This is the inFamous RP called inFamous: Sly Threat. It is chapter one of the series.

In the city Edit

The setting is Leonardo Simon, Emma Thompson, TJ Green are roaming around in New Spire trying to put up posters about conduitism. Suddenly 2 D.U.P trucks appear and they go into hiding.
340px-Levi Infamous Downtown SP

New Spire

Leo: "Guys do you want to fight them? Or just run? I don't feel like fighting right now... Emma? TJ? What do you guys think?"

Emma: "Are you really gonna let them lock up our kind just for being themselves? I say we fight. TJ?"

Tom: "I say we murder them... Let's go..."

So the three jump out to face the D.U.P trucks and the battle starts.

Leo runs out into the open and shoots an Ice-Fire missile at one of the trucks but it does no 


Leo: "Shit! Emma!! Use your dream shot!!"

Emma: "That's not how it's called." Emma creates a fog around her hand and creates arrows from it that hit the truck. It creates a hole in the truck.

A D.U.P soldier shouts, "BIOTERRORIST!!" and 7 D.U.P soldiers come out the damaged truck. Tom shoots a glass shard into one of the D.U.P soldiers head.

Tom: "Gotcha, Leo, light em' up."

Leo: Mhm, nice shot Em. Leo uses Ice Launch into the air and uses his signature ice breath freezing all the remaining enemies in burning ice. You can hear their muffled screams as they burn to their death.

Leo: Someone get the OTHER TRUCK!! Lands on the ground and creates and i

ce dome to block out the remaining D.U.P soldiers Concrete and wood


Emma: "Leo, TJ, step aside please."Emma surrounds the trucks with fog. You can hear the D.U.P Soldiers slowly drop as they fall asleep.

Leo: Comes out of the Ice dome celebrating. YES!! Emma! You're a life saver oh my goodness. sits on ground exhausted.

The area flashes with orange light when a beam of dangerous radiations create an explosion in the middle.

Adam: Did you see that, wooohoooo It was a BOOM, hey guys, forget the D.U.P. trucks, I'm the real threat here. Adam was no far than two buildings away, watching the three conduits staring at him in confusion.

Tom: Fuck, i wanted to do that. Tom just realised who caused the explosion. Wait, Adam? Woah, whats up dude! That explosion was AMAZING! 


This is what I did to Adam but on a much grander scale.

Leo: Hm? You look weak... Ice launches to the roof you are at the freezes the whole thing INSTANT FREEZE!! falls to ground No biggie... 

Emma: "Tom, amazing, really? Nothing says epic more then a blast that could kill so many people, right?" (Talks sarcastically)

Tom: Who cares? There just humans, weak, pat

hetic humans

Leo: Yo Tom, shut up before I freeze you like I did that guy. They're not just humans. gives you angry glare

Emma: "Tom, this is exactly the thinking that makes people think we're terrorists. Don't force me to change your thinking."

Tom: I'm sorry, it's just that humans can be so... never mind. He looks down to the floor.
Storm Release Laser Circus

Adam's Ionized Electrons.

BOOM! The Ice pillar which Adam's forzen in explodes.

Adam: Dude the heat doesn't effect me, gotta admit though, it was "Cool" in there. (Adams laughs manically)

Leo: is surprised by the sudden burst of his ice pillar  hehe, you think you're tough.... punches ground and another giant ice pillar comes from ground shooting superheated shards of ice at you TAKE THIS!!!

Tom: Leo, what the fuck are you doing? He's my friend! Tom shoots a glass shard at Leo's leg.

Leo: !!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!? turns around while pulling glass shard out leg and hits the ground to make ice come out leading to you

Adam: NO-ONE HURTS MY FRIENDS, or at least people claming to be my friends who I don't really know, anyway, DIE Adam absorbs electrons from his environment and charges up to burst a beam of non-static electrical energy! BOOM! That should kill'em.

Tom: Adam! Don't kill him, you may not remember me because, well, we never met but i seen you on t.v and all i can say is your AWESOME!!!

Adam: I'm awesome? Oh thank you I'm flattered! But still, what's your name again?

Tom: I never said it but it's Tom or TJ if you want to call me that. Tom leans in for a handshake.

Leo emerges from the hiding spot as Tom and Adam are talking

Leo: Whew, that could've maybe injured me... Can't believe you expected me to be dead... Tom... stop talking to this dude....

Adam: Reaches two of his wrap tentacles and uses them to shake the hands of both Thomas and Leonardo, My name is Adam Samar Idigr Beltway, nice to meet you Then he gave a shy smile.

Leo shakes his hand while looking away

Leo: Whatever.... I'm Leonardo...

Tom: yeah, he's got a really cool power and the chick makes people sleep or something.

An Ice Cream Truck passes nearby.

Adam: Shoots the truck down, ICE CREAM, ALL MINE! see ya guys...........

Tom: They got any Vanilla? I like Vanilla.

Leo: Where do you think you're going? You're going to fight them. points to oncoming D.U.P trucks. Plants foot in ground and makes ice trail catch up to Adams foot and catches him making him not able to move  Tom, Emma let's leave these guys to Adam..

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 6.40.57 PM

That's the move Leo does to make the ice grab Adam's leg.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 6.48.52 PM

Ice grabbing his leg

  Tom: Leo, fuck you. Tom claps his hands together and sprays millions of tiny shards at Leo knocking him to the floor, bleeding heavily.

Adam: Why do you hate me so much? Adam breaks the ice shard holding his foot.

Leo's body breaks apart

Leo: Ice clone!! smirks then shoots missiles at D.U.P trucks then running, leaving Tom and Adam to fight the D.U.P trucks.

Adam swings awat, SEE YA GUYS! I hate DUPs.

Tom: Do i have to do everything myself?!? Tom shoots a single glass shard at the wheels of the D.U.P trucks and they crash into a building then explode.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears at the top of the very same building.

Ray: Well what do we have here, a few primes, killing my D.U.P.s. I believe we must take you.

Flash, another figure appears that literally punches a D.U.P. Agent, knocking his helmet right off his Head.

Kurtis: Clear a space boy, you're not alone.

Tom: great, now who are you?

Ray: The more the merrier.

Kurtis: Seriously Tom haven't you ever heard of Kurtis Percival? Me? The great Spark of Seattle? The Pyrotechnic Man? The Light of Night? The Discharge? Doesn't any of these names ring a bell? Haven't you heard of the vigilante who roams the night? DUDE, I RISK MY LIFE FOR CONDUITS!

Tom: nope. Doesn't ring a bell. Howdo you know my name? And you up there, why are you calling the dup troops your "slaves"?

Suddenly a figure in a hoodie with a bandana comes out of thin air to blast a molecule disintegrater beam at the Ray on the building 

Ray dodges it shooting at the hoodie dude with a gun but he also dodges it

Ray: Who might you be? 

Sterling: I'm Sterling! A.K.A The guy who's gonna kick you butt!! Then Sterling makes a dust storm toppling multiple D.U.P trucks and making the building crash down with Ray on top, little did he know that he already jumped over to the next building.

Sterling: Just as I expected... You're strong...

Tom: Sterl? Hey, i haven't seen you in like a year! Hows it going?

Just as he said this Ray called hordes of D.U.P. soldiers to assist him.

Sterling: Haha What's u- flies out of the way flying pulling Tom with him and throwing him to Kurtis

Sterling: Yo guys, let me distract him!! I'll hold him off! Run!! You guys cannot handle him, I'll follow you guys right after! 

Gathers dust in the area and starts shooting them Sterling: GOO!!

Tom: dust won't affect him, you get out of here! Tom shoots glass rockets which trap Ray in a glass statue.

Ray: I've been doing this for the past few years of my life. I never lost to a conduit and I am not gonna now.

Ray brakes out and grabs Tom in the palm of his hand and begins to drain his ray field radiation.

Sterling: TOM!!! LET HIM GO!!! shoots giant beam of dust disintegrater at Ray's leg, disintegrating its whole leg causing it to let go of Tom and fall off the building

Tom struggles to get up. Tom: oh shit, i could feel my life getting sucked out of me, fuck, thanks Straflet or whatever, oh.

Sterling: You fucking idiot! I told you to run!! Let's GO!!!! grabs you and flies away as Kurtis leaves too

Emma: "You disintegrated a whole leg?!"

Ray bleedes from his leg, but then it regenerates.

Ray: Elite, call the big guns. The big guns were Rooks and special glass using D.U.P. Troops.(And I am the one being Ray alwaus as well as Emma)

Emma: "Sheeps, take care of them." Emma spreaded fog all over the area and summoned sheeps from the fog to hit the enemies while she was subduing them. The glass D.U.P.s were still alive along with 2 rooks.

Later that day...Edit

Leo is at his apartment just sitting down watching T.V. when he gets a call from his boss Madelyn Reiner an Ally in his league "The Vanquishers".

On phone: Leo: Hm... Hello? 

Madelyn: LEO! What's wrong with you?! 

Leo: Hm? What are you talking about Maddy... bored tone

Madelyn: Don't call me that!! And you know exactly what I'm talking about. The explosion of those builidngs and the killings of the D.U.P agents downtown. You were THERE. 

Leo: Oh, that, yea. It was no big deal, I took them out in like, 2 seconds...

Madelyn: Ugh, that's not what I mean, you were causing attention... You could've gotten yourself KILLED. Do you know what happened after? The leader of the New Spire D.U.P came to the scene because he heard what happened to the other D.U.P trucks and heard there were 4 conduits there.

Leo: So? He's just a boss, no big deal... 

Madelyn: LEO! UGH I can't believe you... You're lucky I'm being easy on you... Just... stay out of harm's way for the next couple days... please? 

Leo blushes as he realizes the concern in her voice and becomes serious

Leo: O-Okay... I'm sorry Madelyn... I just didn't like them bullying us like that... It was so stupid, I hate the D.U.P so much....

Madelyn: Yea... I know how that feels, and thank you Leo... F-For understanding. Bye...

Leo hangs up the phone without saying a word

Leo: I have to protect everyone... No matter what... I'm sorry Maddy... But if worse comes to worse I have to disobey your orders...

The Same Time at Emma's ClinicEdit

Emma is sitting on a chair near a man that's lying on a couch, disturbed.

Emma: "So, Mr. Johnson, what happened that caused you to panic?"

Mr. Johnson: "I saw the Bio-Terrorists attack the D.U.P. Soldiers today. It reminded me of you know...the case.

Emma: "You mean, your brother?"

Mr. Johnson: "Yes. That damn Beast just killed him like an ant. That's why I hate Bio-Terrorists, they don't care who do they hurt! You understand, right?"

Emma: "No. I believe it is not good to think of all conduits like that. The Beast was a monster, they aren't."

Mr. Johnson: "You said a conduit. You're with them!?"

Emma: "In fact, I am one of them. The fact I didn't kill shows you that you were wrong, huh?"

Mr. Johnson: "I guess."

The Same Time in Another Area of New Spire Edit

Hunter: Man, I'm bored.

Two DUP trucks approach Hunter

Hunter: Aw, shit. Time to fight. Uncloaks swords.


Hunter: Fuck you assholes!!! Draws swords. Haaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Charges at DUP trucks

DUP Unit 28 Pawn: Unit 29, deploy immediately to restrain the idiot.

DUP Unit 29 Pawn: Roger that. Deploys both units

Five Minutes Later...

Hunter: That was pathetic. Cleans and sheathes blades. Looks around at all the dead DUPs. i made a big mess, Screw it. Time to explore some more. Starts to walk away

Hunter: Huh, what's this? A clinic? For what? Hmm. No regrets. Walks into Emma's clinic

Emma: Hi there! I'm Emma Thompson, How can I help you?

Hunter: Hi, I'm just wondering what this place is about.

Emma: Oh, well, I actually run this place. I'm a professional psychologist.

Hunter: Oh. Okay then. Just wanted to now. Whispers to Emma: I saw that little fight you and your friends had with the DUPs. Can I join your Conduits' rights league?

Emma: In a whisper: I'll need to ask my friends if they'll let you.

Hunter: I'm Hunter Huynh. I'm a student at New Spire High School. Here's my email and phone number. Hands Emma a card. Contact me when your friends have made a decision. Sayonara! Walks out of the clinic.

Emma: Have a nice day!

At the same time Edit

Max: damn this was close

Looking at a burning truck

Max: (looking at his phone) So...this is the place

Entering a D.U.P base.

Later At TCA Base Edit

Tom: ON THE FLOOR. What the fuck... Why am i covered in dust. WIPES OFF DUST. Sterling, Im going to kill you. GETS UP. Seth, Miles and Trent, come with me. Heads to Emma's clinic.

In Emma's ClinicEdit

Someone knocks on the door. Emma opens it and sees Seth, Miles, Tom and Trent.

Tom: ANGRY. Wheres Leo?

Emma: "You expect me to know, you effronté."

Tom: you ran off with him, so tell me! TOMS HANDS TURNED TO GLASS.

Emma: "Calm down. Tell me why do you need him."

Tom: We are gonna take down the DUP now!

Emma: "How?"

Tom: We're gonna tear through the base and rip out the heart of their leader.

Emma: "You saw him in action. You still believe that's easy?"

Tom: somethings not right with him. Did you see what he did to me?!? I studied myself and found out i lost a quarter of my ray field radiation!

Emma: "That is why I don't fight so brutally like you. You want to search for Leo?

Tom: We'll need you too, you won't have to do anything brutal but just make the first few gaurds dream peacefully or something. And yes, i need Leo.

Emma: "Too bad. I don't know where he is. But I believe I can try and psychic scan people. There has got to be a few homeless people who saw where Leo went. Unless you have an other way?"

Tom: you can do that? Shit, don't read my mind! Anyway, i bet you can't read Miles' mind cuz he's a mind conduit.

Emma: "I am not limited by mind. I can basically think of something and cause mr. Miles to explode. I manipulate reality from dreams. Being a psychic is just a side power. Though it is limited. So, when will we start searching for Leo?"

Miles is shocked Tom: uhhh, oh, right now.

They all go out to the street, where they fought the D.U.P. and look around them. Emma's eyes glow and she scatters thin fog out of her body all over the area. She then calls her allies that she found where did Leo went.

Tom: you found him?

Levi Infamous Concrete Explore Heat 1

"Lifeless District"

Emma: "Yes. Follow me and my sheeps." Emma became fog and created sheeps that followed her. The others followed them. They eventually got into another neighborhood, St. Grathin, where the D.U.P. were attacking a conduit, and once they noticed the group, they stunned them all with their Concerte, Wood and Glass powers and moved them in the D.U.P. trucks to somewhere else, to the island near New Spire, nicknamed: "The Lifeless District". They were all in prison cells, surrounded by Concrete, smoke and metal. They were chained to the walls.

In the Lifeless District Edit

Tom: WHAT THE FUCK! Where are we?

Emma: "Wait a sec, I'll try to psychic scan this area" Emma's abilities are blocked "AAAAAAAGGGHHH! The pain.... I can't use my powers."

Tom: Miles, break us out. Miles is out cold. Shit, i cant use my glass. I think they're using some sort of anti-ray field radiation restraints.

Emma: "Shut up. You hear this?" Ray was in a chamber near their cells, and they all heard his conversation with another man.

That Man: "No, no no no...NO! This can't be happening... What are you gonna do to me?"

Ray: "Relax. We can do it nice and easy... or we can do it slowly and...painfully!"

Ray put his hand on the man, took off his gloves and held his hands near the man. He started creating red smoke near his hands that gathered. His hands started glowing, just like his veins. He ripped off parts of the man's skin cells into his own body. The man was screaming in great pain while Ray put his hands on the man's chest, causing his veins to glow, while skin cells were still being absorbed into Ray's body. The man managed to fire a small flame at Ray, allowing himself to escape. When he tried to use his powers again he found out they were greatly weakened, and then Ray kicked him to the ground while draining what was left of his powers. All that was left was an ordinary human, scarred, both mentally and physically, lying on the floor, and holding on to life by a thread.

Ray: "You passed the first part of the "test". Now, ready for the final part?"


Ray drained him of his neuroelectricity and the fire that was stuck in his powerless body, killing him. His hands became black and armored, with spikes coming out of it, and long claws . He stabbed the corpse of that man with his hands, releasing the flames and the neuroelectricity back into his body, along with parts of his armor on his hands attaching themseleves to the man's body. When they touched his skin they started covering more and more of him. Eventually, there was a humanoid creature there, with purple dirty and scarred skin covered in black armor pieces, that has one hand that look like Ray's hand and another hand that looks like a normal conduit, if he was purple and scarred. Along that, he had no pupils now and completely red eyes, followed by a long tongue and 2 pairs of insect legs.

Ray: "Marvelous. Who's next?"

D.U.P Soldier: "He prefers to be called "Max".".......


Chapter Two:


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