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InFamous: Reborn, sometimes stylelized as inFamous: Reborn or inFAMOUS: Reborn, is a fan-fiction, spin-off written by Trayus. It takes place 20 years after the good ending of InFAMOUS 2 and follows the story of a new conduit, Aaron Griffin after the new wave of conduits led by a clone of their killer, Cole MacGrath.





Part OneEdit

A shadowy figure wearing a white doctor's coat walks into a dark room and stands over a sarcophagus-like box cascading icy-cold mist from its exterior. The figure stepped closer and wiped some ice off the glass viewport, revealing an unconscious man with a fair complexion and chestnut hair beneath it.
The shadowy man pulls up a holographic file on viewport and scans it onto his tablet device before backing away slightly.

Man: (to himself) Okay, CMC-0117-07, your vitals seem promising. (presses a button on his tablet) Let's hope your not another failure.

The locks on sarcophagus pop off and more mist expels from it; the man under the glass began to move frantically. His eyes snap open showing pale-blue electrical currents coursing through them, down to his arms through his veins and into his hands, sparking them.

Man: Cole?

CMC-0117-07: (debilitating the electrical currents in his hands as the glow faded, he sat up.) (coldly) No.

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