Chapter Three:


The Next Day... Edit

Emma and Tom leave and find and follow the destroyed path of Ray

Tom: Woah, we missed alot.

Emma: Let's hope we won't miss any more. Tom, you think we should grow to Ray's size again or should we save our energy for the bombing?

Tom: Shit, I lived there points at rubble Uh no, save the energy, I used most of the glass for that form anyway, but I still have loads left, but I drained all in the city so theres no place to drain for me.

Emma: I think I can make glass for you.

Tom: It doesn't work like that, thats fake glass, I tried before.

Emma: Ok. So... are we just gonna stand here?

Tom: You hear that? faint roars of Ray

Suddently Ray, in his monster form, drops from the air'

Tom: Shit shit shit shit shit!

Emma: Shut up. I'll cover us, but be silent!

Emma creates a cloud of fog around her and Tom, concealing them from anyone

Tom: What now?

Ray roars then walks away

Tom: Woah, the New Spire military barely scratched him.

Leo is screaming in the background


Tumblr nas1s9fKTE1rbuuddo2 250

Suddenly Sterling flies and shoots lots of dust missiles at the beast attracting the beast back, then disintegrates the ground beneath the beast. Sterling jumps in with a blast core in the beast's face and flies away as the beast fires all his missiles at Sterling missing. One of the missiles almost hits Sterling's legs but he turns around launching a dust whip at it disintegrating it. 

Leo slides in with his ice slide and shoots missiles at the beast the ice launches into a burning truck. 2 seconds later the fire absorbs into Leo's hands and he uses his Icy-Flame rockets to fly and catch up to Sterling.

Tom: Fucking idiots.

Ray grabs them both and throws them at the ground, easily knocking them out

Tom: They just fucked us up.

Ray causes a blast of energy outwards destroying many buildings in the process

Tom: Holy shit, Emma, those fucktards screwed our plan up!

The hole in the ground glows purple and Leo flies out at 90mph flying up picking up Sterling and flying over to where Tom is.

Levi Infamous Concrete Explore Heat 1-0

This is New Spire currently

Leo: Guard his body for a bit.... I'll be right back...

Leo grabs the blast core from Sterling's pocket and flies over near the beast flying past his attacks and shooting him with LOTS of missiles and rockets at him distracting Ray and leading him away from them

Leo: Haha, smaller is better!!

Ray responds in a much deeper voice

Ray: Give it up! Your failing!

Leo instantly falls to the ground and gets knocked out for using too much energy

Ray: Is this all you can offer?

Tom: Emma, do we help them? We can't take Ray by ourselves.

Tom: Ah fuck...

Tom runs out waving his hands and getting Rays attention.

Tom: Hey Ray! I have lots of ray field radiation flowing through me! You getting hungry?

Tom runs with Ray following

Mark appears

Mark: Shit, checks Leo. Hey, you okay, it's okay, I'm a cop.

Ray makes a wood arm and waves it along the ground knocking Tom into a destroyed building

Tom: struggling to stand shit, is that all you got?

Ray slams his fist onto Tom and he smashes to pieces of shards

Ray: Such precious radiation, ruined. Well there's more over there anyway. heads towards Emma, Leo, Sterling and Mark.

Mark: Crap, excuse me fellow bio-terrorist, points at Sterling, would you mind helping me escort these civilians to safety please, the monsters heading our way right now.

Kurtis: Guys I'm finally here, so, what's EXACTLY is happening?

Mark: Sir you need to clear the streets, its too dangerous to be wandering around when there is a giant monster roaming the streets.

Ray: You mean me?

Mark: Everyone run! I'll hold him off!

Mark wraps wires around Ray

(Kurtis, read everything that happened please...)

Leo awakes and sees Tom in pieces

Leo: TOM!!!! YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!! RAYY!!!!

Leo tries to fly and shoot everything he's got at Ray, but gets swatted down

Leo: Agh... Fuck....

Sterling: I-I got this... uses dust to make it all go to Tom's spot Please Tom... regenerate....

Leo tries to go to a burning building and absorb fire and after he absorbs it Ray throws glass missiles at him and Leo ice launches out of the way.

Leo: Blast core... We all need to absorb that blast core at the same time....

Tom regenerates into human form

Tom: oh shit, Ray, you're gonna die.

Grinds around Ray, shooting shards at his face to distract him

Tom: Go, follow the cop, don't risk it, retreat, I'll come later!!!

Leo: YOU BETTER NOT DIE runs with everyone


The conduits are in a safe location

Mark: Alright, is everyone okay, any injuries or anything?

Christine: Where's Tom!!! starts tearing up When is he coming?!

Sterling: Y-Yea, I'm good, I healed...

Leo: Sure... I just wanna get back to fight Ray.... I NEED TO BEAT HIM!

Mark: Miss, don't worry I'm sure Tom will return soon, and Sir, leave it to the military, I'm sure they are-

Tom interupts

Tom: Dead. Hey guys, just passed them, or what's left of them.

Leo: gets up Glad you made it bro

Christine sees Tom and runs to him, jumping in his arms crying

Christine: TOM!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Are you okay?!?!? checks Tom's body for any scratches

Tom: blushes haha, yeah, I'm alright. Leo, I tricked Ray into taking a swim in the ocean, it was funny as hell, he just sank straight to the bottom. laughs

Sterling: haha, you're as childish as always chuckles

Leo: Hahaahah, nice bro!!

Sterling goes Tom and whispers

Sterling: Looks like Christine is ALL over you bro... Hehe... nudges Tom

Tom: whispers Yeah i know, it's really strange, she never acted liked this since she joined my group.

Christine: H-Hey... Are you guys talking about me?

Sterling: U-Uh... No!! walks away from them

Tom: Umm, we should plan our final strike, again.

Leo: You're right... Hmm... We need everyone are they here? Hunter?

Mark: Excuse me, I'm sorry but I can't allow you to fight that thing.

Tom: It's alright, we got a plan, we can save everyone before the whole state's wiped off the map. Leo, I think the rest are still at the Conduit alliance base. Wait, I saw New Spire hospital reduced to rubble, wasn't Madelyn in there?

Leo: Luckily no.... I got everyone out with Sterling as you and Emma were fighting Ray. We managed to save everyone and evacuate them to a different district. I mean Ray is still in New Spire right? I think he's going back to Fort (where ever he's from)

Mark: That's the police's job, leave Ray alone, we'll handle hi- Tom traps Mark in a super-tough, sound-proof glass dome

Tom: I had enough of that guy.

Mark: Shouts but nobody can hear him, all we can see is him moving his mouth

Sterling: Haha, serves him right...

Christine: S-So, where should we lead Ray, Tom?

Tom: Well he's in the ocean currently, how about we wait for him there and when he comes out, we activate our karma bombs?

Leo: That's actually a good idea... I mean what if he comes out in human form?

Tom: Then he gets massacred.

Leo: But since he's smaller, its harder to target him!

Tom: Then we feed him that blast core we had, or was it a shard?

Leo: It was a blast core, but okay I see your point. Let's go when everyone is here and ready.

Tom gets a phone call from max

Max: Tell me the plan

Tom: Meet us at the harbor in exactly 10 minutes from now, be ready to use your karma bomb.

New Spire HarborEdit

Tom: Anyone see Ray? I hope he's still underwater.

Sterling: flies in Nope, he's still there.... Are you guys ready?

Emma: I'm ready.

Tom: I see him!

Ray emerges from the water, his eyes are glowing bright red with fury

Leo: Get ready...

Ray: You....


Tom runs out and explodes into millions of spinning shards covered in burning ice and darkness. The shards reflect blinding light rays and is covered in fog that induces pain. Burning sparks are boosting the speed of the shards and dust molecules are surrounding the shards. This move completely disintergrates Ray

Ray is in his human form and is slowly disintegrating

Ray: You have not... WON! disintergrates away

Emma returns to human form again, with the objects she created with her karma bombs slowly becoming fog

Emma: Wow, we did it!

Tom reforms

Tom: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! We did it! That felt... AWESOME!!!

Leo falls face first onto the ground with ice frost coming from his body and Sterling reforms in the air as he falls on his ass

Leo: Agh... fuck.... We did it? Holy shit... We did it... takes huge breaths of relief

Sterling: Holy shit.... Ouch... He's finally dead....

Tom: DID YOU FUCKING SEE ME?!? I was awesome! I was all spinning and covered in elements and shit!

Leo: Hm, sure

Sterling: Hahaha yes dude!! Did you see me? I was all dusty and disintegrating everything!!

Tom: Yeah but surrounding my awesomeness. I can't believe we got Ray! Conduitism is saved!

Leo: Fucking finally... laughs a little

Christine: Good work kid... punches Tom lightly in the arm and smiles

Tom: Haha, yeah thanks. Now to work on the grand plan Christy, meeting at the base to discuss that with the rest of the Alliance.

Christine: Hehe, k let's go, bye guys!!

Leo: Peace, I'm gonna visit Madelyn at my apartment.... That's where I put her to rest....

Sterling: Okay I'm gonna help rebuild this place. Bye guys, I'm gonna have help.

Tom: Wait Leo, come to the base after if you wanna hear it.

Leo: Hmmm, okay... Madelyn will just be safe anyway.... I'll come...

Tom: Let's go.

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