everyone present: Yes! They all get out their graph notebooks, Hunter getting out another College Rule journal with rough sketches of his weapons, Burning Fury and Scorching Crescent as well as his HF blade replicas

Math Teacher: Okay. Since today is your first day, we'll do a little activity to get to know each others names. Why don't you start, Mister? Points to Hunter

Hunter: Oh, alright. Stands up and closes his sketch-book I'm Hunter Huynh, nice to meet you all. Bows lightly then sits back down

Math Teacher: Okay then, Hunter. How about you, miss? Points to a French girl with dark brown hair

French Girl: She speaks in a French accent Hello everyone, I'm Kayley Lafreniere. Stands up, waves, then sits back down

Math Teacher: Nice to meet you Kayley.

The class continues this until everyone has introduced themselves, then they do some activities that gets them used to the daily class routine

Tom has science and sits at the back of the class

Teacher: Hello kids. Today we are learning what gives us conduits our powers. Who can tell me what makes a conduit a conduit? Thomas, answer the question.

Tom: The conduit gene.

Teacher: Correct. A conduit's powers are mostly based on manipulation of a specific element...(continues talking)

Seth has history for his final lesson

Teacher: Hello young adults. Today's topic is the early days of conduitism. Some call this "Cole's era", anyone know why?

A boy puts his hand up and the teacher picks him

Boy: Because Cole MacGrath was the first known conduit.

Teacher: Correct. For the next few weeks we will be studying Cole's early conduit life and how he was treated. After the lesson your homework will be to study a very important man in Cole's life who is still alive today, his name is Zeke Dunbar, write at least one A4 page about him. It can be anything. As we know, what caused Cole to become activated was a ray field radiation blast caused by his powers.

Seth: Actually sir, a package he had exploded which gave him powers.

Teacher: Regardless it destroyed six city blocks.

A few minutes later the bell rings, and everyone packs up then heads to their rooms and does their regular after-school routine, Hunter and Hailey are walking back when Kyle walks up to Hailey and trips Hunter

Hunter: Oof! Face plants into the ground but his Flame mask forms and shatters on impact, protecting Hunter

Hailey: Hunter! Are you okay? Crouches down to Hunter then tries to help him back up

Kyle: In a sarcastic tone Whoops! My bad. So Hailey, do you want to study together? I need some help with my math homework.

Hailey: No thanks. Gets back up then pushes Kyle out of the way I'm studying with Hunter. We're gonna do our math and Social Studies homework.

Hunter: Gets back up with a hand over his left eye and the left half of his Flame mask on, then takes it off, pushes Kyle up against the wall making him drop his books and pins him there Piss... off. Lets him go, then opens the door Get your stuff and go. You're pure evil. My mask starts to form everytime I get close.

Hailey and Hunter walk into Hunter's room, then the door closes. Kyle gets his stuff off the ground. As he does this, a girl named Eden walks up to him with a book-bag around her and a math book in her arm

Eden: Hey Kyle, do you want to study together? I need some help with my English homework. She says this in a cute voice

Kyle: Finishes getting his stuff Sure, no problem. Gets up Who's room, yours or mine?

Eden: Yours.

Kyle: Follow me then. They both walk to the stairs then go to the third level to Kyle's room, number 113

Hunter and Hailey are working on their math homework, when they start feeling hungry

Hailey: Um... do you... uh, have any snacks? I had a light lunch today.

Hunter: Oh, sure. What do you want? I have chips, potato crisps, and energy bars. Gets up and goes over to a kitchen-like area near the bathroom

Hailey: I'll have some.. I guess some chips. Oh, Barbeque flavor please.

Hunter: Okay. Opens up a cupboard then gets some Barbeque-flavored chips and pours some into a small, disposable bowl You want some thing to drink? Puts the chip bag away and then pours some Honey Mustard potato crisps in another bowl

Hailey: Sure, I'll have some water.

Hunter: Give me a sec. Hands her the barbeque chips and gets her a bottle of water from the fridge, then grabs a bottle of Vanilla Cream soda and the Honey Mustard crisps and brings them over to the desk they're working at So, what did you get for number 32 on the homework? Opens the soda bottle and takes a sip

Hailey: Let's see... um... (x+9)(x-3).

Hunter: Huh. Eats a potato crisp I got (x+9)(x+4). Starts the next math problem

Hailey: Oh! I see, I factored out wrong. Erases then corrects her mistake and eats a barbeque chip Do you min if I stay over in your room tonight? Opens her bottled water then takes a sip

Hunter: Drops his pencil I'm sorry, what?

Hailey: I was just asking if I... sleep... with... you? She leans closer to Hunter after each word

Hunter: Blushes Well... I-I'm not sure... if, uh... that's allowed.

Hailey: I talked with the dean earlier. She said that if you know the person, and you're fine with sharing a room with them, you could stay over. The dean also said that the rule is... Leans a little closer to Hunter, her buxom touching his arm then talks in a sensual tone gender-neutral. A male can sleep in the same room with a female. Just imagine... Hugs Hunter's arm closely while she nuzzles up to him a man, sleeping with a woman.

Hunter: Um... Blushes intensely I-I guess it would be okay. What about your room though?

Hailey: I might move in with yours and have another student take my room. I'll see how it goes.

Hunter: Still blushing intensely Fair warning, I sleep in my underwear.

Hailey: In a sensual tone Me too.

Hunter: Um... we should finish the homework, y-you know. Before we get in trouble with our teacher.

Hailey: Oh alright. Lets go of Hunter's arm then they both go back to work while eating their snacks and having sips of their drinks

The Next morning at an assembly Edit

Principle Hurst is talking in front of the students

Hurst: Good morning students. This school is filling up by the minute because more and more conduits from around the world are coming here for safety and education. Because of this a few students will have to share their rooms with another student. You can do this willingly or I will pick at random. Also, Hunter Huynh and Kyle Kuroi see me in my office after the assembly for fighting. There shall be no fighting done unless it's done during P.E and with a member of staff's permission. And remember: if any student uses their powers for pranks or violence, they will be excluded permanently. If anyone has a question about anything, talk to a member of staff.  Now hurry and get to class.

The bell rings for first period while Hurst opens his office door and waits for Hunter and Kyle

Hunter and Kyle both walk in and sit in opposite chairs from one another while Hunter's Flame mask starts randomly forming, making Hunter put his hood up to cover it. Hurst sits on his chair and stairs angry at the boys

Hurst: Fighting, are you serious? This is why most humans dislike conduits, they cause fights. If we want to prove that stereotype wrong then you must behave. This is unacceptable. Now, how did it start? Kyle first.

Kyle: In an innocent voice I just wanted to try one of the training arenas when Hunter here invaded my privacy. So I tried to fight him in self-defense and he kicked me to the ground.

Hunter: His Flame mask continues to form with the only part not being covered is the area around his right eye If I may, Kyle is lying. I wanted to try one of the arenas, when he butted in. He then ran at me trying to get me out, so I kicked him to the ground in self-defense. His mask continues to form I saw security cameras up above. If you want the truth, please. Watch the security cameras in the training arena. That will be the truth. And I'm wearing this hood because I have a... uh... inner demon. It usually forms itself as a white mask with red stripes. Takes his hood off to show his Flame mask, almost complete formed. The only part of Hunter's face still visible is his right eye, which has a dark red pupil with black sclera and irises

Kyle: Gets up and backs away from Hunter which causes the chair he was on to flip over It's horrible! That's pure evil! Expel him and have the D.U.P. restrain him!!!

Hunter: Gets up then slides the mask up to show his normal face, with his eyes still having dark red pupils and black sclera and irises Are you scared? Good, because this is your fault!

Kyle backs up from fear while Hunter takes a step closer

Hunter: This mask is exists because you bullied me all these years. Now... Slides the completed mask down onto his face Take a good, long, look. This is your doing. There's no stopping what happens next. You reap... Takes the mask off then crushes it what you sow. Sits back down in his chair non-nonchalantly

Kyle: Get him away! Punish him! Do something! He HAS to be insane!!!

Hurst: Kyle sit back down! He shouted loud enough to scare Kyle into picking up his chair and sitting down then says in a calm voice. This is okay Hunter, your mask is a construct you create when your "other" personality controls your powers, don't worry, it's a good thing, a sign of power. I believe you Hunter. But you both still get detention after school. Kyle, you get one hour, Hunter, five minutes. Now head back to your lessons and give this note to your teachers to explain why you're late. Hands them a note then they leave

During the First Period PE classes Edit

Gym Teacher: So I see. Kyle, you need to stop bullying others. Takes Kyle's note then takes Hunter's And Hunter, be sure to try and get a grip on your other personality.

Hunter: I think I'll call him Flame.

Gym Teacher: Alright. Now both of you, go get changed. Today, we're playing dodge-ball. Hunter, team 1. Kyle, team 2

Kyle: You're going to get wrecked.

Gym Teacher: Oh, here's the catch. You're using your powers as the ball. Someone gets hit, they're out.

Hunter: Fine with me.

Both of them change into their uniforms, Hunter wearing a form-fitting bodysuit resembling the one Ichika wears in Infinite Stratos with red in place of the white and black replacing the blue. Kyle just changes out into a grey T-shirt with blue shorts

(I don't have a picture. So just Google it.)

Hunter: Hey! Brady! Runs up to Brady and instinctively dodges an incoming projectile What team are you on?

Brady: I'm on team 1. Careful!

Hunter instinctively dodges another projectile by back-flipping out of the way then throwing a ball of White Fire at the person

Hunter: I'm on your team then.

Brady: Alright then. We've got an equalizer.

Hunter: Let's go.

A cute girl with light brown hair named Mel runs up to Hunter, tired

Mel: Where have you been Hunter?

Hunter: Throws two fire balls, one to knock out a projectile headed for Mel, and another to disqualify the person who threw it Meeting with Principal Hurst. He seems nice. Anyways, Kyle's got hour-long detention because he tried to invade my space. I've got 5-minute detention for self-defense. Seems fair though.

Mel: Alright. Watch out!

A dodge-ball construct of Tachyons is headed for Hunter, which is then knocked down by a ball of Water

Brady: Leave my friends alone!

Kyle: Fuck off Brady! Hunter! DIE!!! Throws more ball constructs at Hunter

Hunter: You really are an idiot, huh? Dodges all of them then get the small remainder of team 2 out, Kyle included Looks like you dropped the ball, dip-shit. No pun intended.

Mel: Nice job! Hugs Hunter, causing him to blush

Hunter: Oh, uh... no, big deal.

Brady: Nice job bro!

Tom: Heads up! Tom shoots a few shards at Hunter's face but they are blocked by an energy shield from the teacher

Teacher: Woah woah woah!!! Thomas, no shards!!! Glass balls, not too fast!! You could of killed him!

Tom: Sorry sir, sorry...uh...what's your name?

Hunter: My name's Hunter. Good to meet you, uh... Thomas.

Tom: Call me Tom.

Gym Teacher: Thomas, use Glass balls next time. Now, we're going to do some hand-to-hand combat practice. Hunter, Kyle, let's settle your score.

Kyle: Pounds his fists together Time to get wrecked, Hunter!

Hunter: You really like underestimating me, huh?

They both step up to the mat and get in fighting stance, Hunter in a traditional Kung Fu fighting stance, Kyle in a weird, improvised fighting stance

Hunter: You look so stupid.

Kyle: You look twice as stupid.

Gym Teacher: Enough chit-chat. Ready? Fight!

Kyle charges at Hunter then throws a right jab and left hook at him

Hunter: Nope! Dodges both by Flash-stepping out of the way Whoa! That was cool. Flash-steps!

Kyle: Hm! Turns around then tries to kick Hunter

Hunter dodges the kick and jabs Kyle, making contact

Kyle: Bastard. Throws jabs and crosses at Hunter

Hunter dodges all of them except one, but his Flame mask appears without warning to protect him from Kyle's punch to the face. The mask is majorly okay, but the left cheek section is cracked, with small bits of it falling off

Hunter: Huh. Touches the mask where it's broken, which reforms it Oh. Ha! Roundhouse kicks Kyle, hitting him and knocking him down Loser. Takes the mask off and crushes it Well. Who's next?

Gym Teacher: That's enough. Hunter wins. Now, everyone can go get changed.

Everyone goes into the locker rooms to change out, Hunter outside the room first with Mel following him

Mel: How did you get out so quick?

Hunter: I have my ways.

Mel: Oh... kay?

Hunter: I change quick.

Mel: Okay. What's your next class?

Hunter: Social Studies. Hailey and Maddie are in my Social Studies class.

Mel: Oh, say hi to them for me.

Hunter: Sure.

The bell rings, with all the students heading to their second period

Hunter walks into his History class, followed by Hailey and her friends Madison/Maddie, Julia, and Kylie then the rest of the class in small groups

Teacher: I hope you all did the reading assignment last night.

Hailey: In a whisper to her friends Among other things.

Hunter: In a whisper I heard that.

Everyone sits down in their assigned seats, Hailey and her friends sitting next to Hunter

Teacher: Now, let's review yesterday's reading homework. What did Cole do after the blast happened and he was able to get up and move?

Carl: He went to a civilian air drop and brought the supplies down for everyone, taking some for himself.

Hunter pulls out his sketchbook and starts drawing random mechs, with various types of weapons

Teacher: Excellent work, as usual, Carl. Now, if you read the assignment, you should know that Cole also had help. Can someone name the people who helped him? How about Hunter?

Hunter: Continuing to draw stuff There were three people that helped him on his way. They are Zeke Dunbar, Trish Dailey, and Special Agent Moya. Ms. Dailey was counted among the deceased, Mr. Dunbar is still alive and continued to support Cole's journey to the end, and Agent Moya is currently MIA.

Teacher: Good job, Hunter. Hailey, would you like to explain what Agent Moya did to help Cole along his way?

Hailey: Oh, well let's see. She gave him missions that allowed him to increase his conduit arsenal, and restore power to the districts of Empire City.

Seth walks in to his next class, Resistant Materials where he sits next to Leo

Teacher: Hello pupils, today we will try and hopefully succeed in making constructs with our powers. If your power isn't solid, don't worry, I'll help you make something.

Seth: Sup' dude.

Leo: Oh what's up, I remember you from the bus bro. What's goin' on? Holds out his fist for a fist bump

Seth: Fist bumps Leo Nothin'. I'm Seth, cool hoodie dude.

Leo: I'm Leo and thanks bruh, my favorite hoodie haha. Nice shoes, they look fresh as hell.

Teacher: Alright everyone, make a friend and pair up for this activity.

Leo: You wanna pair up? I mean, I don't know anyone else here haha.

Seth: Yeah sure. What do we do? I don't listen to half the bullshit that comes out this guys mouth ha.

Leo: I know right, I think we have to learn to concentrate on each others powers or something, I don't know. Where you from though?

Seth: A tribe somewhere in Brazil. I don't really like to talk about it though. No I was not a caveman or something, we had tech and shit. Where you from and what's your power?

Leo: Sits down in chair and leans back as teacher is still talking Oh I'm from Colombia in South America like you. But my power is ice-fire. You know, ice that burns. You know it's not normal ice because steam often comes from it. What about you?

Seth: Holy shit that's awesome. I got acid. I can melt like everything with different acids. I can also inject you with venom, poison things and gas the whole room if I wanted.

Leo: Nice du-

Teacher: Hey! Stop talking! You want to be sent Principal Hurst so soon?! 

Leo: No... Sorry... Geez...

Seth: Watch this. Seth taps a boy on the shoulder injecting him with a poison then the boy gets up and throws his chair then goes back to normal


Seth: Haha.

Leo: Whispers to Seth Whoa!! How'd you do that? Fuckin' awesome man!

Seth: I gave him a poison which made him aggressive like some Assassin's Creed shit.

Leo: I don't think they used poison in berserk darts. But awesome shit bro!

At the same time, Lance is in his math class when a cute light caramel skinned girl with brown long hair comes sit in the back next to him.

Lance: He glances at her and sees a sad face U-Uh, hey? You look down, what's wrong?

Girl: U-Uh... Nothing... She says in a shy voice

Lance: You sure? What's your name?

Girl: Trinity... Trinity Yanet...

Lance: Such a pretty name... O-Oh... Sorry. Aren't you in my P.E. class?

Trinity: Uh yea. I think I saw you there.

Teacher: Okay kids! Let's do some math!

Lance: Alright, can you like, see me after class or something? I wanna tell you something.

Trinity: She kinda blushes and looks at her paper S-Sure...

Lance: Okay, see ya.

Then the lesson starts.

Max is having an English class

Max:*when will the session end * looks at the clock and five minuets are left

Over in the last period of the day Edit

For Leo and Lance they have P.E. and today's task is to have 1 on 1 fights. A guy names Jayelin and a girl named Madelyn are up.

Teacher: Next is Jayelin and Madelyn. Would you two please step up?

Jayelin steps up with a creepy smile and some type of smoke coming from his hands.

Jayelin: No ones gonna stop me from being #1...

Madelyn steps up with a fierce look.

Madelyn: No one is gonna walk all over me again... Not even you... Sand begins to rise around her

Teacher: BEGIN!

As soon as the teacher says this, Jayelin runs straight as Madelyn with a clenched fist and the weird smoke coming from his hand. She prepares her blocking stance with sand reinforcing her arms but then Jayelin does a feint in mid-air moving around her preparing to punch her again but repeats this. He keeps doing his feint punches around her with extrodinary speed. Everyone is surprised at this guy's quick progress.

Leo: *No way... How is he already so strong?!*

Madelyn: *Oh no... I can't lose my composure...*

He continues to feint around her then finally lands a blow on her back causing an explosion and sending her flying forward.

Madelyn: AH!!! She struggles to get up *W-Was that an explosion?!*


Forehead explosion shooter (GIF)

Jayelin: Gehehe!!! He runs at her again but Madelyn creates a sand wall. He punches the sand wall making explosions and breaks through the wall and grabs her by the neck and throws her in the air.

Leo: *NO!!!*

Jayelin jumps in the air and punches her towards the ground knocking the wind out of her and then he fires and an explosion from his head at her and then an explosion occurs and steam fills the giant gymnasium.

Everyone is stunned and then when the steam clears there is a giant ice hand with a huge chunk blow out the middle.

Jayelin: What the hell?! He looks to see Leo on one knee aiming his hand at Madelyn from protecting her, but steam is coming from his body.

Leo: With a furious face and tone ¿Qué diablos pasa, estás tratando de matarla ?? Ella es nueva en esto y no tan experimentado como usted, así que tómalo con calma antes de que yo haré pagar por eso!

Everybody is stunned at what just happened and Madelyn is looking at him with wide eyes.

Jayelin: What the fuck did he say??! He begins to walk towards Leo.

Lance: He said, "What the hell's the matter, are you trying to kill her. She is new to this and not as experienced as you, so take it easy before I make you pay for that!"

Jayelin: Make me pay then!!! Leo and Jayelin launch at each other angrily but a force field is out up between them making them smash into it.

Teacher: That's ENOUGH. Jayelin, you're going to the office for trying to serious injure major damage on her. Go. NOW!!! Jayelin scoffs and walks out the building with rage. And Leo, good kid on you for protecting your fellow classmate. Good thing you were there because something else drew my attention.

Leo: N-No problem... He glances at Madelyn to see her looking at Leo with a sad, blushing face.

Teacher: Madelyn come here, let's get you patched up to the nurse.

Madelyn: Okay.. She walks past Leo as they meet each other's eyes and she leaves.

Lance: Damn bro, you should try to go see her later.

Leo: I am... Definitely.

Trinity walks up to Lance

Trinity: Hey can I speak to your privately please?

Lance: Sure He winks at Leo and walks away to other part of the gym with Trinity.

Trinity: I need help... Can you lend me your power in case he calls me over and I have to fight? Just in case.

Lance: Sure, anything. It's easy to learn. All you need to do is focus your energy in your fingertips and you'll produce lightning. It's all about focusing your energy until you see the lightning. It might not be that strong but you can do it.

Trinity: Oh okay, thanks so much... And uh... Where is your room at? She blushes

Lance: It's 70, why?

Trinity: Maybe I can study with you tonight... Or maybe some other time! It doesn't matter!

Lance: *Wait a second...* It's fine tonight, how about... 7 o clock?

Trinity: Whew, that's fine with me... Bye... She walks away smiling to herself.

Hunter is in his math class finishing up his notes, when the bell rings and everyone goes back to their rooms to do their homework and study. Hailey meets up with Hunter at his room, and they both go in.

Hunter: Sooo... what are you gonna do this time? He gets his books out and starts sketching out more guns and swords

Hailey: What do you mean? Goes and get herself some barbeque chips and some water then sits down next to Hunter Why do you keep drawing all that stuff? Eats a chip

Hunter: Because I can, and I will. I meant what are you gonna try to do this time? Yesterday, you hugged my arm awkwardly.

Hailey: Was there something wrong with that? Continues to eat her chips

Hunter: Yeah. We could get detention for indecent behavior. I don't wanna do detention again. Stops sketching weapons and starts his homework

Hailey: Alright, fine. Nothing "indecent." Does air quotes then gets her homework out to do Hey, I wanna try out the coffee shop in the food court. I wonder if it's any good.

Hunter: Let's finish up the math work, then go.

They finish their math homework then go to the coffee shop and get something to drink.

Hurst knocks on Leo's door and he opens

Hurst: Sorry about this Leo but you will have to have a room mate, anyone you want? You can only choose a female if you are romantically involved and you have each others consent.

Leo: Uh, yes sir. I would like to have Seth Fang please.

Hurst: Very well, I'll go see him and inform him.

Seth comes to Leo's room with his stuff

Seth: What's up Leo, guess we're room mates now. I'll just put my stuff there.

Leo: Aight, let's head out after too, I need to see this girl and get some stuff for this room. You cool with that?

Seth: Yeah, dude, this school has shops and shit, it has a Starbucks type store and the canteen is a restaurant. Fucking awesome.

Leo: I know right, I heard the food court is amazing. Alright, let's go I wanna get some stuff for the room. They get up and leave and lock the door to go get some things.

Later at the food court Edit

Leo and Seth have bought the things for their room and have had it delivered there. They are walking in the food court and they see a pretzel shop.

Leo: Aye, I'm gonna head to that pretzel shop, what about you? Ima try not to spend so late over here. It's already getting dark. I need to get back to see someone.

Seth: K, I'll go to the taco stand. See ya.

Leo: Peace. Leo goes to the pretzel stand to get an enlarged cinnamon pretzel and buys an enlarged salt, cheese and plain pretzel to save it for home. He sits in a seat eating the pretzel while texting his friends. *Where can I find Madelyn... She's probably at her room resting. She took on three explosions... I need to see her...*

Both Hunter and Hailey are sitting by the coffee shop eating some cheesecake and drinking coffee, Hailey with a Caramel Macchiato and Hunter with a Vanilla Frappuccino with caramel

Hunter: You're sure you want to move in with me? Eats a bite of his cheesecake

Hailey: Yes, I'm sure. Takes a sip of her coffee

Leo gets up from his table and walks to go back to the apartment building and try to find Madelyn when he sees a coffee shop.

Leo: *I might need one of those Starbucks Frappuccinos first. I need to stock up on them.* He goes and walks past Hunter and Hailey sitting. With the pretzels in his hand and buys 2 boxes of frappuccinos for the dorm. He prepares a bag and puts all the things he bought in there. He sits down and pulls out his phone to call Seth.

Leo: Yo Seth. You got the tacos? I'm going to be heading home with some stuff. And I'll head out to, so if you don't see me in the dorm I'm gonna be looking for you-know-who.

Seth: Yeah I got them. I'll drop them off at our room then I'll go see Tom, haven't seen him in a while.

Leo: Alright, see ya later. Hangs up.

Leo gets up and is gonna leave but then Jayelin comes with 3 other guys to his table.

Jayelin: Where do ya think yer' goin'? You think you're gonna be let off the hook from today? His hands start smoking.

Leo: I'm not gonna fight you. People start looking in their direction

Jayelin: Of course you aren't but you have no choice. He takes the bag from Leo and explodes everything in it. Him and his friends laugh.

Leo: ...I'll just buy more. He turns around but Jayelin grabs his shoulder, turns him back around then punches Leo in the face and Leo falls to his knees.

Jayelin's friend #1: Haha! Watch this bro! He kicks him in the face with some plant power and vines start growing around him.

Leo: Leo's face is down and then he looks up with a sinister serious face and breathes icy-flames on the vine freezing them, then he breaks out. But as he does this Jayelin's other friend turns invisible, comes up behind him and stabs him with an invisible knife.

Leo: AHHH!!! SHIT!!! He falls to the ground injured

The invisible friend is suddenly bound in a cocoon of light with a vortex of fire floating over his head, followed by the friend with plant powers. Hunter then uncloaks in front of Jayelin holding his HF Blade replicas.

Hunter: I'll talk to Principal Hurst about this. Sheathes his replicas on his back then holds out his hand for Leo You want some help, bruh?

Leo: Ah... Yea... You got some fire I can borrow? Takes his hand and gets up

Hunter: Here ya go. His hand burns with fire About you there... Looks at Jayelin then forms his Flame mask Look deep into my eyes. Feel pain. Looks back at Leo then pushes his mask up to reveal his inverted eyes, red irises with black sclera and pupils What's your name?

Leo: Takes the fire and absorbs it, healing the stab wound on his back. Nice eyes, oh and Leonardo Simon. You?

Hunter: I'm Hunter Huynh. Good to meet ya. Hey, you there. Looks over to Jayelin again I reporting you to Principal Hurst. Takes his mask off, crushes it, then walks to the Principal's office to report Jayelin

Leo then walks off getting all the stuff he previously bought for free and goes to the apartment building to deliver it. He then leaves the room, locking it and walks around the second floor for Madelyn.

It's 6:30 and Leo is at the apartment building Edit

Leo: Where could she be at... He is walking down the hallway as the sun is setting. He turns a corner to find a couple making out *Ew...* He goes back and then finds the staircase to walk up it to 3rd floor. He is walking around and spots a girl resembling Madelyn from the back turn a corner and runs to her. As he turns the corner he sees her about to enter her room and she turns her head to see Leo. They stare at each other for a good 10 seconds.

Leo: Hey...

Madelyn: She looks back at the door Hi...

Leo: So how are you feeling? I mean...

Madelyn: I'm alright, still a little sore but other than that I'm good... Her door unlocks and she opens and looks at Leo

Leo: M-Mind if I come in?

Madelyn: Madelyn feels flushed and then nods her head S-Sure... She goes inside and Leo slowly follows. He enters to see a small room with a small kitchen around the corner.

Leo: Wow, nice place, and it's decorated already.

Madelyn: Yea, my friend Trinity helped me.

Leo: Oh okay. Look, about today, he sits on her desk chair It was just instinct... I mean-

Madelyn: Is that why steam was coming out of your body? Were you that mad? Or...

Leo: Exactly! I just hated it when he was hitting you like that... I don't know what came over me...

Madelyn: She goes towards him and makes him stand up to hug him tightly Thank you... So much...

Leo: No... It's my pleasure...

They begin to talk about their personal lives and get to know each other much better.

Seth calls Leo


Leo: Shit... Maddy, I gotta go... Something's wrong.

Madelyn: Uh, okay! Bye! She kisses him on the cheek and then blushes Sorry! Bye!

Leo: B-Bye... He runs downstairs and goes to their room

When Leo enters his room, the whole room is trashed, all the furniture is broken and there is burnt marks

Seth: Look! Our fucking room is destroyed!!!

Leo: The fuck... Who did this?! He looks around for clues Burnt marks? Shit... Was it that bastard Jayelin!??! Ugh... Sorry Seth, I gotta find out who did this...

Seth: The fucker had an invisible fucker with him, along with some construct making fucker, you know, that pervert, and a fucker with black fire.

Leo: Fuck... We gotta find them. Let's go.

Seth: Dude, let's get them tomorrow, I am gonna melt all their stuff.

Leo: Haha right on, I'll fix the apartment again ugh.

The next day outside Jayelin's room at early morning when he's asleep Edit

Seth: Alright. Let's do this. Seth melts through the door then goes to Jayelin and his room mate and injects them with a sleep poison. So, what looks valuable?

Hunter: Uncloaks next to Seth Did he wreck your room? I saw an explosion and smoke coming from your room last night. Hey check this out. Points to a super-valuable vase with orchids in it You really should try reporting him to Principal Hurst.

Seth: And Kyle the Pedophile. I'm gonna do a few things before that. Seth melts the vase the melts the shiny carpet then the light, fridge, poisons the food, takes his stock, burns his clothes, gasses his toilet, melts some holes in the walls then breaks the beds they are sleeping on They will wake up just after period six starts. They are gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Hunter: Kyle already got in trouble. Oh, good luck getting this taken care of. Walks out and goes to his first class

Later, In the Period 4 Band Class Edit

The music teacher is doing the warm-ups with the band, then they stop and begin rehearsing one of their songs for their first concerts

Teacher: Right then. Everyone... be sure you're doing the proper accent and the crescendos.

Kyle: Whispering to everyone but Hunter on the trumpet section Hunter is secretly gay. He has a crush on me, someone told me.

Hunter: Whispering I can hear you. He puts his hand on his head like he has a headache

Kyle: Whispering I know you have a crush on me. Admit it, you love me.

Hunter: Whispering No. I don't. I have a crush on a girl.

Kyle: So you would date a girl, rather than... Puts his trumpet down and caresses himself in a sensual manner this?

Teacher: Kyle, please be quiet.

Kyle: Sorry.

They continue practicing their songs for the concert until the teacher tells them to pack up

Hunter: Kyle. Leave me alone. Puts his trumpet away then goes to the door as the lunch bell is about to ring

Kyle: Admit it. You love me. Puts his trumpet away then goes over to Hunter and starts caressing him

Hunter: Fine then. His Flame mask forms and he turns around to scare Kyle You should leave, lest you want to be destroyed.

Kyle: Oh GOD NO!!!! Trips and move people out of his way to get him as far away as he could possibly get form Hunter

Hunter: Excellent. Takes off his mask, turns back around, then turns it into a bandana that he puts around his neck, leaving his eyes inverted to a black sclera and pupils with bright red irises So Megan, how have you and Julia been? Ever since Francis moved away last year, have you found a new friend?

Megan: Oh, Julia and I are okay. We have found a new friend. Her name's Michelle.

Hunter: Great! That's good for you. Tell Julia I said hi.

Megan: Okay, and thanks. Julia said she's kinda into you, a little more than a friend.

Hunter: Oh. Uhh... Pulls up his bandana to cover his blush, which has the mouth pattern from his regular mask That's... uh... good for her.

The lunch bell rings, and everyone runs out to the lunch lines, Hunter managing to get first in line and touching his bandana, reverting his eyes to normal

Lunch Lady: What can I get you today?

Hunter: I'll have the chicken-flavored ramen bowl, with a side of cole slaw, and a vanilla cream soda.

Lunch Lady: Comin' right up! She goes over to the kitchen to get Hunter's order, made fresh and almost instantly. She then goes to the lines and gives Hunter his order, then getting his soda and putting it on his tray Enjoy.

Hunter: Thank you. Takes his good, then goes to an empty table and sits down to eat

Hailey: Hey Hunter! She walks over to Hunter and sits down next to Hunter with her lunch box I managed to pack my lunch today.

Hunter: Cool. I need to get something real quick. Gets up and goes to get some chopsticks and a spork, then goes back to his table. He sees Hailey sitting with her friends Kayley, Emma, and Maddie. (Same girls as before) Did I miss something? Sits down and starts eating his food

Hailey: Oh. Not really. My friends came over and wanted to eat with us. Opens up her lunch box and eats her sandwich

Emma: Is there a problem? Opens her lunch and eats her chips

Hunter: Nope. Takes a bite of his cole slaw, then opens his soda and takes a sip I'm just not used to... uh... sitting with this many girls from school. *Oh shit, I totally forgot about my bandana! I wonder how they'll react. Hehehe.* Touches his bandana, inverting his eyes to the black and bright red Flame version

Kayley: Sooo... Looks up at Hunter and sees his inverted eyes Are you okay? Your eyes are... uh... inverted, I guess. Gets out her lunch and starts to eat it

Hunter: Yeah, I'm perfectly fine. Kayley, was it? Eats more of his lunch

Maddie: Yeah, what's wrong with your eyes? Gets out her lunch and eats it

Hunter: Huh? Oh, right. This is my... I guess you could say he's my inner demon. I call him Flame. Don't ask why, I just decided Flame. Continues eating his lunch *God, I feel so awkward right now.*

(Hunter's thought aren't italicized because Flame doesn't affect his thought, as Flame is still "maturing" per se.)

Hailey: So, how has fighting off Kyle been? Continues to eat her meal

Hunter: As long as I wear this mask, Kyle freaks out and runs away. Takes a sip of his soda

Maddie: What mask? Opens up her water bottle and takes a sip

Hunter: Oh yeah, I haven't shown any of you gals my mask, huh?

Hailey: You showed me the mask. It's kinda cool, but a little scary at the same time.

Kayley: Are we gonna regret asking you to show us your mask?

Hunter: Depends. I live life with no regrets.

Emma: Let's see the mask then.

Hunter: Okay. Pulls up the bandana, forming the mask

The girls: That's so... cool.

Hunter: You all took that much better than I expected. Slides the mask down, turning it into the bandana again I think I'll leave it off for now. Takes the bandana off, forming the mask in his hands, then crushes it Better. His eyes go back to normal

Emma: To be honest... I'm, uh... kinda turned on by your mask. She says the while her voice gets quieter with every word while blushing hard, then looking down

All the girls look at her like she had gone insane, while Emma sinks down, embarrassed

Hunter: Oh, um.... That... I didn't know... would happen. Finishes his meal and drink Excuse me, I need to do something.Gets up, picks up his empty tray, then goes and puts it in the dumbwaiter, then goes back to his table and opens up his backpack

Kayley: What are you doing? Finishes her food, takes a couple sips of her water, then puts her lunch box away

Hunter: What? Oh, I have cookies. My mom sends me cookies every weekend. I usually have two a day, then she sends more on Saturday. I told her to make extras this weekend. Pulls out two snicker-doodle cookies in a small baggie, then opens the baggie and eats one

Maddie: Ooh, what kind are those? Finishes her meal, puts away her lunch box, takes a sip of her water, then puts the rest of her stuff away

Hunter: Finishes the cookie he ate Snicker-doodle. Why? Eats the other cookie then puts the baggie into his backpack

Kayley: Ooh, I love snicker-doodle.

Emma: Same here. Finishes her food, puts her stuff away then moves over and sits right next to Hunter, then hugs his arm Maybe you could show me more of your mask?

Hunter: I-I... uh... w-well. Mouths to Hailey "Help me." then pulls up his other bandana to cover his blush

Hailey: Emma, what exactly are you getting at?

Emma: I just wanna get to know Hunter better. Hugs Hunter even closer

Hunter: You've known me since the 6th grade.

In Seth's and Leo's roomEdit

Leo just walked in and saw their room fixed

Seth: Sup dude, those bastardos fixed our room as punishment but I didn't get in trouble for trashing their room! A carpentry janitor fixed their room.

Leo: Niceee He swings his bag from over his shoulder and throws it to the wall by his bed and sits down on the couch with his feet up to watch TV. So what you been up to? You trashed their room?

Seth: Oh I didn't tell you, I fucking destroyed it! I melted a lot of things! I injected them with a sleep poison which made them miss the entire day! Hurst thought they got drunk or something!

Leo: Hahaha good one, that'll teach those fags a lesson. So dude, what else happened today?

Seth: That chick Madelyn came here a few minutes ago asking for you, I told her I haven't seen you since period 2.

Leo: Dammit, Ima gonna go find her. Did she tell you where she was going before she left?

Seth: Her room. I'm going to the gym to practice, see ya. He leaves to the gym

Leo: See ya. He lazily gets up and puts on grey sweatpants with grey high-top shoes and puts on an Under Armour, black short sleeve compression shirt. *Maybe I could go to practice too after this.* Before he leaves he takes his phone with earphones and goes to Madelyn's room. He knocks on the door and waits 10 seconds and the door opens as she sticks her head out to see Leo's standing there.

Madelyn: I was JUST looking for you Leo haha. Did Seth tell you I came over? She opens the door and opens her arms for a hug

Leo: Leo goes in for a huge Yeaaa he did hahaha. He goes in and closes the door.

Madelyn: Sorry, were you going somewhere?

Leo: Uh no, just going to workout and practice my powers after this.

Madelyn: Oooooh okay. So what happened the other day? I heard that guy and a few others trashed your room... I'm sorry for bringing you into that. She looks worried and kind of hurt

Leo: No, don't apologize, it's okay. He walks over around the corner to her bedroom They had to fix up our stuff anyway.

Madelyn: Nooo, they're like bullying you guys now! I can't live with that! And it's my fault!

Leo: He walks back over to her and takes her hand It's really fine, we can beat them up as much as we want anyway. They're weak as hell. Anyway, what did you want to talk about?

Madelyn: Well it WAS that, but I guess it's okay now. You wanna go practice our powers in the gym too?

Leo: Yea sure!! And maybe you wanna get some dinner after that?

Madelyn: Okayyy, let me change. She goes into her room and after 5 minutes comes out with black sweatpants and pink shoes and a tight black top. Ready?

Leo: Blushes slightly and turns around quickly Y-Yea...

Madelyn goes up to him and grabs his hands as they exit her room.

Madelyn: Is there a problem? She's blushing but smiling and looking up at Leo

Leo: N-No... Let's just go... Then they head for the gym.

At the gymEdit

Seth is punching some punching bags as they melt

Seth: Sees Leo and Madelyn Hey guys! the punching bag melts as a teacher walks in

Teacher: Seth! That's your last bag!! 10 minutes till lunch is over! he leaves

Hunter is sparring with someone with his mask on, but seems to be struggling to hold back when he attacks his opponent full-force on accident

Hunter: Oh, crap! I'm sorry dude!

Hunter's opponent: It's alright man. Get up then brushes himself off Might wanna try to hold back a lot more if you're fighting anyone in this school.

Hunter: Right. Pushes his mask up onto his forehead, then sees Leo, Seth and Madelyn Hey guys!!! Flash-steps next to them How's it goin'?

Seth steps in the ring with a bulky guy, biggest in the school, with rock powers who beat everyone else in a H2H fight. He gets in a fighting stance

Seth: Who are you? taps big guy on shoulder and he turns to him Hey big guy, wanna fight?

Boy: Bring it on pussy. he cracks his knuckles'"

he runs at Seth and punches his face which causes him to fall over and his nose to bleed

Seth: smiles then gets up Alright... Seth jabs his stomach then hook punches him then kicks him back which makes him drop to his knees then fall over. Seth walks to him and rests his leg on him then shouts to the people waiting to enter the ring

Seth: Who's next? everyone walks off scared while Seth smiles to himself then gets out the ring

Leo: Ha! Nice one bro!!He high fives him then he hears Lance talking behind him

Lance: Yo bro, let's fight. I wanna see who's stronger...

Leo: Leo points to himself Me? Fine... He smirks eerily then Madelyn squeezes his hand

Madelyn: She mouths the words "Don't get hurt..."

Leo: Leo nods and walks off with Lance to the ring.

Lance: With his hands in his pocket he nods towards Leo and Leo nods back.

Leo: Leo runs towards him with an icy-flamey fist and swings at Lance but Lance dodges and dodges the rest of Leo's attack with his hands in his pocket. Leo then throws a mini grenade while swinging his other arm to trap the back of Lance's foot and he trips on the ground.

Lance: Tch.. He takes his hands out of his pocket to block the icy punch to his face but freezes his entire arm and it starts to burn heavily. *Shit..* He releases black lightning from his body and shocks Leo as he screams and gets knocked back.

Leo: As he's getting up You're actually really good...

Lance: Heh... They dash towards each other and exchange blows enhancing their blows with their powers and then Lance gets hit in the stomach and it knocks the wind out of him. As he tries catch his breath but Leo knees him in the face making him do a backflip on the ground.


Leo shooting icy-flames (The Blue Fire) then it starts to freeze.

Leo: Huff huff You good?

Lance: Heh.. Yea... Rah.... He cloaks his self in lightning and runs towards Leo and a good speed and jumps in the air to punch him. Leo prepares his block but Lance uses his speed to do a feint around Leo and punch him in the back sending him flying forward and holding his back in pain.

Leo: DAMMIT.... He gets up and starts shooting icy-flames at Lance all around but Lance is running around barely dodging the flames as they're freezing then finds an opening to super dash at Leo. (Start to think of this as slow motion) As he does this he prepares a punch to hit Leo. Leo sees this and stops shooting fire to prepare a punch and lunges at the oncoming Lance then as they are right in front of each other to punch each other, a force field comes up in front of them and they both punch the force field sending them flying back.

Teacher: Lunch is over everyone!

Lance: Fuckin' teacher... He begins to get up slowly

Leo: Fuuuuck!!

Madelyn: Leo! I told you not to get hurt! She runs to Leo and kneels beside him

Leo: My bad haha.

Hunter: Let's get to class. I don't wanna be late. Walks away and heads to his next class

In a Period 6 English class Edit

Everyone walks in to the class and they all take their seats until the teacher walks in and the bell rings shortly after.

English Teacher: Welcome everyone. Let's all get a book at for SSR.

(SSR stands for Sustained Silent Reading.)

Ten minutes later

Teacher: Alright everyone. Today, we're gonna have to do some combat drills. The principal has asked that we do combat drills during period 5 every other week as of today. Everyone in this school will be attending, and we will be fighting one on one matches. So, grab anything you need, and head to the gymnasium.

Everyone in the class gets all of their stuff and they all head to the gym, where everyone in the school is waiting

Hunter: Holy shit. Unintentionally forms a fragment of Flame mask, which no one notices *Fuck. Why is this happening? Oh. He's here.* Looks at Kyle, then continues to look around and notices Hailey and her friends

Lance: But yea bro, who do you think is the strongest? As he's talking in a group of people Leo comes over and they go their special handshake

Leo: Wassup bro. Who do you think you're gonna fight? He looks over Lance's shoulder to see Madelyn with Trinity talking with a group of friends and he slightly smiles.

Seth is talking to Tom and Bella

Seth: Who do you think I'm fighting?

Tom: I don't know but whoever it is, I feel sorry for.

Bella: Weren't you banned from fights after you burned that kid?

Seth: Nah but I did have to tone down my skills...and acidity.

Bella: I heard you're friends with Leo...can you...introduce me?...

Seth: Oh heh... He's got a girl or something.

Bella: Her face turns red O-oh...K.

Tom: Ha. There's Principal Hurst. Finally.

Hurst stands on a step with a mic infront of the arena

Hurst: Hello young warriors and welcome to the first One On One fights. We will do this every week. Don't worry if you don't get picked, everyone will eventually get picked on later dates. And don't worry about being paired with a student out of your skill range, both combatants are picked of equal skill from what they have done in P.E. Rules are: no escaping the square arena. if the other surrenders, the fight stops immediately. No attacking the audience. No dragging the fight out, finish it quickly please. Let the fights begin.

Two spotlights shine on the opposite entrances to the ring. Hurst holds out a piece of paper with names on it

Hurst: Fight One. Seth Fang VS Daniel Hyland.

Seth: Shit. If any of us touches each other he drags his finger across his neck to symbol a neck slice

Tom: Good luck dude. I heard the kid's a total emo. He'll cry before the end of the battle.

Seth walks proudly towards his side of the ring while Daniel walks slowly towards his side

The gates on the side close behind them, locking them in but the audience watches through the glass walls

Seth: Hey kid, you must be pretty dumb to fight me after helping trash my room.

Danny: They paid me a lot.

Seth: So fucking what?!? Anyway, let's settle this in an awesome fight.

Danny: Okay.

Seth's eyes begin to turn into snake eyes as he runs at Danny

Danny: Crap. He engulfs himself in black fire which knocks Seth off his feet

Seth: Fuck... he jumps up to his feet then coats his fist in acid then punches Danny in the chest causing the fire to disappear and Danny there screaming in pain. He pushes Seth away

Seth: Hursts doesn't it?

Danny: Shut up. Danny throws a ball of fire at Seth but Seth blocks with his arms, burning his clothes and skin

Seth: AHHH FUUU!!!!!! Seth leg sweeps Danny then punches his face to the ground then causes lots of lactic acid in his body to subdue him Bitch...

Hurst: Well that was quick. Congratulations to our winner Seth Fang! Seth leaves along with Danny

Tom: Congrats man.

Seth: My arms are fucking burning.

Hurst: Next up, Lance Asher vs Thomas Green Jr.

Tom: Uh what's that guys power?

Seth: I don't know.

Leo: Good luck bro. Does special handshake with Lance and Lance walks to the ring with his hands in his pockets. He glances at Trinity and looks back into the arena.

Lance: *I wonder what this guy's power is...*

Tom heads to his side of the arena as his gate closes

Tom: Hmm *I hope he hasn't got the power to control spiders...* shivers

Hurst: Start whenever you're ready.

Lance: He stares into Tom's eyes and runs at him with his hands still in his pockets and tries to kick him him in the face

Lances foot hits a three inch glass shield attached to Tom's arm

Tom: Wow you're fast.

Lance: You are toooo. He gets his foot off the glasses in quick speed and moves around Tom, sweeping his leg.

Tom hits his head on the ground but reinforces his leg with glass and kicks Lance's stomach making him lean in then kicks his face. He gets up quickly

Lance: Heh.... He spits on the ground while recovering and looks up at Tom. Interesting... He takes his hands out his pocket and runs with greater speed and tries to stop next to Tom, but ends up sliding into the arena wall. *Dammit, I went to fast, I don't even know how to stop correctly yet...* He dashes a little slower and tackles Tom making him land on the ground.

Tom: Ah crap. Tom spins around on the ground, turning his leg into a spinning blade and cuts Lance's foot, causing him to loose balance and fall down. Tom gets back up and forms sharp shards on his forearms and fists then readys a fighting stance

Lance: Tch. He hops up on one foot and stands on the uninjured foot and dashes into blurs at Tom ON one foot and begins to to punch him and jumps over him to continue his barrage but his attacks hit harder than before.

Tom feels lots of pain then suddenly Lance gets pushed to the ground by a glass wall. Tom created a huge dome around him to protect himself. He then turns his arm into glass and moves it through the glass and grabs Lance. He pulls Lance's face into the glass then drops him and returns his hand back into the glass

Lance holds his face with one hand and goest to the ground. He heals then dashes at the glass dome with lots of speed and punches through it, while engulfing his fist in black lightning. His fist becomes bloody but then uses his other hand to release a single streak of black lightning at Tom's legs to paralyze them and punches Tom with the other fist again square in the jaw making him fly out the other end. Then he throws a grenade of black lightning at Tom.

Hurst: Woah! Impressive from Lance!

Tom: SHIT!! Tom attempts to stand up but falls over because his legs are paralysed. The grenade deals much damage to Tom, causing burns on his body.

Tom: Arg! He holds the burns all hurt Crap... He claps his hands creating a bunch of shards to shoot out at Lance really quickly

Lance: He tries to run at him at full speed but loses his balance and slides into the shards as they pierce his skin and he falls FUCK!!! He shoots a bolt of lightning at Tom to distract him as he tries to expel the glass shards from his body using electricity. AHHHH!!!

Tom boosts up with a glass launch (big shards come out the ground to push him up on his feet) then shoots a compressed glass rocket at the lightning bolt which makes a huge explosion of black lightning and shards, heavily injuring then both, blood everywhere. But they still don't give up

Tom: Fu... I...won't...lose... struggles to get up

Lance: You're pretty coughs out blood good... Lance is now immobile since he does not have the strength to pull out the shards and struggles to even move. He begins to drag himself to Tom

Hurst: Woah, they desperately need medical attention but they are still going for it!

Seth: Dude! Tom, give up!

Tom: Never... Tom drags himself by one arm across the floor

Lance: Gahhhh!!! He has an electrified hand and aims it at Tom and shoots it, but the electric bolt dissipates before it even reaches him and his head hits the floor.

Hurst: Oh my god! Hurry, take them to the nurse!!

Hunter: Holy crap. That's like a fuckin' fatality. So... who's next?

Hurst: Next up... Hunter vs Kyle. Time to settle your problems like soldiers.

Hunter: Great.

Kyle: Fuck me.

Both of them step up to the mat as a medical team escorts Tom and Lance to the nurse's office

Hurst: Whenever you're ready.

Kyle: Ha! Charges at Hunter as he creates a gauntlet construct resembling Ember Cecilia to attack Hunter

Hunter: Nope. Forms his Flame mask as he rolls out of the way and gets back up, forming the two swords in this:

Kyle: Those look really stupid. Forms the same gauntlet on his other arm, then forms the "shotgun shells" in the gauntlet These... are badass.

Hunter: No, they're not. Swings the swords around, then gets in a combat stance

Kyle: Hi-yah! Charges Hunter, then punches his swords and fires a Tachyon burst at the moment of contact, making the blade shatter Hah!

Hunter: You stupid! Reforms the blade from the shattered fragments, then charges Kyle and breaks both his gauntlets and his swords, then punches him in the face and round-house kicks him in the... uh... genitals

Kyle: A loud, painful scream is emitted from him as the pain from the kick registers in his head, then passes out from the pain

Hunter: I didn't even kick him with full force! You fucking weakling!

Hurst: Wow Hunter! Exellent. Going for weak spots. But be prepared as your opponent may not have a weakspot in later battles. Next up and last match...Leonardo Simon VS Isabella Craw.

Bella: Oh crap. Both of you got burnt bad, I'm next.

Seth: Don't worry, I'm healed up already. You'll kill him.

Hurst: Hurry up please, you have only five minutes left.

Bella steps up to the arena

Leo: He walks up slowly to the arena and the glass door closes behind him. Hi...

Bella: H-hey Leo...

Hurst: Isabella, you are allowed to absorb the glass, concrete ground and the other conduit's powers. Nothing else. Whenever you're ready.

Isabella just stands there

Seth: Come on Bella! Kick his ass! Sorry Leo.

Leo: Glares at Seth then looks at Isabella *She must be waiting for me to make the first move...* He shoots a blast of icy flames at her.

Bella rolls sideways out the way into a kneeling down position

Bella: Shit. She runs at him and punches the side of his knee with a concrete arm she absorbed from the ground

Leo: Leo falls to the floor then makes an ice knee brace to make the injury heal fast Sorry about this... He swipes two fingers across at her and freezes her left side of her body which starts to burn really quickly.

Bella: Ah fuck!! She grabs Leo's throat with the concrete arm and lifts him up Sorry Leo. She choke slams him into the ground which cracks the concrete Sorry sorry!

Leo: ARGH!! Leo lays limp on the ground

Tumblr n8mx6xkf9M1sk47ceo5 500

Ice Spikes

Hurst: Well, that was a fairly quick fight, Bella wi- Right before Hurst finished his sentence, Leo jumps up on his 2 feet and starts to crack his back, neck and arms.

Leo: Heh.. You're cute and strong... He smirks then punches the ground causing ice spikes to erupt from it

Bella: Crap! She jumps sideways mostly dodging but one spike stabs her leg as she lands Ow! Fuck.. She pulls the ice shard out as it burns her hand. She drops it then gets up

Bella: That was awesome. She picks the shard back up and absorbs it till her whole body is hot ice But now I'll beat you to the ground with your own medicine. She rolls towards him then performs many punches and kicks

Leo: He starts to counter her punches and kicks by blocking them and moving out of the way and juking her. He then coats his body in hot ice and starts to counter her. You're just always be a FAKE! He gets kicked in the same knee spot from before and falls to the ground in pain *SHIT, I think she broke it this time... Fuck it hurts...*

Bella: *Yes! I can win this! I'm so sorry Leo!* She lifts her leg up then reinforces it to make it heavier then stomps his head

Leo: Heh... His head is in the ground as he looks up at her and then uses his injured foot to shoot a gigantic blast of icy flames as even her skin can't handle at point blank range and shoots her up into the top of the arena, then he passes out because of a concussion.

Hurst: Woah! Watch out!

Bella tries to hover to slow her fall but still takes some damage

Bella: Crap...Wait, I won?!? Yay!!!

Hurst: Well done Isabella. And that was the final match. the bell rings Okay students, schools over. You may leave.

The students begin to leave

End Of RP

Next Chapter:

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