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This RP is about Hurst about and his grand plan of taking over the world. It involves OCs of TheSuperiorOne, Thecryingwolf3553, Ninetaledbeast, Pyrohunter16 and Vision0. It takes place after inFamous: World at War. If you would like to join, you must have a finished inFamous OC on deviantART with the template by Visionarydame and link it in the comments and we will decide to let you in or not.

At G.E.N.E BaseEdit

Five soldiers that are important to G.E.N.E are standing in Hurst's office looking at him

Hurst: I think you know why I called all you here today.

Soldier #1: Who do you want dead?

Hurst: It's not an assassination mission.

Soldier #4: Then what is it?

Hurst: It's time for operation: Takeover.

Soldier #3: Now?!?

Hurst: Yes now.

Soldier #5: Without Rhodes?

Hurst: Coder is a better replacement.

Soldier #1: You mean Harry? He's a fucking robot!

Hurst: pulls out pistol and shoots his leg If you want to do the grand plan yourself be my guest! We are doing this now. Get Coder prepared and patch him up.

Soldiers: Yes sir.

Some place in New Spire Edit

Hunter: I'm bored. Maybe I should test out the bike? Sure. Flash steps over to a warehouse then opens up one of them to reveal a 2015 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle with a black-and-red color scheme and custom modifications that make it more sleek and have better performance overall Time to take this baby out for a test run. Takes out a set of keys and starts up the bike then revs it up a bit Alright. Let's run it around the district. Revs it up a little bit more them peels out and starts to drive around the district while he forms a helmet resembling Snake Eyes' mask form G.I. Joe: Retaliation except in dark red with a slightly brighter red visor. Time to hit the town. Merges onto the main road and drives around the district while stopping to refill his gas tank every once in a while

Somewhere else Edit

A kid named Lance just finished school and is heading out to "walk" home.

Lance: Sigh *Fuck school...*

Trinity: Hey! Lance!

Lance: Turns around and slightly smiles at Trinity Hey Trin.

Trinity: Where are you going? You're not gonna walk home with me?

Lance: N-Nah... Gotta help my mom do something. Sorry... Puts on a fake sad face

Trinity: O-Oh... Okay... So, I'll see you tomorrow okay? Bye! Turns around and waves goodbye

Lance: Waves *Okay... Now... Where's that dude at...* Lance uses his lightning speed to get away from campus

At a little warehouse Lance arrives to a quick stop in front of the place and breaks the lock to find people waiting inside

Guy #1: Hey! There's the kid...

Lance: Shut up... Where is the core... You promised it... His monotonous facial expression never changes

Guy #2: Well we were hoping to make a trade... There's something in a place called G.E.N.E that helps make people way stronger. Hoping that you could get it for us. THEN it would be a deal.

Lance: That wasn't part of the deal. Give. Me. The cores.

Suddenly a conduit drops and punches Lance back to the entrance making him hit the door

Guy #1: Do that for us and maybe we'll have a deal.

Lance: Fine. What is it.

Guy #1: It looks like a pill and it seems to have an affect on conduits making them REALLY strong.

Tumblr na90m2A6md1tes8zmo7 250

Lance's lightning speed. View GIF.

Lance: A pill? Really. Are you guys retarded? That's too dangerous to mess with...


Lance: *I have no choice... I need those cores.* Fine. Whatever. I'll be back in a couple of minutes. He uses his lightning speed to instantly leave the place and is traveling at high speeds to G.E.N.E.

G.E.N.E Headquarters Edit

Lance arrives at a stop in front of the base on top of a building

Lance: *Okay. This is it.*

He uses his speed and jumps inside a window then coats his arms in black lightning and starts fighting scientists and guards there killing a lot of them and going around the labs to try to find the pills

Lance: *Shit... Where are they....*

Guard: Stand down kid. One move and you're gone.

Lance: He shoots 3 fingered lightning strike at them and the entrance explodes and uses his speed to look for the pills and finds a jar of them. *Perfect* He jumps out the window and uses his lightning aura to land on the ground safely. Guards run out the building but Lance already uses to his speed to run away with the jar.

As he is running on the main roads, he is running next to some older looking kid riding a motorcycle

Lance: *A 2015 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle... Nice...* The dude looks at him in surprise then Lance accelerates and runs off, turning onto an exit and eventually arrives at the warehouse

Lance: I got you your shits! Here!! Tosses the jar at them and the big conduit catches it

Guy #2: Good... Here's the cores He rolls over the cores to Lance and he takes them and runs out again with the cores to his house but to not absorb them, but to experiment on them.

At the Warehouse Edit

Hunter pulls up and parks his bike then starts working on a prototype weapon design resembling Raiden's High Frequency blade from MGR:R

Hunter: Alright, just need to sharpen it and see if the Conduit Precision System is working. Finishes sharpening then imbues it Fire and Light at the same time Holy shit! It works! Swings the blade around a couple of times I wonder if I can make guns with the CPS and have it transform into a different configuration that can still be used.. Starts to sketch out a revolver that can transform into an SMG resembling the one in the Robocop reboot and a modified form of the same blade he was testing out earlier

Hunter begins to make a pair of the aforementioned weapons in a red and black color scheme and tests them out in a mock-up shooting range in his warehouse

Hunter: Okay. Pulls out the revolver/SMG/katana combo weapons in revolver mode I'll name these Crimson Fury. Just out of respect for all that he's done for me. Aims the Crimson Fury revolvers at the targets then shoots a Light-Fire projectile shaped like a bullet and hit them dead on Perfect. Now for SMG mode. Presses a button on the weapons and changes then into SMG form Aaaand... fire. Sprays a load of weaker White Fire bullet projectiles That worked. Now for sword mode. Flicks the weapon which then transforms it into katana form Heaven-Piercer! Slashes at the targets followed by a wave of White Fire and light which rips apart the targets Nailed it. Good thing I wasn't using full strength or trying. That would've wrecked the wall and the next few warehouses. Okay. Crimson Fury, success. Next, sniper rifle with a longsword. Starts sketching out the plans for it.

At the Central DistrictEdit

Tom, Emma, John and Sterling are arguing about conduitism

Tom: Do you even know what the war was about?!?

(you can add your parts off the argument when you return)

Suddenly all the screens on the buildings change to a black and white live video of Hurst's face and all the civilians are watching, shocked

Hurst: People of New Spire, this is not a recorded message. You may or may not have noticed but over the past five years, important people have disappeared, killed. That is of my command, Roland Hurst, and I am here saying this to inform you that you are under control of a new government, my government. This is not an announcement for a new election but more of an announcement for a...takeover. You may notice now that my hard working guards are surrounding you currently, do not freak out, they are your new protectors. The army, police and government are now under control of G.E.N.E. G.E.N.E soldiers start surrounding the area

Tom: Oh shit. calls Leo, Hunter and Max

Tom: Uhh, guys, you might want to come here like, now. hangs up and looks around in confusion

Hunter drives on his bike with his new coat and then takes his helmet off

Hunter: What the fuck is going on Tom? Walks up to Tom and hands him a handgun with a sci-fi style/design to it in black Take this. I just made it. It's a gun that you can use to concentrate your powers through. I have my own set with me under my coat, and a couple spares of this kind at a warehouse. It's a project I've been working on for a while now. I call it... Cocks the gun and pulls the slide back The Conduit Precision System. CPS for short.

Tom: Ok, never fired a gun before but okay. The screen showed some guy named Roland Hurst who owns that huge base, G.E.N.E, he says he's taking over.

Hurst: in a "old T.V static voice" Correct Mr Green. Mr Huynh, do not supply the civilians with home made weapons unless they have been mass produced to G.E.N.E first. Now I'll ask you to drop your weapons, including the sword, and kick them over to my guard. If you refuse, that would be an act of treason.

Hunter: Starts laughing like he's insane Oh, that's rich. Says the guy who made me suffer while giving me new powers. Starts laughing again then forms his Flame mask I don't have a sword right now, the guns use a system I developed for a school project, and they won't work because of a system lock. There's no real way for you to produce them unless I make them myself with the correct parts and system. And I only I can have master control otherwise they'll never work. Also, I'm not going to use them anyway. I can give you a sample of the CPS weapons I have developed, but it's gonna cost you. Let me guess what you're using to hack the screens. It's an experimental cyborg under your command, right? My friend Shane is working on Cyborg-like augmentations for his school project. My other friend Cameron is working on computer science and should be able to program things. I'm working on the exoskeletal means to make them real. If we were to combine our studies, we should be able to make a functioning robot-conduit mock-up. With a basic power supply. Just think, three 18-year-old geniuses making a robot conduit that can operate in an urban environment. We're just that good. And no, we won't work for you.

Sterling: Another Ray... Wow... Let's just blow up their base. They'll be nothing after that.

Leo walks up to them and places hand on Tom and Hunter's shoulder

Leo: Guys, I have an announcement. We're FUCKED. He busts out laughing and eventually stops Hhahaha, ooookay! Now let's go kill this guy! He's no more a threat than Ray.

Hurst: Hunter, you are wrong. That cyborg isn't hacking this system, he's currently watching you from five miles away. Sterling, you enter five inches into my base and you will have you brains splattered from the same bullet that went through Leonardo's brain who was three inches in front of you.

Tom: This guys human, we are conduits, anyone of us will solo him.

Hurst: Hunter, mass produce those weapons or Hailey and many other innocents will suffer right now. five random civilians are sniped by G.E.N.E agents their death is on your hands, Mr Huynh.

Leo: His head heals and he stands up and looks back at the sniper and creates a wide shield and he says in furious voice Let's KILL THEM. Leo creates lots of ice around them and then a Leo jumps out and flies in random directions and he notices a bullet about to hit him and Sterling tackles him, saving him from the bullet.

Sterling: Let's do this together! Sterling throws him out in the open and as Leo is shooting icy-flames everywhere at the snipers.

Hurst: Haha, a little action.

Tom: ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING CRAZY?!? There are agents surrounding us!!!

Hurst: Kill that whole group near the Burger King. the soldiers surrounding them gun down the innocent men, women and children standing there

Hunter: Takes his mask off then crushes it I can mass produce anything without proper funding. It costs $12,000 for just the pistol. Imagine the amount for a sniper rifle, or rocket launcher! Fuck you Hurst. Bankai. Activates Bankai, leaving Hunter in a red, almost black, bandage-like carapace that covers his upper body and stops below the eyes, a dark red and white version of Ichigo's third Bankai coat, and dark red martial artist's pants with fire wafting off of his wrists and shoulders I can't make shit without funding. And you can't raise taxes to find me. The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few. Let some die. I'll stop you soon enough. Kills the soldiers that attacked the people near the Burger King and heals the ones that were barely wounded White fire can heal too, bitch. Wait. Suddenly becomes the Ghost Rider with White fire instead Nah, never mind. Goes back to Bankai Leo! Catch! Throws an over-clocked Incendiary Light Charge at Leo's face Tom, let's do the magnifying glass thing. Gets ready

Hurst: sighs You really think money is a problem for me? Each and every one of my guards has a mansion. And you just killed guards who are not even allowed to fight back. You could do time in prison for that. You killed people I like, so I'll kill people you like. says to someone off screen bring her here, give me you gun. Hailey's face appears with Hurst grabbing her hair and holding a pistol to her head Hunter, there are two choices for you to make. Choice one; you give up and you go home with your lovely woman or, choice two; I kill Hailey and you and your friends die.

he pulls her hair and she screams and cries for help

Hunter: My bad. Deactivates Bankai then gets on his bike Next time you so much as threaten at her, all hell will break loose and I swear, I will condemn you to the depths of Hell, where you will rot for all eternity. Starts up his bike then forms his helm and revs his bike up then pushes his visor up You want mass production CPS weapons? Meet me at this warehouse and we'll talk. And bring Hailey with you. I want to have her back ASAP, understand?

Hurst: Fine. But if you even breath in a way I don't like, Hailey dies.

Tom: Hunter...

the screens go back to advertising and the soldiers walk away patrolling the city

Tom: You're not actually going to go, right?

Sterling: Let him go... Wouldn't you do the same for Emma?

Leo: J-Just be careful bro...

Tom: Yeah but, what if it's a trap?

Sterling: Maybe we should back him up... He never said anything about a 1 on 1. Let's follow him, ninja style.

Hunter: Guys, you don't need to go. This is my problem. And Sterl, don't. He might kill all of us. And take these. Throws Leo and Sterl the same handguns that Hunter gave Tom earlier They're conduits for your powers. A focusing device if you will. They will shoot out your powers in a bullet-shaped projectile. If you do follow me, stay behind and don't let Hurst see any of you. The warehouse I'm meeting Hurst at is the same warehouse you should meet me after this is over. We can use it as a base. Pushes his visor back down I'll be back.

Tom: Okay, we won't get spotted.

At the WarehouseEdit

Hunter walks in wearing the same outfit as Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe: Retaliation in dark red and red with Hurst sitting down and Harry next to him on his left and a few guards on Hurst's right. Harry is holding the arm of a girl with a bag over her head with a gun to her head

Hurst: And the conduit actually arrived. Hear that Hailey? Hunter actually cares. she muffles screams

Hunter holds up Crimson Fury in SMG mode to show Hurst then rests his hands

Hurst: You will mass produce weapons for G.E.N.E or show our weapons designers how you made them or she dies.

Hunter: His helmet fades until just the mouth cover part remains and he holsters his guns I can't mass produce without the money to buy this hit with, and your weapon designers can't make it because it involves a program my friend made for this system. I'll have to hand-make them myself. I have some pre-made assault rifles, pistols and spare coolant cartridges. There's about 20 of each gun, and 80 spare coolant cartridges overall. I'll need to make the rest myself, but each weapon will only make using your conduit powers more precise and accurate. That's why I named it the Conduit Precision System. I don't see any of your soldiers using conduit powers, and the ones that do aren't even capable of manipulating a specific form of matter. The CPS helps to focus the matter weaponization, it doesn't do anything else. If you want me to make the weapons be able to switch into a melee weapon, that'll cost extra. Walks up to a weapons rack holding M4 assault rifle with a Red Dot sight, and tactical fore-grip, then takes one off the rack and tosses it to Hurst I have the pistols over there. Points to another rack that is holding the same pistols Hunter gave Tom, Leo, and Sterl earlier, only they're completely black with silver details You need to pay $100K for all these weapons, 'cause that's how much it cost to make all of them, meals and drinks aside. It'll cost $25K for a shipment of 50 pistols, $50K for a shipment of assault rifles, and another $25K for a shipment of 100 spare coolant cartridges for the weapons. All weapons will be preloaded with a respective coolant cartridge. I have master control over all weapons, so I can shut them down if innocent blood is spilled. If something isn't working, come back here so I can repair the weapons. Walks over to an unfinished prototype of a sniper rifle that transforms into a longsword Those are my terms, accept them, or I will make your life a living hell.

Hurst: Haha, this kid. I have many soldiers with elemental powers, I just don't use them much. I am a billionaire, money is not a problem for me. There definitely will be innocent blood spilled if these weapons don't perform well. You can't make my life a living hell if you tried because I have two things: your girlfriend Hailey and a cyborg here who can easily snap you in half in his sleep. I will pay you one million if you supply me with enough for a backup group of thirty conduits. Do you agree?

Hunter: If you hand her over now, I will agree. Walks over to a sword sheathe that has an ammo clip installed, and resembles Raiden's sword sheathe from MGR:R then picks it up Leaves fall from trees, snow, drifting on to the ground. Presses a button that turns the sheathe into s longsword Life, leaving your corpse. Hand Hailey over, now. His armor starts turning into a black-red bandage carapace with a black coat covering his legs, and his Bankai coat appears while fire starts wafting off his forearms and shoulders And, yes, I can make your life a living hell. It's called... Saigo no Getsuga Tensho. The armor starts morphing further into his Final Heaven-Piercer outfit Hand. Hailey. Over. Now.

Hurst: I can also make your life a living hell in two words. Kill. And a name beginning with H. Any move you try will result in yours and Hailey's death. Come an inch further and Harry will be sent into kill mode where he kills all I hate with no remorse.

Hunter: Just hand Hailey over. After I make sure she's safe, I will take your deal. No more, no less. The Final Heaven-Piercer starts fading back into the Snake Eyes armor Now. And about your cyborg, I'll make sure I don't touch your commander. I don't wanna dirty his suit with my White Fire. Pulls out his left Crimson Fury and sets in SMG mode I'll rename these Burning Fury.

Hurst: Give her.

Harry pushes her to Hunter

Hunter: Grabs Hailey then looks at Hurst Thank you for your cooperation. I made enough for a standard load-out of an assault rifle and a pistol. There's 30 of them in that back container over there. Points to a grey shipping container that has the words "STANDARD LOAD-OUT X 30" painted on in red paint There's enough coolant cartridges for a week-long battle. Come back to me for more coolant. Pay me another million and i can get you a month's-worth of coolant cartridges. Pay me two million and I'll give you a coolant chamber for you to refill the cartridges with. Call me to refill the chamber for another two million. That shit ain't cheap.

Hurst: Thank you Hunter. begins to walk out the back

Hurst: Harry, kill the intruders.

Harry: Yes sir. Harry holds his arm out and shoots a small missile at a few boxes which explodes and launches forward Leo, Tom and Sterling

Tom: gets up Ow, fucking hell.

Harry: G.E.N.E agents, leave and take the weapon crate to the base! I'll deal with these three!

Sterling points a finger gun at the agents and shoots little dust bullets in their kneecaps before they can even grab the weapon crate.

Sterling: Tom! Let's combine our powers!!!

Hunter: Takes the bag off Hailey's face then hands her a set of keys Take these, get on that bike over there, and get out of here. Points to a regular black 2015 Kawasaki Ninja Go, I'll try to get back ASAP

Hailey: Thanks. Takes the keys, gets on the bike, and drives out back to their apartment

Hunter: Good. Takes out the other Burning Fury and flash steps in front of Tom, Leo, and Sterling Let's make sure they don't kill us. Aims his guns at a couple of guards but doesn't fire I'll give you the guns, just leave me and my friends alone. Reforms the helmet he was wearing

Harry: We had a deal! Don't shoot us! That's our weapons! he shoots many bullets at Sterling's face messing it up badly

Tom: The last time I checked, glass and dust don't combine!

Hunter: Shoots the bullets out of the air then deforms his helmet to just the mouth cover Then take the weapons. Guys, let them take the crate. Don't question it. Just let them leave with it.

Harry: on phone Permission to kill sir?

Hurst: No! Keep Hunter alive!

Harry: Damn. Lucky pricks. throws a small grenade which causes a red blast which makes Hunter, Tom, Leo and Sterling fall and get hurt, he then disappears

Hunter: Gets back up coughing with his full helmet on Hm. Looks around then takes the helmet off They're gone. Good. Pulls out his phone Looks like they're far enough. Taps a few buttons on the screen

Tom: gets up and coughs And that ladies and gentlemen is anti-ray-field-radiation, feels like getting kicked in the balls then quickly loosing the pain...

Leo: Shiit... Dude... Before you got here, you should've set a bomb in all the weapons and when they got the base, boom. Imitates explosion with his hands

Sterling: Agh.... That shit hurts...

Hunter: The weapons I gave them are capable of working, they just won't. I've set them all to self-destruct once they reach the G.E.N.E base. My helmet was a gas mask too, I was coughing 'cause the filtered air smelled like shit. It was fucking disgusting. puts phone and Burning Fury away then picks up a sheathe resembling the one used in MGR:R This, is Scorching Crescent. I make some weird names for my weapons, huh? Anyways. Puts the sheathe on his back which then stays in position and glows red in the bar section It transforms into either a bad-ass sniper rifle, or a bad-ass longsword. Either way, it's bad-ass.

Tom: waves gun around I didn't even get a chance to use thi- accidentally shoots shard through gun at Leo's eye SHIT!!! SORRY!!!!

Hunter: Ooh. Takes Tom's gun I'll install a safety switch for you. Goes over to a work bench and modifies the gun so it has a safety Here you go. The sliver sliding switch is the safety. Switch it up to turn it off, flip it back down to turn the safety back on. Also, be careful with this Hands Tom his gun Really. You don't want to accidentally shoot Emma in the face with this by accident do you? She's gonna FLIP if you did that, dude.

Tom: Thanks, she will put me in a never ending nightmare if that happened.

Hunter: Leo, you alright dude?

Emma re-materializes out of fog and returns to normal

Emma: Does any one of you know what happened after the whole "testing my limits" thing? People were trying to shoot me and some were worshiping me as if I was the devil.

Leo: SHIIIIIT!!!!! FUUUUCK!!!! TOM!!! He tries to shoot icy-flames at Tom but his perception is off because of one eye being shot and icy-flames starts freezing everywhere.

Emma: What's wrong?

Leo: Tom shot my fucking eye with one of the bullets!!!! Uses icy-flames as a propeller to tackle Tom and poke his eye really hard with one of his fingers

Emma: I leave you for some time and you already try to kill each other?!

Max: I came as soon as I could but those soldiers kept shooting me. What are those guns and why is Leo's eye bleeding ?

Emma: Can someone tell me what happened after I tested my limits?!

Sterling: Emma... We don't know what you're talking about...

Leo: Agh... Yea... What the hell ARE you talking about...

Emma: Stop lying. I know you are aware of what happened. I know something happened. What was it?

Sterling: You can search my memory because I don't remember what you're talking about. Sorry. Leans head towards Emma

Emma reads his mind and than gasps

Emma: Oh my god. I--I--I--did that?

Max:actually yes

Hunter: Leo, calm down. It was an accident. Besides, I installed a safety for Tom. Let's just do this. Grabs the shard and yanks it out. Okay, And then we'll do this. Projects White Fire in his hand and heals Leo's eye completely like nothing happened There ya go, buddy. Also, Takes out Burning Fury and shoots all the frozen flames and absorbs them Don't ruin my warehouse.

Emma: I need to find a way to control this other me!

Hunter: Sit down and meditate. That's how I subjugated Flame.

Tom: Did you send explosives to G.E.N.E?!?

Emma: Hunter, my other personality is a fucking overpowered beast which is able to fully control my mind. I don't think meditating will work.

Max: Then fight it!

Emma: It's like a tumor, moron. No doctor in this world would tell you " go fight a tumor.".

Max: Then ask the expert points at Hunter

Emma: I answered to his advice a couple minutes ago. He doesn't have what I have.

Tom: Then let it control you! Become this beast!

Emma: There's a safe chance that if I do that, I'll kill you all in a few seconds.

Tom: Then go see someone about it!

the cyborg walks in through the wall and grabs Hunter's throat and stabs him multiple times with his arm blade

Emma: Tom, there's no one else in the world with this thing! Emma creates a dream construct of the cyborg to attack the real one

the cyborg shoots a shoulder laser at the construct and destroys it then walks to Emma and cuts her cheek with his blade, Tom tries to attack but is easily kicked a few meters away

Harry: Hunter, you betrayed us. Your weapons killed innocent scientists.

Emma: Who the hell is this guy?! Regenerates

Harry: Harry Coder, second in command of G.E.N.E, Hurst's bodyguard. a red flash shines at Emma and he scans her Emma Thompson, dream conduit. Not a target, not a threat.

Emma: Well, that's first. And Hurst is?

Leo: This guy who wants to take over the world. Obviously not gonna happen, but hey, people can dream right? Says in joking and light tone

Harry: He will, Leonardo Simon. Why don't I check on Madelyn? I'll wipe out the Vanquishers while I'm at it. flies off at high speeds

Leo: Oh, well. Let him go to the base. Makes an ice chair and sits and waits for Harry to come back

Tom: Leo, don't you even care? Hurst may not be dangerous but Harry is!

Hunter Struggles to stay alive Hold on. A random flame appears and Hunter absorbs it That should do. We need to make sure Harry doesn't kill anyone. Emma, summon your beast as a construct. I'll summon Flame as a Fire construct. I have an idea.

Max: I'll follow him. Hunter, can you give me one of those guns?

Emma: Hunter, I can't summon that thing. Only way is if I let it out and try to harness it.

Max: And that's a very bad idea

Emma: Though it is damn strong.

Max: And that's why it's a bad idea simple

Tom: Max, don't be a dumb ass, if you follow him, you die. Did you see what he just did to Hunter?

Hunter: In that case... Goes to get Max a CPS weapon Which want do you want? I have pistols, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and a rocket launcher-esque weapon that fires your heavy attack. Presses a button that installs safeties into each gun Also Emma, Flame is the same, just with a different power-set. He wants to control my body, but I held him back after defeating him in combat several times. Emma, what I'm trying to do is to subjugate your inner beast and have it help you by boosting your powers in a neat and clean construct, like the Flame mask. I chose it 'cause I watch a lot of anime, and Bleach inspired me to do a Hollow mask sort of thing. Haven't used Full-bring lately though. Wonder if it evolved?

Emma: So to try what I thought of? There's a pretty good chance I'll try and murder all of you

Max: Give me a pistol and I won't just go get myself killed, I'll follow him in stealth and I will call you guys when I need help.

Sterling: Ha... You guys are some weird ones Says in joking tone but then goes to serious tone We need to ambush him... Somehow...

Tom: What about the weird assassin girl?

Emma: I can ambush him. Though trying to use my "beast" would result in a much more aggressive way.

Tom: Then go alone, we will watch from a fairly save distance.

Emma: Ok. Go where? Direct me, run away and let me unleash.

Tom: G.E.N.E.

Emma: Show me the way.

Outside G.E.N.EEdit

Tom: There it is.

Emma: Tom, run. Run as far as you can if you'd like to survive. Trust me.

Tom: Don't kill yourself Em.hugs her then runs away

Emma blushes and then takes a deep breath before unleashing her powers

Emma: Focus....Control...

Emma creates tornadoes and many dream constructs to attack G.E.N.E. and distract them(While causing a lot of damage) and then becomes fog and enters to where the Cyborg/Harry are now. She sneaks behind him and then begins to brutally attack him, while summoning as many dream constructs she could to attack him as well, summoning more tornadoes, axes, and what not, while seriously injuring him.

Harry: Your chances of success are very low. he shoots his wrist gun at the constructs and destroys them all

Emma: I love to take chances! Continues to attack Harry, injuring him even more

Emma: So...You're a conduit?

Harry: blocks attack but his left arm stops working No, but I can easily murder them.

Emma: Shocking! I can easily murder too! keeps attacking him

Harry: I'll show you shocking! he charges his fist to 20,000 volts and punches her stomach then extends his blade out and stabs her

Emma regenerates

Emma: By the way, I'm like some kind of a phantom. So stabbing me...Rips his blade out Isn't a smart thing to do!

Harry: There was only one person who could do that... holes in arms and legs and his eye glows really bright then his shoulder laser emerges and glows and charges up And he ended up with a hole in his chest!

Tom pushes Emma out the way and forms a shield as the laser hit but the laser ripped right through and through his chest and the steel wall behind him

Tom: F-fuck falls to the ground

Harry: What a waste of my laser...

Emma: Tom! Why did you do that you idiot?! I could take that!

Tom: E-E-Emma, I heard there are pills here that boosts conduit powers, get it so I can heal and you can kill this piece of junk.

Emma: where are they?

Tom: In that bottle points at bottle in the corner

Harry: I can hear you. holds his arm towards the bottle and shoots three lasers at it and shatters it

Hunter: Appears in his Bankai holding all the pills in a jar of hard light Close call, huh? Pulls out his left Burning Fury then aims it a Harry I maximized the output on these. One shot should not only burn your armor, but also scratch it. It's Fire and Light combined, whatcha gonna do about it? Tosses the Jar to Emma Leave one for me. I wanna see if it lives up to it's purpose.

Tom takes a pill and his healing factor increases to heal him before death

Tom: Thanks Hunter.

Harry: I am superior to you! he runs at Hunter so fast that it looks like he teleported and he stabs right through his hip with his blade then kicks him away into the wall

A random beam of light mixed with fire hits Harry in the head then Hunter appears from the shadows in his Snake Eyes armor with the helmet only covering his mouth and a sniper rifle resembling Crescent Rose from RWBY

(It's pronounced "ruby". Look it up. It's on YouTube.)

Hunter: Hard light body double. Works every time. Hey, can I have one? Puts his sniper rifle on his back which transforms back into the sheathe Really, give me one.

Tom throws one but without looking, Harry reacts and grabs it mid air and crushes it

Harry: Do you really need that? HURST! Was the fusion really successful?!? Looks pretty rubbish to me!

Hunter: Oh it was. I just haven't tapped into my full power. I would use it, but I don't wanna waste It. So here's this. Heaven-Piercer! Slashes at Harry followed by a powerful crescent-shaped wave of White Fire, enough to destroy Harry's shields or weaken his defenses a bit But wait, there's more! Fires off more Heaven-Piercers to actually make some dents on Harry then Flash-steps next to Tom and ingests a Pill that gives him even better senses and an even faster reaction time, only 20 seconds off of Harry's

Harry's left eye shuts off and he rips it out and crushes it while blood and a blue liquid pour out

Harry: You-you can't win. using his only, left arm, he puts his wrist laser on max speed and power and shoots it at Hunter

Hunter: Cross-Piercer! Slashes at Harry with both blades making a Cross-shaped version of Heaven-Piercer which has double the power of a regular one You won't get me that easily! Fires off more Cross-Piercers at Harry then dodges the laser and fires off some more behind Harry

Harry just tanks them and sends off an EMP and then an anti-ray-field-radiation blast to subdue Hunter then walks up to him and puts his foot on his chest

Harry: That's it, you can't move now.

Tom comes from behind and a big obsidian blade stabs through Harry

Tom: That pill feels awesome!


The blade is pulled back out and reforms into an arm, Harry falls to the floor and electricity runs around his body then he closes his eye and his arms and legs switch off and he stops moving

Hunter: That means explosions are gonna happen. Get ready to run everyone! Tensa... ZANGETSU!!!! Summons a white fire construct resembling Tensa Zangetsu from Bleach after being fused to Ichigo's Full-bring, except with a red blade, white handle, and black guard Start running we need to get out of here! Wait. The blade starts forming Ichigo's Full-bring enhanced Bankai and Hunter's Flame mask Ah! This... isn't normal. I... can't control... this! Starts forming random constructs resembling all of Ichigo's forms, his Bankai, Full-bring, and Saigo No Getsuga Tensho without the smoky stuff Help! The pill... it's making my power go out of... control! Tom! Cut apart the sword! Do it! Everything should stop then! Hurry!!! Then run for your lives!!! If Harry really is going to explode, it's probably going to be an anti-RFR explosion that would knock out our powers! DO IT!!!

Emma: RFR?

Max: Ray field radiation. Now hurry up

Emma: Hurry up and do what?!

Tom: This! Tom forms his blade and cuts Hunter's swords apart

Max: Get out if you have forgotten the robot will BLOW UP

Emma becomes fog and carries her, Max, Tom and Hunter out of G.E.N.E. before collapsing on the ground, struggling in her mind between her two personas.

Max: Goes on top of a building just in case

The cyborg creates a huge explosion which destroys G.E.N.E and a few surrounding buildings and pushes the conduits far back

John rematerialized out of fog

John: What the fuck happened here, dudes?

Tom: gets up Evil cyborg exploded.

John: Yeah, right. Now for realsies, Tom-Bro?

Hunter: He's... right. Gets up while the constructed armors and blades break and fade away while his regular swords appear in his hands Some evil cyborg exploded and destroyed the buildings.

a klazon screeching sound is heard and a loud speaker is heard

Hurst: You shouldn't have done that. Really you shouldn't of. You destroyed the only visible G.E.N.E base in New Spire. I guess you killed Harry. You killed my last blood relative. I thought you only kill humans who oppose conduits. I was fascinated by conduits, but now, they're all dead to me. a feedback sound is heard and Hurst stops talking

Tom: What? I thought we killed him!

Hunter: Is that really how it's gonna be? I'm gonna need to use it, huh? Alright then. Parts of Hunter Final Heaven-Piercer and Titan began to randomly appear and shift in and out of their forms at a rapid pace Divine Warrior, prepare for combat.

John: Hunter, you're OP, dude.

Hunter: it's a construct. Probably my most powerful one. Hurst spliced a fire conduit gene into mine. This is what happens.

John uses fog(He touched Emma before) to get to Hunter, touches him and get his powers

John: Tom, what to do with Emma?

Hunter: Dude guy, when did you learn my name? Also, what is your name? His right arm forms a bandage carapace then covered by mechanical armor that resembles Aquarion EVOL The Divine Warrior is starting to form. Let's find Hurst and kill him. Metallic armor resembling a knight starts to form on Hunter's legs We gotta go, now. I don't wanna waste this. C'mon!

(Good mecha anime. Look it up.)

John: I'm John, dude. I read your mind before, when I used Emma's powers. Yeah, I sorta absorb powers.

Hunter: We gotta go. We gotta go. Now! We need to find Hurst! Starts walking away from everyone while he forms a motorcycle construct that looks like the Ghost Rider's bike in Spirit of Vengeance in possessed form then gets on and starts to drive away while having a random spaz on his bike while it starts driving itself around really fast trying to find where Hurst is

G.E.N.E agent: You won't find him.

Hunter: I'll beat it out of you then! Walks up to the agent and starts torturing the info out of him Tell me NOW! WHERE IS HE?!?!?!?!

Agent: I DON'T KNOW! None of us do!! Please! I have a family!

Hunter: BULLSHIT!!! Holds the agent up to a wall and pins him in place with light beams

Agent: PLEASE! My daughter just turned two!! Don't kill me!!!

Hunter: Fine then. Unpins the agent and subdues him in a hard light cocoon I'll spare you, only so you can see your family. If this happens again, I will break all your bones and leave you in the hospital. Your boss will fund your hospital bills.

Agent: You can't leave me here! If Hurst finds me he'll think I told you something and kill me!

Hunter: I don't know where you live. I can't do anything about it.

Agent: Just release me!

Hunter: Not worth the risk. Walks away then unbinds the agent Mention this conversation to anyone, and you will die. Continues walking away then gets on his bike construct and continues to looking for Hurst

In an Underground G.E.N.E Base in MexicoEdit

Hurst is observing the work of some scientists

Scientist: Director Hurst! We just received a huge amount of data!

Hurst: What is it?

Scientist: It's labelled Coder.

Hurst: Find out what it is.

Scientist: Oh my god, it's Harry Coder's brain data and every information he's received!

Hurst: What? He's dead.

Scientist: He sent his data to us!

Hurst: Perfect. Start making a new Android body and insert his brain into there, make him a new one.

Scientist: Yes sir.

Hurst: Add more weapons, make him adapt to all the conduits he's fought. I want him invincible.

Scientist: It'll take a couple months.

Hurst: Well then hurry up.

A couple months laterEdit

The conduits are in Hunter's warehouse looking at weapons when Tom walks in smiling

Tom: Hey guys, guess what.

Hunter: You tied the knot with Emma? Got engaged? Getting married soon? Continues modifying his Burning Fury by enhancing the output to a more powerful level, minimized the coolant usage to 10 in revolver, 50 in SMG, and enhancing his CPS compatibility Speaking of surprises, I've managed to gain mostly full access to my new power. I've named it... Genesys, with a y. By the way, I'm almost 20. In a couple of weeks, it'll be official. So... Turns around to everyone browsing the weapons How's the weapon selection over there, everyone?

Tom: What? No. It's my birthday today! I'm 23!

Hunter: Oh, oops. Sorry about that. Pulls up his scarf Happy Birthday then. What do you want me to make you? I'll take a request from you as a birthday present. I can make it transforming too, on the house. Holds up his weapons sketchbook and a mechanical pencil

Tom: Oh thanks. Hmmm. Can you make me a shotgun to shoot out the shatter blast so I won't have to clap everytime I use it?

Hunter: No transforming into a melee weapon? You sure?

Tom: Yeah, got my own. forms obsidian blade then it turns back to normal

Hunter: How about... gauntlets that have the CPS functions? You still don't need to clap, just focus your powers through the gauntlets and they'll fire off anyone of your powers. Plus... they'll form your obsidian blade too. How about that?

Tom: Hell yeah!

Hunter: I'll get started then. Turns back around then starts drawing out the plans for Tom's CPS gauntlets then tests out the designs by forming them as hard light constructs on Tom's hands Okay Tom, stay still. Takes some metallic alloys then melts them down while Hunter pours them into the hard light molds he made and continues forging them while continually test matching them on Tom and then finally finishes them So, what color do you want them in?

Tom: Green. Dark green.

Hunter: Alright then. Paints the gauntlets in a dark green with some black in it Here ya go. The paint dries quickly. What do you wanna name them? I usually name my custom-made weapons. The Mass Production weapons don't have a customized name.

Tom: Death Shard. Awesome. Thanks Hunter, you're the best.

Hunter: No problem dude. Hands Death Shard over to Tom and jots the name down in his sketchbook

Tom: takes Death Shard and wears it then shoots a shatter blast at the targets HOLY FUCK! AWESOME!!!

Max: Goes in Hi haven't seen you since last time. By the way, thanks for the pistol.

Hunter: Hey Max, no problem. You want an upgrade? I'll make you a custom weapon.

Max: Sure, do you have anything in mind?

Hunter: How about... a shotgun, that transforms into a sword? I'll name it: Shadow Strike. That'll be among other things. I'm still working on my other college projects, and then I've been maintaining my bike and my car. I could finish in a couple of days.

Max: I think a rifle would work better. And can you make the sword in a way I can turn into a darkness sword?

Hunter: Assault or Sniper? The sword, that won't be a problem. I'll make a focusing blade which you can use to form your shadow blade.

Max: Assault please.

Hunter: Assault rifle with transforming shadow blade, coming right up. Sketches out the plans for the gun, then makes a hard light mold to create the weapon Okay, now to add the CPS components. Adds in custom-made components that will allow for the CPS to work and then the mechanisms to make the weapon transform The gun part will be able to fire in sword mode, it'll spit the projectiles out from the blade. After all... Attaches the remainder of the parts together and finishes the weapon The bullets and blade will be formed from your powers. Adds the finishing touches then hands it over to Max All done. This is your new weapon, Shadow Strike. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to do some work on my car. Gets up and walks over to his car then brings up an unfinished replica with several different modifications Don't ask why I'm making another one. Just don't. Goes to the unfinished one and starts back up on finishing it

A G.E.N.E agent walks in and looks to be in his twenties

Agent: Sup' bitches.

Leo is sitting in an inclined chair while his feet are up and he's on his phone texting people.

Leo: Still looking at his phone Sup bro...

Hunter: Who the fuck are you? Rolls out from the bottom of the other car and then grabs some other tools, put them down, then gets a Vanilla Cream soda from the fridge Want one Leo?

Leo: Hm... what flavor is it Says in blatant voice

Hunter: Well.. I've got lemon-lime, vanilla cream, regular cream, root beer, some iced tea, and sparkling water.

Leo: Oh shit, pass the lemon-lime bro...

The agent quickly pulls out a silenced pistol and shoots the can mid-air then shoots 7 bullets in Leo's stomach then two in Hunter's right shin then three in Emma and Tom (the bullets are anti-ray-field-radiation which stop conduits from healing and feels like a normal bullet to a human

Agent: That was a special bullet used to easily subdue conduits. It feels like a normal bullet and stops you from healing.

shoots Max's shoulder

Hunter: Fuckin knew it. Crawls towards his workbench and grabs Burning Fury then shoots the agent with a subdue beam

the agent rolls out the way and shoots both Hunter's arms

Agent: Don't do that please. One more shot and you're dead.

Tom: Who the fuck are you?!?


Hunter: In between breaths Who... are... you? ANSWER US!!!! You know what... fuck it. Titanfall. His torso begins forming his Titan Body armor, which then proceeds to warp around Hunter's arms and legs and prevent the agent from shooting or hurting Hunter by Hunter still can't move

Hurst: from outside and heard from a speaker Agent 354, let Coder mark II handle this from now.

Agent: Yes sir! he runs outside and a completely metal version of Harry jumps through the wall above the exit and lands creating a crack. It looks just like the old Harry but his skin are now metal and silver, he is an android

Harry: in a deep robot voice Conduits, prepare for extinction.


Leo's Ice Knight Form with the lance

Leo is on the floor spitting out blood and then uses the force of his flames get the bullets of his body and uses ice the seal the holes in his organs and skin

Leo: Good idea Hunter... Suddenly an glacier forms around Leo unable to be penetrated then he breaks out in his Icy-Knight form. Steam like substance is coming out of the opaque blue ice. The steam resembles the substance that comes from dry-ice.

Harry: Thrusters, 30% His back opens slightly two holes and fire blasts out and of his feet and boosts him fowards towards Leo and punches his chest and the ice cracks and slightly falls apart Theat level: low.

Tom: Fuck this. drains the windows and forms his knight form then his blade YA WANNA PIECE OF THIS!!!

Harry: Threat level: Very low.

Tom: What?!? Fuck you!!!

The ice reforms on the armor

Leo: Heh, so you're alive... But not much change huh. He uses the ice-knight's enhanced speed to freeze the whole warehouse making him blend in and then Leo comes from the ceiling and touches Harry's shoulders with one finger and jumps back. Heh, I guess you got a cold shoulder huh? Suddenly ice spikes come out of Harry's left arm damaging the internal parts of his left arm. Leo then reinforces the armor and prepares his new trick just in case.

Harry: You can't hide from me. he instantly spots Leo and kicks him so hard he shatters the his eyes shoot lasers at him that melt his ice despite being hot I have adapted to all your attacks. he breaks the spikes by just moving his arm and reveals no damage to him My chances at defeat are a estimated 0.758757757787532% chance.

Tom sneaks from behind and slashes his blade but Harry turns around and slices his blade with his arm blade the grabs Tom and tosses him like a ball of paper the jumps to him and snaps his body in half like a breadstick


Harry: Everything your phone sees, I see. I am currently connected to a space laser made of anti-ray-field-radiation and it could blow this place up if I want it to killing you all and leaving me. If you want to live, walk outside and drop to your knees with your hands up.

Leo: Hmph, you shouldn't underestimate us... Leo quickly dashes towards Harry in a straight line tackling him and squeezing him hard making ice impale his body slowly You'd have to kill me to get me off...

Harry easily kicks Leo away and got no damage from the spikes

Harry: Last chance, get outside NOW.

Hunter: Crimson Fury. Forms his the remainder of his Titan form, then forms his Bankai coat, and Flame mask with two horns resembling the one on Ichigo's Vasto Lorde's form Alright Harry. Prepare to get wrecked again. Charges at Harry with his Ryoshi blade and impales him from behind but with no affect Go to hell! Grabs Harry's head

Harry: That's it. kicks him out the warehouse then flies at him and uses alot of power in a punch to knock Hunter out quickly

Hunter: Where's Kenneth... when you need him? Blacks out while the Crimson Fury armor disappears

Leo flies out the warehouse to attack Harry and punches his metal armor repeatedly while jumping back and forth at him

Harry shoots a blue wrist laser at Leo and subdues him

Harry: Hurst will have a lot of "experiments" to do to you.

Hurst walks in wearing a juggernaut suit that protects him

Hurst: Take him away. kicks Leo's face which blurs his vision and all he sees are two men grabbing him and throw him in the back of an APC then the doors close and Leo falls asleep

In a dark room under the oceanEdit

Leo awakes with a broken nose and tied to a chair powerless and everything is dark exept him, a light is shining on him from above

Leo: Ahhh shit... Felt like I just smoked 20 blunts hehe.... Where am I.... Looks around then notices he trapped. Ha, wow! Well... Guess there's nothing else to do but to just wait and hibernate Sighs deeply

Hurst: a window at the top of a wall opens and reveals Hurst and Harry Hello Leonardo. Welcome to the Atlantic ocean.

Leo: Ugh, huh? Looks up and blinks a few times Hurst? Uhhh, what's up? Look, you're gonna let me go right? I kinda have to go to the bathroom...

Hurst: If you go here or in a toilet it still ends up here, in the ocean. I brought you here for a little experiment. I can give you powers. But first, join G.E.N.E. With your power, we could reach our goal faster. Join us and you shall own a continent.

Leo gets up and goes to the toilet and starts to pee.

Leo: Nope. The answer is no. Give me powers and maybe I'll think about it.

Hurst: I will give you water manipulation. But you must aid me in my goals.

Somewhere in Seattle at A.R.M.O.R's public base. Edit

Jason, Jin, Kaz and Carlo were in Mason's office.

Jin: You want us to what?

Mason: Im assigning you four to four powerful conduits, who are wanted by G.E.N.E and need our help. Jason you're assigned to Hunter. Jin You're assigned to Emma. Carlo to Tom. Kaz to Leo.

Jason: Alright, but can't they take care of themselves?

Mason: That's what Im afraid of, since G.E.N.E has a new pet cyborg.

Jin: Coder.

Mason: Yes and he killed someone who we tried to recruit after he left them, Rhodes.

Jason: So what if Robocop killed one guy.

Jin then stands up.

Jin: Everybody, I once encountered him, he was strong, fast and had a lot of weapons, luckily I was able to escape.

Jason: I lifted something forty feet tall.

Jin: He has experience.

Mason: That's enough, all of you leave.

They all leave as ordered, Mason then picks up a phone and dials a number.

Mason: Hey Amanda, send in your dog, my boys can't handle this alone.

Somewhere at Empire City, Alucard, John finished off some serial killers, until he gets a phone call.

John: Yeah? Yes Amanda, Im free, what you want a date? Alright, Alright, I have to protect how many!? Coder!? Alright, but I need a new gun, a boat and an extremely fast motorcycle, ok thanks.

At New Spire's park Edit

Max is walking in the park

Max: So Leo is kidnapped, Coder got a new body and we have new weapons, and there is this A.R.M.O.R thing?

Speak of the devil, Max nearly got hit by John riding a motorcycle witch was about to explode, John got off and destroyed the motorcycle by smashing it with an extremely large hammer fists and he starts panting.


John: pant pant pant Do you know a pant Leo, Hunter, Emma and Tom?


Max: why should I tell you? turns shadow strike to sword mood

Alucard turns intangible and walks through the sword slightly freezing it.

Alucard: I intend my questions to be answered.

Max: Tell me witch side are you on ?

Alucard: I'm with an organization called BLOOD, their affiliated with ARMOR, my boss sent me to protect the four I mentioned and the ones sent to protect them.

Max: I know them but Leo got kidnapped and I don't know where he is but I can call the rest

Alucard: Thanks He then turns solid again Just to warn you I can clothesline your head off

Max: Yeah whatever calls Tom hi tom can you come to the park and bring the rest OK thanks

Tom, Hunter and Emma arrive an hour later in a G.E.N.E APC

Tom: Fuck! We were chased by G.E.N.E agents after Leo got swiped and we jacked an APC and got your call!

Alucard: Did he mention anything about someone watching him ?

Tom: Who?

Hunter: Hey, I don't want to go back. They gave me Fire, but I don't wanna die just yet. Tom, who the hell are you talking to? Max? Aw shit. I didn't finish the replica car. See if we can get back to my warehouse.

Tom: No, you can't, the agents are there now.

Emma: Who are G.E.N.E. anyway?

Tom: An organization that experiments with the conduit gene.

Hunter: Well, the replica should be able to drive. I'm just hoping the auto-pilot works. Pulls out phone and taps a few buttons on the screen, followed by a quiet beep Please, please, please, get here fast.

A door opens from Hunter's warehouse, followed by the sound of a Lykan Hypersport starting which then drives out running over some agents in the process and auto-pilots itself to the hijacked APC

Suddenly a G.E.N.E APC covered in blood arrived, what emerged from the back is a crocodile man that looks like Killer Croc from Batman Arkham Asylum, except darker in color wear a baseball cap, a sleeveless jacket, jogging pants and bandages around his hands, from the driver's seat came a man clad in an Arkham Knight looking armor with a radec looking helmet wearing a sleeveless leather jacket, from the back as well a cyborg with a pony tail, whose body looks like Jetstream Sam's except Black and red and left arm is like Jetstream Sam's right arm and finally a man with wild short grey hair jumped out of the front seat holding a gray fox blade, had a visor that looks like a combination of Raiden's from MGR:R and Gray Fox except not covering the hair, had a body that looks like a combination of Raiden's and Gray Fox, wore a sleeveless trench coat and had cargo pants with legs that are combination of Raiden and Grey Fox.

Jason/Cyborg Ninja looking guy: Who here are Tom, Emma, Hunter and Leo?

Tom: I'm Tom, points at Emma and Hunter That's Emma, and that's Hunter. Leo got kidnapped by G.E.N.E. Who the hell are you?

Jason: Are you blind, can you not see the destroyed remains of what used to be your enemy's vehicle.

Jin sees John.

Jin: Hey Alucard, what are you doing here.

Alucard: Protecting all of you.

Jin: We know what Coder can do, and besides Jason is here and you remembered what he was able to throw up in the air.

Tom: Coder cracked me in half and cut my sword like a breadstick. We can't kill him. I heard he killed that hitman who killed the president's cousin in one shot.

Jin: Jason threw a forty foot tall rock monster created by Augustine.

Hunter: Hey, you in the Raiden/Gray Fox armor. Who are you? Gets out of the APC and opens the door to his Lykan Hypersport then gets in and prepares to drive away I have some armor like that. I'll be back. Anyone wanna come?

Jason: Im Jason Gray and we are members of A.R.M.O.R

Tom: Hunter, if you go back, the agents will murder you. They probably wiped your warehouse clean and blew it up for the lolz.

Hunter: I'm going back to my apartment. They shouldn't really care about that. Also, everything in my warehouse is underground. It's a fail-safe that activates when I'm not in there. There's no possible way they could open it up unless my biometric data is inside. I modified the warehouse and added scanners that detect my biometric data, and specially-designed Conduit-proof systems so they can't and wont open it. The system kicked in 'cause the scanners detected the presence of the GENE agent 3 feet from the door, and close down to prevent anything bad from happening. I'm going to get my combat armor. Still a prototype, but it should hold up.

Tom: Okay but the cyborg got in, Hurst got in, loads of GENE agents got it, I guess Hurst is just too smart for your tech. The cyborg isn't human nor conduit, he can get through.

Hunter: The first time, I let them. The more recent time, I also let them. After the scanners, oh fuck it, they're really just reprogrammed cameras. Anyways, the cameras saw the violence, and immediately close down and I projected some Hard Light replicas with the same cameras using projectors I installed underneath to make it seem real. My apartment has a hidden room that is holding my armor. It's really a constructs with solar panels and armor connected to it to make it self-sustaining. The armor is underneath the solar panels. And the panels are tough, but not tough enough. There are extra panels underneath that armor, and electrolytically-charged Fuel cells are in the armor to power it. When I get in and the main panels get wrecked, it'll automatically switch to the reserve fuel cells and extra panels to sustain the construct while I feed the construct enough power to make it function a-okay. I've done lots of work in my warehouse as you can tell. I'm heading back. Last chance, anyone?

Tom: You go there, you die. Sorry, I'm not going.

Hunter: I meant to my apartment. You know what? Never mind. I'll be back. Drives off to his apartment then gets his combat armor on and drives back I told you. No problem. Gets out of the car wearing an armor that resembles a sleeker, more aerodynamic version of Raiden in MGR:R with Scorching Crescent on his back and Burning Fury holstered on his hips Now, what do we do?

Tom: We somehow kill Hurst.

Hunter: Let us pray Lady Luck is on our side this time. Think about this. He has several armies of Conduit soldiers ready to do his bidding, an android that none of us can stop, and we don't know where the fuck he is. How can we kill him? Wait, I just remembered. The Divine Warrior in me. When Hurst gave me Fire powers, all they originally did was fuse with my base powers. Then, I started unlocking all of the powers I could potentially gain. I managed to do that, and when I did... I had a vision about Crimson Fury, the embodiment of my power, evolving into something he called the "Divine Warrior". When he did, he became an Angel-like entity that had dark red clothing and a hood over his face, with nothing but black. His wings were still white, but had a gold trim to it. His clothes had white and gold trims too. If I could somehow fins Hurst, then use the Divine Warrior, we could stand a chance. Also, we could rescue Leo! These new guys, from wherever they are, can help out. Coder never fought them before, and he did mention a guy who escaped from him. Was that one of you guys? Anyway, here's a plan. Forms Flame mask We find out where Hurst is, have the new guys fight him off. One of us needs to get close to Hurst, then execute him on the spot. Be sure to ransack the place and get all the data and stuff we can. I want to have a look-see at it. While that's happening, some of us need to find Leo and rescue him. His girlfriend Madelyn would be happy to see him again. Hey, my girlfriend knows his girlfriend. After that, we all kill Harry, watch as G.E.N.E collapses, and boom. Our lives will be back to normal. Or as normal as it can get. Takes off Flame mask and makes it disappear How's that sound? Jeez, I feel like we're taking Ray out again.

Tom: None of us knows where Hurst is though. And I highly doubt he will be easy to kill, he gives people powers for a living, I think he'll have a few tricks up his sleeve. I think these guys know Coder.

Harry drops down from the sky creating a huge thud

Harry: he speaks in a deep electronic voice Your plans won't work, you will not succeed. I planted bugs on all of you. I can hear you all.

Hunter: Aw shit. A visor like Raiden's in MGR:R deploys for Hunter and he draws Scorching Crescent in sword form then gets in a battle stance Hey guys, let's kill this bastard. Tom, use them some more. I wanna see how well you can do with it.

Tom: Let's do this! Toms grinds around in a circle shape while using his gauntlet to shoot his shatter blast at Harry WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

Harry: *glass: Metallic, speed: 50mph, weapon: eye laser, laser type needed: Torcher. Activate* Harry's eyes glow orange then shoot out an orange laser at Tom and follow him and burn him and knock him off the grind successful hit.

Hunter: AAAHHHH!!!! Runs at Harry then starts cutting him with Scorching Crescent while flash-stepping around Harry too fast for him to compute while also creating Flash-Clones that also slash at him six times each before being replaced by another and the real Hunter

At the park. Edit

They were all sitting down waiting, but Jason had a bad feeling, suddenly he just ran to the apartment and ninja ran there and they all chased him.

Jin: JASON! Where are you going?

Jason: I have a bad feeling.

The rest were following in an APC, they were all confused at what was happening, they arrived at the building and watch Harry and G.E.N.E carrying Hunter and Tom.

Jason: Hey Bucky McBuck Buck, put them down He then points his Fox blade at him.

Max: Bad but he is right pulls sword out

Jin points two pistols at him, Carlo turned into his Killer Croc form and Kaz points Masamune.

Jin: Put the Conduits down and my brother will only beat you to a pulp.

Max: He won't listen just get him

Carlo: Gladly.

Carlo then charges at him and Jin fires some shots.

Max: Don't forget me gets ready to attack

Hunter: Help. Please.

Harry: Take them to base #8, I'll deal with these guys.

the G.E.N.E agents leave in a truck while Harry shoots a red laser out one eye, blue the other, orange out his left arm and green out his right

Carlo chases the truck then Jason and Kaz attacks Harry

Harry grabs Jason and throws him back far then fires a new mini gun on his back at Kaz (like war machine's mini gun)

Harry: I will not disappoint Hurst.

Kaz prepares a defensive stance.

Kaz: We will win you fight because you were told to, we fight because we choose to.

Suddenly APC parts were thrown at Harry and it shows Carlo cracking his knucles with Hunter and Tom behind, him, suddenly Jin goes at the back and gets an A.R.M.O.R grade railgun and Jason jumps on the APC and draws out the Fox blade.

Jason: Hey Coder, me and Kaz are cyborgs too, but we're stronger, better and faster.

Harry: You are inferior to me! he shoots a bolt of lightning at them

Back in the Underwater Water G.E.N.E base Edit

Leo: Hey! What did you say you were gonna give me? Water manipulation? You can't really control conduit genes... You guys are frauds... Even with all this tech...

Hurst: We can, don't doubt me. It will be easy considering your "hot ice" manipulation. We know it will work because we do tests...and preliminary tests on people, like Hunter, we tested the fusion of two genes. He doesn't know he has a 60% chance of dying. He may die before his twentieth birthday, or come close to dying. This isn't the only G.E.N.E base in the world, I have a few in Europe, one in Africa, an underwater base and the others in America. The water manipulation is essential for your survival because if you either accept or decline my offer, this room will flood with water. Without the upgrade, you will die. Your choice, join G.E.N.E or drown. And if you think you can just freeze the water, I had you drained so you can't use your powers unless you absorb some ice and heat.

Leo: Give me the powers then. I don't have any other choice right? Just remember that I'm a quick learner. Let's do this.

Hurst: We have lie detectors, if we give you the powers and know you won't join us, we will shock the water and kill you. Strap yourself into that machine in the corner to get started. Leo goes into the machine and has the water manipulation unlocked from his gene

Hurst: Step out and test your new powers. Control them quickly, the waters coming. a few holes open in the walls and water pours in

Giphy 2

Leo's Water Tornado. (view GIF)

Leo steps out checking himself then immediately starts coughing blood

Leo: Huff Huff Huff Good... He sits on the ground cross-legged and closes his eyes and starts to meditate as the water starts rushing in. A wave of water comes to him but then pass around him. *That's all I need for now...* He controls some water smashes some more of the glass and all the water rushes in and a giant tsunami comes over his head and he controls the water to travel like a torpedo out of the water into the air and stays there and looks around the view.


Hurst: Because I know the consequences and will not risk my life over powers. I am not a lab rat. Now, think very carefully about your next words, will you join G.E.N.E?

Leo: I'm all the way up here!! You can shoot me from here! Of course I'm not gonna join!!

Hurst: Awww I was really looking forward to seeing your new powers in public, I even had a G.E.N.E uniform especially made for you. What a waste. Kill him. A bolt of electricity shocks the water Oh you're still alive, last chance, you have exactly 35 seconds to live. You can't escape, conduit proof room remember.

Leo: ... Let the room fill... I'll just die anyway. He stops the tornado and floats on his back in water with a sad look in his eyes

Hurst: Leo, I'm going to be nice to you, join us and all your missions will be to kill international terrorists.

Leo: Heh... Fine whatever... Just get me out of here.

Back at the parkEdit

Tom, Emma and Sterling are fighting some G.E.N.E agents

Tom: Where's Hunter! shoots shards at agents

Leo arrives in a G.E.N.E uniform. The uniform is a black stealth like uniform with a bullet proof vest and armor on the shoulders and all his joints. The G.E.N.E is written on the shoulders and back in bold white. He's holding a modified assault rifle

Hurst: (on ear piece) First terrorist, Thomas Green Jr. Kill him.

Tom: Hey it's Leo, what are you wearing?

Leo: I have no idea why I even have this on. I agreed to work with G.E.N.E I guess. Look, can I kill you?

Leo: I really don't want to fight you guys... Don't make me... Tom, you're listed as a terrorist to G.E.N.E. How is that even possible?

Tom: Because I killed so many people. Why are you working with them?

Leo: Apparently I was gonna kill "terrorists" but I didn't know it was like this. So mind helping me take all this off?

Tom: Wait, kill some terrorists then get Hurst to like you, Harry won't kill you, this is a good thing.

Leo: So kill you?

Harry: Do it or I will Leo.

Leo: Harry... No offense, but you can't take on us all at the same time. Calm yo' ass down. Anyway, Tom, what should I do?

Tom: I guess you should kill me.

Leo: No... Fuck it... Rips off the G.E.N.E outfit and straps the gun to his back. Another outfit forms on his body through fire. Fuck you Hurst. I'm not killing my best friend.

Hurst: Impressive Leo, I thought you were going to kill him. Harry, head to base #5 and power down.

Harry: Yes sir. he flies off out of site

Hurst: Leo, you won't have to kill Tom, but you still have to kill a few terrorists. Come to base #3, the Mexican base. These powers come with a price you know.

Leo: Tell me the price then. I won't leave until you tell me. Sits down and waits for answer.

Hurst: Killing three, very wanted terrorists. You may of heard of them on T.V.

Leo: And that's all? As long as they're not my friends. Fine. Peace Tom, Hunter, and everyone else. He flies away to Base #3.

Jason, Jin, Kaz, Carlo and John emerge out of the rubble.

Jason: What did we miss?

End of chapter one. Continues in chapter two.

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