Infamous: Path of Origami is a new Infamous game taking place ten months after the events of Infamous: Warzone. The main protagonist is Celia Penderghast the Conduit of paper as she has fled from Seattle to start a new life after the war against the military.

Story Edit

Chapter 1: New life.

It's been over ten months after Delsin Rowe and the newly formed D.U.P had defeated the military, which showed everyone that Conduits only want freedom and coexistence among the humans who despise them because of what they are. Delsin had died along with the General of military in the final battle between them both and Celia was left to pick up the pieces. After that was over, she and the new D.U.P got to work on forming peace between the two species and while some were accepting of them, other still feared them due to the war that spiraled out of control.

Game play Edit

The game play has been changed drastically in range and melee combat. Celia has gotten stronger to an enhanced super human due to the massive radiation affecting her body. Now she can transfer her powers through melee weapons and guns she picks up. She does need to avoid some heavy damage but her durability and stronger healing factor should work just better and she has defensive options for herself ranging from a trash can lid too a truck side door where she can make hardened paper shields and also create harder paper armor from metal scraps. The moral choices are changed into paths only for this game.

Characters Edit

Celia Penderghast- The main protagonist of the game and the origami angel who's personality starts out neutral but the paths she chooses will define her as a person.

Simon Carson- The main antagonist who controls radiation and is killing humanity for the way his kind was treated by them.

Sam Dodson- A conduit with the power to control glass, wire, metal, and blood and is still choosing a path whether to side with Simon or Celia.

Endings Edit

Path of a human- Celia chooses to use her powers to protect humanity and spares Simon letting humanity decide his fate and adopts Sam as his family was killed in the explosion.

Path of a monstress- Celia chooses to kill Sam and Simon and rule over humanity rallying conduits who are swearing vengeance at humanity as payback for mercilessly killing their own kind.

Path of a goddess- Celia decides to spare both and find her own path even it if means having to become the origami angel and not interfering with their squabbles.

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