Previously in InFamous, Empire City fell victim to a Ray Sphere Blast, which killed millions, but empowered one: Cole Macgrath; An electric Conduit who was pivotal in the events of both Empire City and New Marais. After the RFI's activation, most Conduits were killed, but some survived; One of which would form an anti-Conduit organization under the name of the DUP; One would be the first Conduit that the DUP rounded up; One would herald the downfall of the DUP, and disappear into obscurity. However, our story tells of one Conduit, who, despite all odds, managed to defeat evil Conduits who were much more experienced than him, and change the world of NYC in more ways than one: His name: Nobody knows, but Raiden...


The Good:

"Raiden": A mysterious electrical Conduit who avoided being captured by the DUP; The protagonist in our story.

Rook: Raiden's best friend, and moral compass.

Commissioner Daniel Coleman: Commissioner of the NYPD; Staunch anti-Conduit believer; And grudging ally of Raiden.

Viktoria Bennett: Raiden's love interest.

Zeke Dunbar: Rook's contact, and friend of Cole Macgrath

The Bad:

Benny "Avalanche" Augustine: Ice Conduit; Leader of The Vigilants: A front of the First Sons; and brother of former DUP leader Brooke Augustine.

Christopher "Chimney" Phillips: Smoke Conduit; Former FBI; Mafia Lieutenant.

Alberto "Firebird" Commentte: Fire Conduit; Former soldier; NY Mafia Leader.

Wilhelm "Statue" Steinman: Concrete Conduit: Former Bundswehr: Triad Mercenary.

Hong "Hemlock" Zhi: Plant Conduit; Triad Leader in New York.

Phillipe "Voodoo" De Sedeau: Tar Conduit; Former Reaper; Born in New Marais; New Bratva Lieutenant.

Modu "Kaboom" Taamosa: Explosives Conduit; Former Child Soldier in Liberia; New Mafia Lieutenant.

Khalid "Chokeout" Al-Quana: Gas Conduit; Order Acolyte.

Frederico "Lift-off" Hermanez: Telekinesis Conduit; Former Cartel; Bratva Lieutenant.

Yuri "Rusalka" Nikitin: Water Conduit; Former KGB; Bratva Leader.

Benjamin Vincentte: Corrupt Mayor of New York; Has ties with the Mafia, Bratva, Triad, and The Vigilants; First Sons second in command under Avalanche.

Mualim Al-Sayif: Shadow Conduit; Grandmaster of the Order of The Shadow; Avalanche's ally.

And the ones I ain't fucking sure of:

Umbra: Shadow Conduit; Possible member of the Order of The Shadow; Has ties to nobody, but is interested in Raiden.

Ion; Plasma Conduit; Umbra's companion prior to Raiden being sighted in New York.


They kept coming.

I did not know who, or why. But they kept coming.

My mom and dad, they never knew either, and it's not like my sisters and brothers were keeping secrets. Grandma was confused too, as the DUP rounded up all civilians to see if they had the gene. They then loaded all of us into pens.

But not me.

I ran from the streets, the DUP pursued me in their APCs. I ran into a cul-de-sac.

But they found me.

As their commander walked towards me, a small icicle impaled him in the arm, the soldiers turned to be greeted by my savior:

He was a Conduit.

He had the skin of Native-American ethnicity, with white-ish blue hair and an Arctic Warfare Ghillie Suit. He fought the soldiers, but he made the wrong move, and he was defeated. I was thrown into a power box, bit of a poor move on their part, cos not only did they give me my powers, but they really pissed me off. I shot at them, bolt after bolt, strike after strike. I fought the soldiers until they were either dead or fleeing.

"Who are you?" The Conduit asked,

"I don't know, " I said, "But I need a new handle until the DUP are dealt with,"

"How about Raiden?" The Conduit said,

"Raiden?" I asked,

"Means thunder," The Conduit said,

"Who are you, anyways?" I asked,

"Avalanche," The Conduit said, "Benny Augustine's my real name, Avalanche is just a handle, but I want to be called by that,"

"Okay, Avalanche" I said,

"So, Raiden, we need somebody like you in my little group. You interested?" Avalanche offered,

I've got no home now, I thought, so I'd better make the right choice,

"Okay." I said, "But I have rules: None of that little kid bullshit: Treat me like an adult; No asking me for smokes, and no asking me for pot."

"Only if you agree to mine," Avalanche replied, "No stealing from, making threatening gestures or movements towards, or even killing your fellow Conduits. Not that we're an all Conduit club. We have some Normals."

"What's your little clubhouse called?" I asked,

"Our "little clubhouse" is The Vigilants," Avalanche said, "We are here to prove to the world that Conduits are not bad guys. We got the ears of the cops, and in two years, we'll have the eyes and ears of the NYC: Cops or no cops. We'll be recognized as fellow New Yorkers."

"I'm in. I'll take your rules, but my new conditions are that you prove that we're the good guys." I said,

"Sounds fair." Avalanche said, "Raiden, welcome to The Vigilants!"

That was it, I'm somewhere where I can be recognized as a human, and that is where my story begins.

Chapter 1Edit

It was a few days till my first raid. It was a DUP Stronghold, heavily guarded, suspected to be full of hi-tech anti-Conduit weapons. I was supposed to be in the raid with Avalanche and a few professionals: Rusalka; Ex-FSB; Joined The Vigilants after the FSB kicked him out. And then we got Voodoo; Ex-Reapers; Has a big problem with Electrical Conduits, which explains why he looks at me funny all the time. Those guys had it all planned out; Voodoo fires crossbow bolts filled with his Tar, which causes the guards to go nuts on each other, Rusalka uses his Water abilities cover the survivors in water, which is where I come in, I finish them off using chain lightning. Then Avalanche and me enter the facility dealing with any guards whilst Avalanche puts them on ice, then we take out the boss. That was what happened, and this is how it ends.

"Raiden, get over here!" Avalanche exclaimed,

"Yes, Avalanche?" I asked,

"I need you to guard the gates, make sure that nobody goes within a centimeter of these walls. Look!" He points to a pedestrian, "Get him!"

I wanted to, but I can't,

"Raiden! What are you waiting for?" Avalanche asked, "Get him!"

I wanted to do so, but I just cannot do it. The DUP done that; Now look where that got them. I did not want to end up like that.

"I can't." I said,

"Raiden, we'll need to do this if we are to save this city." Avalanche said,

"Look, I'll make the city know that Conduits aren't evil, I will save this city. But I will not, repeat, WILL NOT be an executioner." I said, "Run mate, he'll kill you if you don't."

Avalanche glared at me, furious at my warning, but not as furious as he was towards my inability to kill. He was livid, he wanted me to become his protege, he wanted me to kill that innocent bystander, but I would not. So now, he wants to kill me. My fears were confirmed as he lifted his hand to launch an icicle that would end up in....

The head of the bystander.

"You're lucky, I wouldn't kill a potential protege, it would be a waste." He said, with controlled malice in his voice,

"Not that it would help." I said,

Avalanche stared at me, confused, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I quit." I said, his face frowning as I said it, "I don't want to do this anymore."

"I won't kill you. I'll leave you to regret that decision. Give it two years, you will regret it. You may not have family anymore, but you have a mission, one that is due to end in failure. Then, when you are certain that your mission is failed, you can be with your family once more." Avalanche said, with a voice that was much more vengeful. He hated that I quit, he hated losing me: I was like a son to him, and now I have left him, like a son disowning a father. He gave me his last few words he would say to me:

"Now, get out. And pray that you and I don't meet." He said,

Those were the last words I heard, before it all ended.

Chapter 2Edit

When I left The Vigilants, my destination was into the city. I needed to find a place to live.

But I was entering deep waters: New York City was out of my comfort zone, I was used to the suburban area of Pennsylvania. Entering New York to me, was like a FPS player trying an RPG, it would be out of his comfort zone; A new dimension; A new game; A new world. I needed a place to stay, and I had to think long-term, cos I'm gonna be in New York for a long time.

I went to a newspaper stand, asked the guy for a newspaper, he gave me it for 55 cents. I took it and went straight to the section that tells you whether a room or property is for sale, and I found one: Room 104; Lincoln Houses; Harlem. Is gonna be a trip. I found a taxi, told him where to go, and he took me there. He asked for change, and he took it, got a bit of a shock. I brushed it off, saying it must have been a fault in the car. It's not like me to lie, but I cannot tell anybody what I am, out of fear that I'll have a mob on me.

I walked into the building, the landlord asked me who I am, I told him what happened, but not about Avalanche, and the DUP, obviously. I told him that my family was shot up by some thugs, and I needed a place to stay. I expected him to send me away, but he took me in. Told me that he had a family who was shot up in Hell's Kitchen, and he took a similar road. He gave me the room, and told me that I can pay for rent whenever I can. What a nice guy, not like that twat in Spider Man 2 & 3 who kept bothering Toby Maguire for rent. He told me that electricity, water and gas are on him. I told him not to bother with electricity, as I have a masters in Electrical Engineering, he asked me where my toolbox was. I told him that I lost it during the attack, and he supplied me a new one. Yep, what a nice guy, shame I couldn't tell him. He also told me that my room is built for three people; Me, some guy named Rook, and whatever lucky chick who gets to spend the night with me.

He took me into the room, and introduced me to Rook, who was not as I expected: I expected a man in his 30s, but instead, this Rook looked like he was 17; Loved WoW and DMC; Loved anime, and really had a thing for Indian food. He walked over to me, in a kind manner.

"Hi," The 18 year old said, "I'm Rook."

"Pleased to meet you," I said, "I'm Riley."

"What happened to your folks?" Rook said,

"Drive-by" I said, "Gangs might have been rare in Penn State, but they existed."

"My folks were attacked too," Rook said, "Got killed by a man who had a thing for icicles. Had a brother who wanted payback, don't know where he gone."

"I'm sorry to hear that," I said,

"Okay, guys." The landlord said, "Courtesy of Riley, I'll be paying for gas and water. He'll handle electricity himself. He's a pro"

"Nice, I'm currently working for a degree in Game Design." Rook said, "I hope to work with the guys who made Heaven's Hellfire. Loved that game. Hated the players, especially that nerd kid who overplayed it, and ended up scaring the shit out of his classmates later. What was his name again? Ah, Eugene Sims! That was his name, hated that guy."

"Look, Rook, that kid got bullied in school," The landlord said, "Just be sympathetic."

"Yeah, you're right, man." Rook said, "Soz, kinda got a bit ahead there."

"I'll leave you guys to get to know each other." The landlord said, closing the door as he finished his sentence.

Then Rook got on his computer, playing Heaven's Hellfire for a bit, then going onto Facebook. He found a post that striked his fancy.

"OMG!" Rook said, "Look, Riley, college party over at Chelsea. You wanna come? Maybe you'll meet some hot chicks, eh?" He said, nudging me in the arm and winking.

"Yeah, sure man." I said, I wanted to find a way to forget all about the attack on my family and my involvement with Avalanche.

Chelsea was a pretty good place to party in, you wanna know why? Cos New York has some of the most hottest chicks in America. I went to that party in Chelsea, and a lot of chicks flirted with me; They wanted me, and not cos of my sparkling personality. I told them that I can't handle a relationship. Bit of a shit move, but better single than a widower.

However, as I went to get a drink, this girl came up to me. She had long dark hair, she also wore white high heeled shoes, and she wore a coat that was open and showing her wear a brown t-shirt that shown a bit of her cleavage. I was like: Oh, great. I can see where this is going.

"Hi," She said, "What's your name?"

"Riley," I said, "And you are?"

"Viktoria," She said, "Viktoria Bennett."

"Answer's no," I said, "If you're gonna ask."

"Aw," She moaned, "Why not?"

"I don't know you," I said, "And even if I did, I cannot handle a relationship right now."

"Well, why don't we start?" She suggested, "Tonight at my place, protected, and don't worry, I like it rough."

"Answer's still no." I said, "I've got to go anyways. Nice meeting you."

"Catch you later," She said,

Chapter 3Edit

Two years later. And, man, has things been different. Rook and Viktoria are have been helping me cope with the death of my family, though, Viktoria seems to think that me and her are a perfect match, I disagree, though, with ass like that, I wish the situation could make it possible for us to be together.

"Hey, Rook." I said, "How did you know Viktoria, anyways?"

"We went to school together since kindergarten." He said, "I always liked her, but she seems to like the mysterious sort. She met some gangster once, dated him for a bit, left him after he was done for molesting, hacking, possession of illegal arms, and breaking curfew. Didn't like it that he had to keep a secret like that."

Those words that Rook said frightened me, made me think: "What if she finds out that I am a Conduit, and that I have been targeted by a organisation of them. She'll want to leave me."

"Anyways, about mysterious, and all that." Rook said, inquisitively, "Where did you go after your folks died?"

"I'll tell you, but you'll have to send Viktoria away." I said,

"Why?" Rook said,

"Just do it, man." I ordered,

Rook contemplated, as if I was nuts. Then he said, "Hey, Viktoria. Haven't you got work at Times Square at 5?"

"Yeah, I have." She said, "Why?"

"Cos it's like, what, 30 past 4?" Rook said,

"Oh, shit." She said, "I gotta go. See you, Riley." She left, blowing me a kiss as she went out the door, does she not get the hint?

"Okay," Said Rook, "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Okay, here goes." I said, letting out my palm, I used my powers to launch a spark at a faulty appliance that has been taunting us for weeks.

Then the appliance went to life: It started working again, Rook was both shocked and overjoyed.

"You? You're one of them?" He asked, shocked.

"Yeah, discovered my powers the day the DUP raided my home. They loaded my family into holding pens, I ran. They chased me, I was cornered, but, then he came, a Conduit, he launched icicles at the soldiers. He saved me, but was taken down. The remaining men threw me into a power box, that was where my powers were gained. I killed for the first, and last time. The rest, they ran. After that, the Conduit, Avalanche, he took me in. Made me part of a group called The Vigilants. We raided a DUP base days after that. That was where it ended. Avalanche wanted me to kill a civilian, I could not do that. So I left, but I made a vow to save New York, to be the hero that it needs, but Avalanche, he said that he'll make sure that I fail that vow before killing me. He said, 'Give it two years, you will regret it. You may not have family anymore, but you have a mission, one that is due to end in failure. Then, when you are certain that your mission is failed, you can be with your family once more.' I have left after that, I only cared about saving New York. But then, I met you guys, and that complicated everything. But you guys never knew about it, I wanted it kept that way. But I had to tell someone." I said,

"It can't be that bad." Rook said,

"I care about Viktoria, man." I said, "I love her, that's why I never asked her out. You seen the new Spider Man, right? You know at the end when Green Goblin sees Spider Man with his gf, and he kills her. I don't want that happening to Viktoria."

"Shit, man" Rook said, "We're dead, man. Game over, man. GAME FUCKING OVER!"

"We're not dead, dude." I said, "Only Normal's think like that. I'm a Conduit, remember?"

"Even so, he probably has more experience on him" Rook said, "We're both-" Then he goes into some thought. "Unless."

"Unless what?" I asked,

"I have a contact," He said, "He lives on a roof in Times Square, he dealt with Conduits before. He can help us."

"Take me to him." I said,

"I'll call him first." Rook replied, "He gets over paranoid, especially around Conduits." Rook then gets out his iPhone, dials an unknown number, and puts it on speaker. Then a voice booms out of the phone. It had belonged to a Empire City native: "Hello? This better not be the DUP."

"Relax, Zeke." Rook said, "It's me, Rook."

"Rook, you got a new number?" Zeke asked,

"No, you have. Remember, you change your phone number every week so that you don't get tracked by The Vigilants?"

"Shit, really?" Zeke said, "God, I must have hit the bottle pretty hard. Anyways, what's on your mind, pal?"

"I've got someone who can help us against Augustine. He's got a visual ID on him and his men. He's even been to a outpost that was taken by them."

"He a spy?" Zeke asked, suspiciously,

"No, he's like Cole." Rook said,

"No shit?" Zeke asked,

"No shit." Rook confirmed,

"Okay, meet up with me in a hour. Same place." Zeke said, and with that, he hung up.

"Let's go, mate." Rook said,

He got up to leave, I followed; He ran out the apartment, I followed; He ran to the hideout, I followed. And there came a slightly overweight man, wearing a set of tracksuits, a grey shirt, with a green top over his shirt, complete with a set of sunglasses.

Yo, Rook. What up?" Zeke said,

"Hey, Zeke. How are you, man?" Rook said,

"Not good," Zeke replied, "It's Vincentte. He's made a rule allowing firearms to be distributed within the city. And when officials were taking him to court over it, next thing you know, they don't show up on the big day. I think something's up."

"There's always something up with Vincentte, Zeke," Rook said, "They say he's got fingers in the pies of the Bratva, Mafia, Triad. Hell, he's probably in bed with Al-Qaeda for fuck's sake!"

"Now, that's unlikely." Zeke corrected, "If a mayor was in with Al-Qaeda, we'd know about it, everyone would. That's the downside to being a mayor; You can keep ties with crime quiet, but you can't keep ties with terrorism quiet. But either one, you're fucked. Cos, one of these days, there's gonna be a good cop in the squadron of bad cops."

"I think I know why he might have ties with the crime syndicates within NYC," I said, randomly. It's just as much as saying that he could be in with Avalanche, but I could be right.

"And what is that, Riley? Isn't it?" Zeke asked,

"There was this organization over in Penn called The Vigilants. Lead by this guy called Avalanche. Said something about trying to make Conduits tolerated in New York." I revealed,

"Avalanche. Hmm, this sounds like a handle, what's his real name?" Zeke asked,

"Augustine: Benny Augustine." I said,

"Shit, man. I don't know what you got into, but that guy, Augustine, he's a legend within the Conduit Underworld. He a Ice Conduit?" Zeke said,

"Yep. Launched icicles at the DUP mercs trying to chain me two years ago, and a few days before it happened." I said,

"You ran in with him, right?" Zeke said,

"Yep, worst mistake ever. He wanted a protege, I was all he could find. He wanted to kill me two years after that." I revealed,

"He took over a DUP outpost, with you and two others, right? A outpost, adjacent to the Penn-NYC Borders?" Zeke asked,

"Yes. It was there that it ended, and that I came here." I said,

"Right, and Rook here, said you were one of them; A Conduit, like Cole." Zeke said,

"Yeah, though I don't know who Cole is." I said,

"He was a Conduit like you, electric was his power. He was the best Empire City had; the best New Marais got; And the best guy I ever met, man." He said, getting tearful after he finished his sentence.

"I'm sorry to remind you, man." I said,

"Look, it's fine." Zeke said, "I'm not upset, I've just got something in my eye."

"Look, man." I said, "It's okay to have these emotional fits. I had moments like that."

Zeke looked at me, confused.

"My family: My mom, my dad, my brothers, my sisters, my aunts, my uncles, and my grandmothers. All captured by the DUP two years ago, and all probably dead." I said, "I rarely speak about them, I don't want people to think that I let it get to me, and whenever I feel all emotional, I just...." I launched a bolt of electricity at a car battery near me, causing it to explode, scaring Rook and Zeke. "Let it out."

"Y-you're like Cole." Zeke said,

"Yeah, I am." I said, "I'm a Conduit, I can shoot electricity, and I am hunted by some Conduit who wants me for no known reason."

No, man." Zeke said, "You're like Cole. You're right, but there's one thing, man."

"And that is?" I asked,

"You know how I feel, man!" Zeke said, "I can't lose you, man. He'll kill you. We need you alive, but we need New York safe."

"Any ways how, Zeke?" I asked, finishing my sentence with an aura of kindness,

"This outpost. It was a lab. The DUP were Conduits too, lead by a Prime Conduit named Brooke Augustine. She needed her men to be powerful enough against the 'Bioterrorist' threat, but I think she started the project just as a means for the First Sons to defeat the DUP, and her brother, Benny, to control America as a dictator: A crazed, cold, calculating dictator." Zeke said,

"This project is what, exactly?" I asked,

"I don't know. But I like to find out." Zeke stood up, ready to save New York, "Come on, I'll drive you there. Rook, get over here, and bring the tech too, we need that."

"Okay, Zeke." Rook said, getting up and picking up a large duffel bag,

It was a beginning of something big: The start of my career, the start of New York's rebirth.

As Zeke drove me over to the DUP Outpost, he had Rook set up some high tech hacking tool. Apparently, it was to lower the defense and just make entering the place a cake walk.

We stopped the car, we walked through the yard, looking for any signs of a trap.

There was none.

I, however, saw an elevator leading down to a floor underground. We took it down to some kind of stereotypical tech lab. It had conveyer belts, spare parts cluttered about everywhere, it looked cliche.

I searched the place, looking for a weapon or something. But an arm stopped me, it looked menacing.

But it was a scanner, there was nothing menacing about that.

I let it scan me, and then a voice boomed out of the walls:

"NAME: Riley Thornsdale. AGE:19. STATUS: Conduit!" The AI boomed,

I expected an alarm to go, but none went. Instead another voice came out of the walls, a more calmer, human voice:

"Conduit, this is Brook Augustine. Leader of the DUP as you know. But this is not the time for feuds: My brother, Benny, is a member of a clandestine organization known as the First Sons. He plans on gaining influences that will net him control over both the First Sons and any country owned, or at least occupied, by the United States. I cannot let this happen, as it will lead to Conduits ruling the world, which is a threat. As such, I have decided to set up Project POWA Struggle as a means to fight my brother. But to do so, I need a willing Prime Conduit; Electrical, like Cole Macgrath, who has saved both Empire City and New Marais. I have set up 11 POWA Armor suits, one is a Control Suit, used to augment your powers, and help you defeat my brother. I cannot let Conduits have control, as I will end up being hated in public, however, I cannot let my brother complete his plan. To your left is the Control Suit. Equip it, and leave before my alarm goes. I wish the best."

I done as instructed: I equipped the armor, and left the building, Zeke and Rook followed. We went to the car, and left for New York again.

Chapter 4Edit

We just got back to Zeke's place when we just heard on Zeke's TV that some Mafia enforcers have taken some of the guys in Times Square hostage....

Oh, shit! Viktoria was there!

"Hey, guys! We gotta get over there!" I said,

"She someone special?" Zeke asked,

"Nah, man." Rook replied, "They both have the hots for each other, he doesn't want to admit it. He's worried that he'll get her killed."

"Looks like you're fucked, man." Zeke said, "You wanna tell her you love her, but you don't wanna get her killed. Cole felt that way."

"What happened?" I asked,

"Cole's fiance over in Empire City, Trish, was captured by the First Sons." Zeke explained, "They also captured six doctors. He had to choose, but he wanted to save her. He saved the doctors in the end. But he tried to save her. He couldn't. Her death, it shook him; Destroyed him. But he knew it was necessary. I can't let you have that dilemma. But you won't have to."

"Why, man?" I asked, confused,

"We have two other Conduits on the field, going against Avalanche. They'll help you, but they won't meet you, until they're sure they can trust ya." Zeke explained, "But we'll introduce you later, we need to deal with that Conduit, without your identity being revealed. We need a nickname, one that will probably give Avalanche a scare. He doesn't know about the suit."

"My codename back in The Vigilants was Raiden." I explained, "He doesn't know my real name, but if he knew that Raiden has POWA Armor, he'll be pissed."

"Let's get going." Zeke said, "Hop in the van, Rook, set up all the surveillance equipment. I'll handle comms, and maintain overwatch on the roof. Raiden, you do the dirty work."

"Okay, Zeke." I said, "Thanks, man."

"You're welcome, buddy." Zeke said,

Zeke lead me and Rook to his van, I was hesitant in hopping in, due to the bad press white vans have accumulated, but I hopped in.

We drove to a car park adjacent to Times Square, me and Zeke climbed up onto the rooftops. I struggled on up, but Zeke, despite his figure, had a good deal of experience with climbing. Told me that he practiced with Cole whilst the New Marais floods were in their worst times.

We leapt from rooftop to rooftop, until we were close to Times Square.

"Zeke, stay up here. I'll distract the thugs." I ordered,

I leapt from the roof. The thugs turned their heads. They saw me.


A Mafia thug walked over to me, he wore a black overcoat, a white shirt, a black tie, black trousers and shoes, and sunglasses. I noticed a orange light glowing from under his shirt. He must be wearing POWA Armor.

"Who are you, punk?" The leader said, he had a Missouri accent

"I am no punk," I said, putting on a deep voice, "I am Raiden." I finished that sentence with absolute defiance.

"Avalanche told me about you, kid." He said, "So you have left, then. Why is it that you left the man who gave you his love, his care, his trust? You are a disgrace to Conduits worldwide."

"You wanna know something funny?" I asked, "You make one of them V88 Conduits look normal." I added that part just to offend him.

"I am NOT A MONSTER!" He said. He dematerialized into smoke and rushed at me, before dematerializing and landing a blow to my head. "I AM CHIMNEY!!!" He roared,

Oh shit, here comes the end monologue before the fight.

"AND YOU!" He said, point his finger at me, "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!" He roared,

He tried to punch me, but Zeke fired at the right moment.

I punched him, and landed a few more after that.

He looked weakened, he gestured to his men. "GET THE FUCKER!!!" He ordered, he was enraged,

As the thugs rushed at me, I thought: Fucking bring it!

The first thug tried to swing at me, I grabbed his fist, twisted his arm, and floored him.

The second thug swung at me, I blocked, his arm hurt after that. He tried to recover, leaving him defenseless, I kicked him in the balls, and landed a uppercut to his jaw.

The last few thugs tried to take me. The third tried to kick, but got floored.

The fourth tried to rely on his block, I landed a huge punch on his block, leaving him open, and I landed a volley of punches after that, knocking him out.

The last thug tried to rush me, so I charged all of my powers into my right fist, before punching him. I was supposed to knock him out, I killed him. One way to rectify, defib. I jumpstarted his heart, then knocked him out.

I walked casually to Chimney. He tried to punch me, I dodged. I then kicked his leg, leaving him open. I then punched him in the jaw, knocking him back. He then crawled away from me, I grabbed him, then I punched him about for a bit, then threw him to the floor, and used my powers to tie him down.

"What is Avalanche's plans?" I shouted, I used the voice again, just like when Batman was interrogating those thugs in Batman Begins.

"It's not Avalanche you ought to be worrying about." He said, casually, "It's the Mayor, Benjamin Vincentte. He's ordered a hit on your head."

"There's a gang war going on, pal." I said, "Vincentte's gonna be upset to hear that my killer ain't no Conduit."

"He's not picky on who kills you." He said, "He just wants you to die!"

"Why so casual?" I asked,

"Cos I know that thy beloved God shall accept me unto his holy bosom." He said, as he said it, an arrow pierced his heart.

I studied the arrow. I learned from experience that arrows go in a arc, so this must mean that the shooter must be on one of the electronic billboards. I looked around, and there I saw....

A figure cloaked in a dark coat, wearing a black scarf to cover his face, he sheathed his bow, and he leapt off of the billboard.

I don't know what happened. But I wanna know, who the fuck is he?

I ripped Chimney's white shirt, and my assumptions were confirmed, he is wearing a set of POWA Armor under his shirt, I noticed a dark orange light glow in the middle of his suit, I ripped it off, and pulled out a solitary chip nestled behind the light. I inserted it into a slot in the back of my helmet.

My AI went nuts.

"SCANNING NEW POWER!" The AI boomed within my earpiece, "Scanning complete. New power obtained: Smoke."

I lifted my right palm, a few sparks flew. Then I lifted my left, a ball of smoke curled in the palm of my hand.

I gotta get back to Zeke's place, fast!

I ran back to Zeke's place. I gotta ask him something.

"Hey, Zeke. I took out Chimney. But some guy in a black cloak killed him!" I shouted,

"You saw him?" He asked,

"Yeah." I said, "Why, is that meant to be a good thing?"

"It is if you live to talk about it." Rook said, piping up out of nowhere, "Not many people see Umbra, even fewer live to talk about their experiences, even more fewer want to talk about it, for fear that the Umbra Killer comes up."

"Umbra Killer?" I asked,

"I heard talk that two decades ago, an orphan named Ulysses Kellerman was scrounging off the tourists in New York, got picked up by a guy from the Arabias. Was never seen again. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not." Zeke explained, "However, when he lands a hit, he leaves the initials 'UK'. That lead the cops to humorously call him 'The Umbra Killer'."

"Now, we have an alias on who our mystery hunter is." I said,

"Wait, I gotta introduce you to somebody!" Zeke explained, "Hey, kid! Get over here."

And in came a child wearing a bio-hazard suit that you would expect in labs or nuke plants. He was 4ft tall, and he had a slightly athletic build.

"Hello, Raiden." He said, "I am Ion."

"Yeah, kid. Go back to kindergarten," I said, dismissively,

"Wait! You wanna see my power?" He asked,

I was skeptical at first, but then I reconsidered, "Go ahead." I said, he's probably faking,

The kid raised his right hand, letting out a green-ish ball of energy. He threw the ball at the radio, and....

The radio melted into a small puddle of molten steel and lithium-iron.

"Whoa!" I said, "What was that?"

"Plasma." Ion said, "A highly dangerous compound capable of killing, which is why I never go out on missions with you guys."

"Zeke, you mentioned two Conduits, I only see one." I said,

"He's dead." Zeke said,

"Shit, really?" I asked,

"Yep." Zeke replied,

"Hey, Zeke." I said, "I gotta go." I turned to Ion, "Hey, kid. Nice to meet ya."

Ion turned to me in a friendly manner, "See ya, man."

Zeke stared at me, and then said "Sure, man. Not sure what good it'll do."

I left Zeke's hideout, I wanted to see where Viktoria lived. I scanned the area to see if I can find Viktoria. I found her location in Harlem, so I decided to follow her there. I kept an eye on her beacon, it kept moving until.....

It stopped.

I looked to find that a thug was holding Viktoria up. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a white vest underneath. He was speaking in a menacing tone.

"Hey, bitch!" He snapped, he then smacked her round the face, leaving a red mark on her left cheek. "Why the fuck have you been hanging out with Rook and the new kid? I never knew you had a thing for creeps and nerds."

"It's over, Dan." She said in a frightened tone, "You hear me? It's-" She was cut off by him grabbing her by the front.

"I am so fucking pissed off right now, bitch!" He said, "But I might forgive you. Just open your fucking legs!"

"Hey!" I shouted, using the deep voice to keep Viktoria from recognizing me.

"What do you want, Sparky?" He asked in a brutal tone,

"Leave. Her. Alone." I said,

"Or what?" He asked, as if to say that he did not care.

"Keep harassing her if you want to eat through a straw for twelve years." I threatened,

"Whoa, whoa!" He said, "Calm it, Sparky. I was just...." He pulled out an knife from his trousers. "Providing you a reason to turn up."

He was about to stab me in the gut before he let go of the knife for no reason. However, when he fell down, I managed to notice something: An arrow has pierced his back....

It was one of the same arrows used to kill Chimney!

I looked up to confirm my fears. I saw a tall man in a dark cloak, looking down at me and Viktoria, as if to say "You're next, fuck-tard."

"Hey, Umbra, ain't it?" I shouted, "Yeah, I know who you are. Come at me if you are man enough!"

He leapt down, and walk casually towards me. Upon looking at him closely, I can diagnose the situation....

I'm fucked!

"Raiden." He said in a deep voice, no hint of an Arabic accent, but one of an American accent: He's from Pennsylvania!

"Hello, Ulysses." I said, "Yeah, I know who you were: Ulysses Kellerman. You lived in NYC as an orphan before you were taken to Saudi."

"Ulysses Kellerman was a past life, Raiden." He said,

"Well, then. Kill me then, kill me like you did Chris Phillips and that bastard!" I dared,

"I won't." He said, calmly,

"Why?" I asked,

"I am not a killer of the undeserving, Young Thornsdale." He said,

Young Thornsdale? What the fuck? The only person who calls me that is.....


He must have known what I was thinking too, as he lifted me up and leapt from the ground back to........


I looked at the ruins of the old Thornsdale residence. To others, it was a monument dedicated to the cruelty of the DUP, but to me, it was home.

"Right, Umbra." I said, "You taken me to my home. Now you can tell me that you are involved in The Vigilants schemes."

He took off his hood and removed his mask. He really was my father.

"Riley, it's me." He said,

"Dad?" I said, "I thought you died."

"Look, there's something I have got to tell you. Benny Augustine, he wants you dead, and he is using my resources to take you on."

"Your resources?" I asked,

"The Order of the Shadow. It is a Saudi Arabian cult dedicated to humanity having as little power as possible, with as little Conduits existing as possible." He explained, "They gave me this affliction." He pulled off his glove, revealing a left hand, darkened by overuse of his Shadow powers. "It is the RFI Curse. When it went off, some of our powers took control of us. Made us into..... monsters, killed a good deal of us, activated some of our powers, and those whose powers were activated, either turned nuts, or just.....changed. Your powers were activated. It was a weakened form of Power Absorption, one which allowed you to have a power based on which appliance harmed you the most."

"So, that is where my powers came from." I said,

"Not entirely, you had the Conduit gene to begin with. You were not my child." He explained,

"Who is my father?" I asked,

"You are the son of Cole Macgrath. You see, the Order knew that they could not reach Cole. So they sent me to get a sample of his blood...." He explained,

"And I was born Batman Beyond style, right?" I asked,

"Yes. Indeed, you were. He sacrificed himself to save you, and the rest of our kind." He said,

"He died just to save us." I said, "What about mom and the others?"

"You really want to know?" He asked,

"If I didn't want to know, I would not ask." I said, "What happened to mom and the others?"

"The DUP. They shot all of us, except for me and Leo, they left us alive, we were both prime Conduits. They threw him into a set of rail-gun ammo, before picking him up and putting both of us into straight-jackets." He said, "They took us to Curdan Cay in Seattle, where they experimented on us, to see if the powers of Plasma and Shadow were good powers to have in their arsenal."

"God. Where is Leo?" I asked, curiously,

"I sent him to New York a year ago, but I haven't heard back from him since." He said,

"Really? That's the longest you haven't heard from anybody." A voice shouted out, with an Arabic accent.

Me and Dad turned around. We saw a man that wore a suit of POWA Armor, with his hood up and a gas mask on. He appeared to be carrying a lot of gas-associated weaponry.

"So, you have returned to New York, Ulysses?" The man asked,

"Khalid." He said, with a touch of malice.

"I thought we moved on from the formalities, Ulysses." The man said, "My name is Chokeout, if you remember correctly...."

"Khalid, tell the men to stand down." Dad ordered,

Chokeout contemplated for a moment. "I don't give the orders. The Master does, and he has cast you out of The Order, as I recall."

"You can recall your own death once you and any traitor is dealt with, traitor!" He shouted, using his powers to summon a sabre.

"Dad!" I pulled him over and whispered to him, "We cannot continue like this, no dropping bodies."

"Look, I gotta kill him. There's no subduing a Gas Conduit." He said,

"Are you sure?" I lifted my left hand and summoned a ball of smoke. Dad looked bewildered.

"How did you..." He asked,

"No time. We gotta take the Syrian out." I said,

"Hey!" Chokeout shouted, "I am not Syrian, I am Arabic."

"Really?" I asked,

"Really." He said,

"Why do you have Gas as your power, then?" I asked,

"Oh, you fucking racist!" He said, leaping at me.

I was ready, and before he knew it, I used my Smoke ability to dash out of the way. Dad looked surprised.

"Y-you got Smoke?" He asked, bewildered,

"Yeah, courtesy of Chris Phillips. The last Conduit you killed." I answered,

"That matters not." Chokeout taunted, "Time to die!"

He charged at me, I threw a punch that landed him square in the jaw. He fell. As he did, I noticed my dad use his powers to summon a sword. I subdued Chokeout before turning to him.

"Dad." I said in a low voice, "Lower your weapon."

"He's one of The Vigilants." He said, as if to justify his action,

"So was I!" I revealed, "I was part of them since the incident. I left their group because their leader thought it was alright to kill an innocent!"

Dad raised his blade again, as if to signify his shame towards my former affiliation. But then....

He lowered it.

"Son, I wish you told me sooner." He said,

"That's not important!" I said, then I turned over to the subdued Chokeout, pulling out the chip in his POWA armor. Before turning to Dad, I then said, "What is important, however, is the fight between The Vigilants and the people of New York." I then shoved the chip into the back of my helmet.

"SCANNING!" The AI boomed, "Scanning complete: New power obtained: Gas!"

I pulled a tear gas grenade off of Chokeout, before setting it off, then I lifted my left hand, absorbing the contents.

"What do we do with him?" Dad asked,

"We go back to New York. I got contacts there. But we need a place to keep him from attacking anybody again." I suggested,

"Right." He said,

"We also need to set up some ground rules." I said, "Rule 1: When you're around my pals, lose the cloak, mask, everything. I need my friends to see that you are my dad, not Umbra."

"Sounds fair," He said, with a tone of discomfort,

"Rule 2: No killing." I said,

"That's gonna be difficult, but I'll try what I can." He said,

"Good, I'm glad we can agree on something." I said, "Let's go back. I know a guy who can give you a place in Harlem."

And then, he used his power to take me back...

Chapter 5 Edit

Me and Dad came back to Harlem, but before we got in, we hid and covered the points that gave us away: For Dad, it was the cloak; But for me it was the armor. I removed the helmet, gauntlets and boots and covered up my chestplate, before dimming the light in the center so that it does not stand out. We then walked right in. The landlord greeted me.

"Hey, Riley." He said, "He a friend?"

"Yeah, he needs a place, man." I said,

"I'll get ya set up." He said, "You introduce him to the guys while I'm at it."

I walked with Dad up to my room. There was Rook, Viktoria, Zeke and....Ion?

"Hey, Rick." I said, "These are my friends. Rook, Viktoria, Zeke and Ion. Hey, guys. This is Rick. He's a holiday maker from Maine who wants to stay round here for a while."

"Hey, Rick." They said, in unison.

"Hey, guys." He said, trying to imitate a Maine accent, "It sure is great meeting you guys. Riley told me he had friends, but he never said that you were the nicest guys I ever met."

"Hey, guys. We gotta go." I said, "I wanna show Rick the sights before night-time."

"Okay." They said,

"See you, Riley." Viktoria said, giving me one of those cute, sexy winks. Damn, she must love me.

As we walked out of the apartment, we hid as we done before and put on the stuff: My POWA Armor, and Dad's cloak and mask. We then picked up Chokeout (we left him there whilst we lost the stuff), and we leapt onto the rooftops, from roof to roof, until we entered the precinct. I then took Chokeout and dropped him outside of the station, subdued and left to the mercy of anybody who feels like it. We then left to go to the Commissioner's house, and there he was, Daniel Coleman, the only good cop in a precinct of bad cops.

"Hello, Commissioner." I said,

He then turned round, jumping at the sight of me and Dad. "So, you are Raiden. What is he doing here?" He asked, referring to Dad in a condescending tone,

"Relax, he's with me." I said, "He's a Conduit."

"He's a killer." He said, "Two million criminals died at his hands, with an arrow in one major pressure point. Witnesses claimed to see a men in a black cloak. They claimed to see him."

"That's what you think about him." I said, "What do you think about me?"

"The precinct wants you dead. They want the bounty that Vincentte put on you." He said, "But I think that you want to help. I'll help you expose Vincentte, I can see that you are trying to save this city. I saw you fight that Mafia thug."

"And we took in a Syrian Conduit working for Avalanche." I said, "He's a Gas Conduit, named Choke-out. I managed to talk him," I notioned to Dad, "out of killing him."

"Wow," He said, "I gotta say, you really must be able to save this city if you can talk down a killer. But I don't know who this 'Avalanche' fellow is."

"The name 'Augustine' sound familiar?" I asked,

"Yeah. Ex-DUP leader. She ordered all Conduits to be put in Curdan Cay." He said, "She had an older brother who lived away from her, in Alaska. He was last heard of before an avalanche took place near the mountains of Aspen. After that, the mountain rescue assumed he was dead."

"Guess they were wrong." I said,

"Huh?" He asked,

"Benny Augustine is still alive." I said, "He is leading The Vigilants to make the whole world pro-Conduit. Chimney and Choke-out were part of that group. Umbra's faction are aligning themselves to work for him! We need your help, Commissioner."

He contemplated, and then he said, "Look, I'll try what I can. There are some good cops in the precinct, but I cannot convince the whole precinct to help you. Half of the guys unwilling to help are afraid. I need you to lower the influence the Bratva, Mafia and Triad has over New York."

"I'll try." I said, "I have to go now." I then left the place, with Umbra following.

"Hey, hombre!" A voice shouted out with a Mexican accent, and as we turned around, a bus went flying past our direction. We ducked as it flew past us. I turned and saw a man wearing a set of POWA Armor and a poncho over the main suit.

"Who the fuck are you?" I shouted,

"I am Liftoff." He said, "That's who, amigo."

"Who sent you?" I asked,

"Who sent me?" He asked, "They all did: Vincentte, Avalanche and even Yuri. You know, Rusalka?"

Rusalka: The Russian Water Conduit who went with me, Avalanche and Voodoo on the day this whole mess happened.

"So, you're here for the bounty, then?" I said,

"Si." He replied,

"Well, sorry." I said, "No bounty today, fuck-bag."

Liftoff looked at me in rage. His poncho swaying in the wind. His face glowering at me and Dad as my words sink in. He raised his right hand in the air, and as he did, multiple bits of scrap flew straight to him. As the first bit of scrap hit him, he fell down from the rooftop.

Bit anti-climatic, I know....Or is it?

More scrap came his way, until, in his place, it came.

It was a 12 story tall scrap monster. I had heard reports of telekinesis conduits using scrap to become massive creatures. But I never saw it myself. It tried to land a powerful strike onto the building, just to try to kill us. But we moved outta the way, onto a adjacent rooftop.

I then had a thought, but no time to talk to Dad about it. So I said,

"Hey, Scrap Heap!" I shouted, "Come hit me!"

The stupid thing tried to land a blow to us, but Dad dodged, I didn't. I dematerialized into electrical energy and moved onto the metal limbs of the creature. I spread out, amongst the metal body of the golem, until I reached the heart of it all: Liftoff was in the creature, but he was concentrating on controlling the creature, as well as celebrating my death, or he thinks he is. I burst forward and materialize back to normal in time to land a powerful blow to the sternum.

As he takes the hit, so does his titan. He fails to concentrate hard enough on controlling the creature, let alone keeping it active. The creature falls apart, piece by piece, until Liftoff remains.

As Liftoff recovers from his hit, he rises up, leaving me to land a few hard blows to his face and chest, until he falls a second time. I then use my powers to restrain him. I then rip a part of his poncho of: The part that covers the POWA Core. I then rip the core out of his suit, and insert it into mine. I raise my left hand, and scrap flies around my hand, as if to form a gauntlet. I lower my hand, and the scrap leaves my hand.

"Seems like I'm getting used to this already." I said. But I needed answers, I knelt down next to Liftoff, ready to receive answers. "WHAT DOES THE ORDER WANT WITH AVALANCHE!" I roar at him in my slightly shittiest impression of Christian Bale.

He then spits in my face. "Fuck you." He said, with spite.

That was really below the fucking belt. So I grabbed his throat, nails digging in, and lifted him up as I stood up. I then punched him, and threw him right into a brick wall. I then came over to him, grabbing him again after that.

"Let's try that again." I said, with a slight tone of agitation, "WHAT DOES THE ORDER WANT WITH AVALANCHE!"

"Look, look." He said, on the verge of tears, "I don't know! I don't know!"

I then dropped him onto the floor. "Bit disappointing." I said, before punching him in the face, "But it is, what it is."

I picked up Liftoff, but as I grab him by the arm, I blacked out.

Then suddenly, I'm in a high-end penthouse. I see two men, one is pale, dark haired and in some sleazy-ass business suit, the other man, however, wore a dark cloak, and had grey-ish hair.

"I do not know what you expect me to do, Mualim Sayif." He said, "The loss of your Gas Conduit is not my fault. Coleman is not like the other cops. He cannot be bought!"

"Benjamin." He said, with a heavy Arabic accent, "The loss of the Conduit does not upset me in the slightest. But, your inability to keep your rabble under control does demonstrate a bigger problem."

As the man known as Benjamin was going to open his mouth, a man burst forth through the doors. His facial features were covered, but from what I could gather, he wore a white cloak to cover most of his body, head included. But he wore a set of light-blue POWA Armor.

"Augustine!" The man known as Mualim addressed, "Mr Vincentte has lost me one of my men!"

Avalanche turned to face Mualim, his expressions unseen, but not unheard. "Only fair, then." He said with pure malice.

"What do you mean?" Mualim asked,

"You lost me one of my men!" He shouted,

"What are you talking about?" The Arabic asked,

"Times Square!" He shouted, "One of my men, a Smoke Conduit. Killed by a man of your abilities and uniform!"

Mualim was calm, even as the words struck his ears.

"I can assure you." He said, "This mystery murderer is not going to be a problem for much longer. I have seen to that myself."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Avalanche asked,

"In the early years of my Order, we had more Conduits fighting for our cause. But those Conduits rebelled against us. The losses were...great."

"So, what did you use?" Avalanche asked,

"Our ancestors were adept alchemists at the time, so they concocted a serum that kills Conduits, but leaves everything else unharmed." Mualim revealed, "Before the Order, most of our men were comprised of Conduits. But now, the only Conduits we take in are the ones that pique our interests. The man of my...."abilities and uniform" a renegade. Ulysses Kellerman, Umbra Killer, both of those names belong to him. But, word of warning, he is something we have to worry about. Many men have fallen to this man: Orlando Letelier; Alan Berg; Osama Bin Laden. Men who were more superior than your 'protege'".

"Raiden was a potential leader." Avalanche revealed, "He was a Electric Conduit. We needn't forget that one of the greatest Conduits in history was one of Raiden's abilities."

"One of the greatest Conduits in history fought against your men, as well as our interests." Mualim declared, "The First Sons of Empire City and Bertrand's Militia of New Marais were of your interests and mine respectively. Cole Macgrath took them both out. But the question I want answered is how your protege got the control suit."

Avalanche did not answer, instead he lifted his hood. But the white-ish blue haired Native-American face was not there. At least not half, stopping half-way between the eyes. On the other-side however appeared to have light-blue skin, with a slit, flat skin and a glimmer of lighter-blue where the other half of the nose, mouth and other eye should be respectively. The other half of white-ish blue hair is non-existent on that half of the face.

"I tried to take the Control Suit myself." Avalanche revealed, "But my bitch sister set up different defenses for different items. For me, it was the whole room being exposed to Ray Fields. I used my powers to protect against the defenses. But one half took the heat. I also got enhanced powers. And the POWA Armor has kept me breathing and in control after the exposure to Ray Fields. If Vermaak 66 possessed that kind of technology, the soldiers would be less......unpredictable."

Vincentte and Mualim looked at Avalanche in intrigue. They were interested in knowing the strengths of the POWA Armor.

"Did your sister have the secrets of developing this Armor?" Vincentte asks, "If so, we are going to need those secrets."

"Nope." He said, "All audio logs in the facility state that they are either destroyed, never existed, or the engineers and scientists who discovered and utilized said secrets were executed after their usefulness was exhausted. The audio logs all claim the same thing however: If they did exist, they don't exist now."

Mualim began to look inquisitive.

"Your protege." He asked, with a tone heard from a father asking his son what's wrong, "He took out three of our assassins, right?"

"Three?" Avalanche replies, "How is that possible?"

"Liftoff has been knocked out." Mualim reveals, "The Shadows have eyes when a Prime Shadow Conduit enters the vicinity." He thinks about it, and then.....

"Do you think that your protege could be getting...stronger after each opponent?" The master asked,

"Hmm." Avalanche said, "The POWA Armor has eleven models made in its design. The one Raiden has got, happens to be the control suit. The control suit, unfortunately for us, is rumored to be able to take the chips off of other POWA suits and utilize the powers of the operators."

"Hmm." Mualim said, "We need to set up a plan here." He notioned to Avalanche, "Augustine. I am putting you in charge of the assassins. Make sure they know of the current predicament: Tell the gangs to send their lieutenants out next." He then notioned to Vincentte. "Vincentte, you are to raise the bounty up by $100'000'000. No man can resist that: It's more than can be stolen from the banks."

After that, it all went back to....

Chapter 6 Edit

My apartment room back in Harlem?

I looked around the room, then at myself. I was not wearing my POWA Armor. Instead, I was wearing a white vest and a pair of boxers. I had risen from my bed.

"So, you finally awaken." A voice said as I had arisen from my slumber.

I turn and see a figure I had not expected to see...


"Ion?" I asked, "Did Zeke send you to check on me?"

"We both noticed that Umbra had collaborated with you for the remainder of yesterday." Ion revealed, "But Zeke wanted to sit back, and see what unfolds."

"What do you know?" I asked,

"I believe that there is more to your connection with Umbra than Zeke knows of." Ion claims, "Zeke believes that Umbra is a part of the Order of the Shadow; I believe that Umbra left, leading to the Order heading over here. Zeke believes that Umbra is after your blood; I believe that Umbra is trying to protect you from the $100'000'000 bounty."

"$100'000'000?" I was shocked at that figure. "I thought that it would be $1000'000."

The kid shook his head at me, as if to condemn me for being wrong, and then the next words he said had shocked me:

"Always misinformed, brother...."

At first I thought that Ion was being cryptic, except he was not....

He was Leo! Of course, Dad did mention both him and Leo being tested by the DUP, and not seeing him again. I rushed at Leo and hugged him.

"LEO!" I said, with a dramatically emotional tone, "I thought you were dead! I missed you, man."

"Good to see you again, bro" Leo said, in a sentimental tone. He then let me go, and spoke to me in a calmer tone.

"Listen, I gotta inform you, man. Avalanche has people in the NYPD, people who will be routed out after his influence has faded from this city." Leo explains, "But the thing is, after you and Dad took out two of Avalanche's moles, and one of Al-Sayif's men, both organizations have became more vigilant. The crime organizations that Avalanche have infiltrated have even started being more aggressive towards the citizens of New York. Bratva shaking people down; Mafia burning shops or stuff down; Triad dragging people off to meat freezers and mutilating them. Yeah, they're getting worse."

I was shocked at what was going on. "So, who do we take first?" I asked, wanting to save this city, "Let's go!"

Leo looked at me, as if to condemn me for impatience. "We have to think about this thoroughly." He then switches my TV set onto CNN.

"Meanwhile in New York, aggression from organized crime is increasing. But that is not the worst going on" A CNN news anchor exclaims, "Some unfortunates are suffering from unfortunate incidents: In a construction site near Central Park, a man is reported to have a large slab of concrete land on his leg. Then, we have arms dealers across the city speaking of their produce exploding and taking out some parts from the store, as well as money from their pockets, right?" The anchor looks to his right for approval of his little quip, before losing his jovial demeanor and getting back to his job. "Anyways, we also have an increased use of the drug known by the populace as "Black Magic". It has been reported that any takers of the drug has been attacking their peers and speaking quite......oddly. We speak to mayor Benjamin Vincentte on these developments."

The screen changes from the anchorman in the usual venue to Benjamin Vincentte on the way out of his Town Hall.

"Ah, yes" The mayor of New York City replies, "We are aware of the current situations, and we can say that those incidents are in no way linked to either the organized crime or the recent incidents relating to Conduits duking it out in Times Square. All those incidents are quite isolated and we are currently pressing the chief of police to help deal with them."

"Is Commissioner Coleman available for comment?" Asks the reporter,

"I am afraid not, for he is quite busy saving our city." Vincentte claims, "However, if all turns out well, he will be available for comment. If all does not turn out well, then I am afraid that I will have to resort to city-wide lock-down. Not something I would want, trust me."

Leo shuts off the TV set, muttering. "Fucking cunt, that lying bastard works with one of the biggest threats to mankind. Why the fuck won't they investigate? Bunch of pricks is what they are."

I look at Leo, shocked and appalled at the amount of foul language used. "Who do we take out first?" I asked,

Leo looks at me, remembering what was going on before Vincentte's 5 minutes of fame, "Oh, of course. Yes, we have three targets: Wilhelm Steinman; Ex-Bundswehr, works as a Triad Mercenary. Or best known as....."

I give my answer like a calculator. "Codename: Statue; Concrete Conduit, approached by Avalanche to be just mere cannon fodder. But after he outshone himself, Avalanche decided to keep him on."

Leo looks at me in shock. "Dad was not joking when he said that you used to be with The Vigilants. I suppose you know our next few targets, just to be sure."

I mention the next one in record time: "Modu Taamosa; Codename: Kaboom; Explosives Conduit; Joined Avalanche to get the joy out of blowing things up again."

I move on to the next target: "Phillipe De Sedeau; Codename: Voodoo; Tar Conduit; Ex-Reapers, and former protege of Bertrand; Is known to hate Electric Conduits, which means I am probably fucked. Was found by Avalanche in the aftermath of Macgrath's final showdown with The Beast. Is believed to be mass producing the Black Magic drug in order to conscript men into Avalanche's cause."

"Not bad, big brother." Leo said, "Now, we need to the deed."

I put the jumpsuit on for my armor, before putting on only the chestplate of my armor and dimming the light of the core to fully conceal it under the blue t-shirt and black hoodie that I put on after. I then put on some black cargo trousers to hide the bottom half of my jumpsuit. I get out a duffel bag and put the rest of my armor pieces in there.

As I turn to leave, Leo calls my name, and I look over.

"Riley, I'd be dead careful who you interact with from this point on." Leo said, "Dad told me that he saw you trying to save Viktoria when you and him first...took the masks off."

"She didn't see." I said, "Dad took me back home before we revealed our identities."

"Viktoria might not know." Leo said, "But, be careful nonetheless: Dad used to belong to the Order of the Shadow, he told me what he knew. And from what I gathered, they are dangerous. They had their fingers in every pie since the Crusades. Nobody knew they existed, save for the members themselves. Trust me, they're top secret, and when I say "top secret", I'm talking 'behind-closed-doors-no-surveillance-easily-deniable kind of top secret'. Trust me, they caused the World Wars and all other big wars with the click of a finger and everybody else none the wiser. If they find out about your identity, they'll come after Viktoria, and the public? They won't notice. The police? They won't do anything as long as Vincentte has them on leash. And Vincentte himself? He won't care. Look, be careful, Riley."

"Hey, I took out three Conduits in one night, and took their powers." I said, "I'm probably all good against a few monks."

Chapter 7 Edit

I walk out of the apartment at 10am or something. It hasn't even been ten minutes until I bump into Viktoria at Central Park.

"Hi, Riley." She said to me, in a kind voice,

"Hi, Viktoria." I said, in a cool voice, "You alright?"

"Yeah, I guess." She said, "I got attacked twice yesterday: Once at work while I was at Times Square, and once after that when I got jumped by my ex."

"Shit, really?" I asked, acting all shocked to keep it cool,

"Yeah." She said, "But I got saved though."

"Oh? Who by?" I asked, inquisitively,

"I don't know." She said, "It was a guy: Most of his features were covered by some kind of blue and black armor suit, or something. But h-he was a Conduit."

"Did he tell you his name?" I asked,

"No." She said, "But when he and the other guy were arguing back in Times Square, he called himself 'Raiden'".

"'Thunder'," I said, causing her to look at me in intrigue. "I had a Japanese Exchange Student back at Pennsylvania. Taught me some of their language."

"Oh." She said, "I see." She has thirty seconds to have a think about whatever it is she's thinking about, and then she asks: "Riley, do you wanna, well, I don't know, meet up sometime tonight? It's not a date, don't worry."

I think about it: If I say "No", it'll probably upset her. But, if I say "Yes", she'll probably get false hopes. Well, I can afford some time with her. I mean, she's started to grow on me all this time since I met her in New York.

"Hey, sure." I said, with a smile.

"Oh, really?" She said, excitedly,

"Yeah." I said,

After an awkward silence that lasts for a few minutes, I say to her "Well, see you tonight."

We both go our separate ways.

Chapter 8 Edit

"Statue", or his crimes had been sighted around the construction sites of the Second World Trade Center. Thank goodness they started rebuilding. I'll start there.

I walk into the construction sites, and I access the CCTV footage of the sites via my armor:

6pm - A construction site worker talks with his co-workers before leaving.

I then fast-forward to 6:30pm

6:30pm - The construction site is vacant save for the foreman and another worker. A car enters the site.

6:31pm - Vincentte and Statue get out of the car. Statue and Vincentte talk with the foreman and the worker, who is revealed to have worked on the hidden bunker for the White House.

6:32pm - Vincentte asks the worker for the blueprints. The worker refuses, before Statue throws the man into the river. The man tries to swim out.

6:33pm - Statue uses his powers to cause the man to sink into the river and drown. Statue then tells the foreman to get the blueprints and deliver them to him at a warehouse in the Industrial District.

I disconnect myself from the CCTV, and I leave for the warehouse.

I arrive at the warehouse. To find it looking deserted. I walk in, however, I see a man wearing a suit of grey POWA armor, while playing with his powers of Concrete manipulation.

"Raiden." Statue said, "This saves me from having to come after you. You are worth a lot of money."

"Yes." I said, "A lot. Pity that you won't know what it's like to carry that kind of cash."

Statue walks towards me. He walks with a brutish swagger that screams "You're gonna die!".

"Tell me, Raiden." He finally said, "Why is it that you chose to betray our master? Was it self-righteousness? Or was it just so that you could wipe us out and become the new Big Bad of New York?" The German accent is strong in this one. No Star Wars reference intended. But he had more of an accent that Schwarzenegger. So much so that it was purely unbelievable.

"Betray? Can't say I knew him." I said, "Self-righteousness? Possibly. But wipe your men out? Umbra might do that. But not me." I said those words with a cool attitude. So much so that, to Statue, I didn't seem at all fazed by his words.

I must not have picked my words carefully enough, because Statue was now mad. "Don't ever utter that name around me!" He said, before charging at me with concrete-coated fists.

I jumped, dodging both of his strikes. He pounded his fists into the ground. Soon after, I was held by a concrete structure.

Statue looked at me excitedly, he finally got me.

"Now, to crush you like the ant you are." He said.

Then, as he finished that sentence, I felt a bit of concrete stab me in the gut. He is crushing me.

I looked for the nearest electrical appliance, then, I dematerialized and flew towards a light switch. Statue was pissed.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" He shouted in complete rage.

It was at this point that I materialized behind him and drop-kicked him from behind. He fell to the ground with a loud thud. I then got close to him, and beat him to the point of unconsciousness. I used my powers to restrain him. And then, I ripped the core out of his suit, and inserted it into the back on my helmet. I raise my left hand, to find it covered in Concrete.

"One down. Two to go" I said, before running out of the warehouse.

Chapter 9 Edit

The next person on my list was Modu Taamosa. He was targeting gun stores across the city. I best ask around.

I head to an enclosed spot, take off my helmet, gloves, and boots, and dim my POWA core before covering it all up with trousers and a hoodie. I put my armor piece in the bag.

I then rush off to the nearest gun store in Queens, there is just one man standing in the building....the dealer.

I walk over, and I ask him: "Where do I get a gun?"

He then said "I'm sorry, but I can't sell to you."

I then ask why.

"Because all of my merchandise has exploded after the last client I had." He said,

"A Conduit?" I ask,

"Yeah," he said, "He asked me to get him military grade explosives, and I refused. Blew up all of my goods."

"I see." I said, calmly. "Well, thank you for your time. I best not take up more of it. See you soon."

I walk out, calmly. But I can't help but feel cheated: I thought I had a lead on the location of Taamosa, only for it to be a dead end.

Suddenly, I black out.

I wake up seconds later, back in the Gun Store?

I walk up to the dealer. Then I stop.

"How may I help you, sir?" The dealer seems more optimistic then compared to when I spoke to him.

"Hello.." I said, calmly, in a deep voice with a West African accent. "I would like to buy some plastic explosives."

The dealer turns from his optimistic demeanor to a serious one. "I'm sorry, sir. But US National Laws state that I cannot distribute these products, which means this: If you buy these products, both you and I will be subject to investigation, arrest, prosecution, and sentencing. You do realise that these are Military Grade Explosives?"

I laughed at his words: "'Sorry'? 'I'm sorry, sir?' Tell me, are you really sorry that you cannot sell these products to your customers, or are you just saying that to deflect the blame that will come to you when your customers find out that you cannot serve them?"

The dealer frowns slightly upon the end of that sentence: "Sir, that sounds to me like a passive aggressive threat. Is this so?" He asks,

"No," I state calmly, "A direct one: Give me my fucking products, or else you won't have to worry about the law anymore."

The dealer's frown turns from slight to whole: "Sir, please get the fuck outta my store, or I'm calling the cops."

"Oh, not to worry." I state, sarcastically, "I'm sure the cops will assist you. If they can get a response out of you."

"What?" The dealer said, slightly angrily.

Suddenly, I wave my hand, and a few seconds later, a box of 5.56mm rounds explodes, sending the bullets everywhere within range.

All the other ammo boxes go off one by one. The dealer runs straight into the backroom. I walk out, and blend in among the crowd. I hear police sirens a few minutes later. I wait for the 5-0 to walk into the gun store. Then, I disappear. I'll leave Vincentte to cover it up after I make it to my safehouse, I think to myself, as I walk over to what appears to be my own car: A dark-orange Nissan GT-R, with custom chrome wheels. I peer at the registration plate for it. And, as soon as I'm certain that I'm not getting into another guy's car, I hop in, and drive off, leaving the authorities and the dealer to sift through fuck all.

I wake back up, in my own body, in my own mind. The vision is over...

Chapter 10 Edit

I pulled out my cellphone and dialed Rook's number. "Hey, Rook." I said into the phone, "I've found Taamosa's car. But I'll need its current position. I have a registration number. I'll send it to you now." I hang up and I send the registration number to Rook via SMS.

A minute later, my phone buzzes with Rook's reply:

Brooklyn, Boynton Pl. Taamosa appears to own a safehouse there. Get going.

I smile at myself for having these visions, and I leave for Brooklyn.

Minutes later, I reach Taamosa's safehouse, finding his Nissan GT-R. I kick the front door open, and I see a room full of explosives, ammunition, weapons: Enough to outfit an army for conquest. At the end of the room, I see a tall man of African ethnicity stood in front of a table. He wore a dark green beret and a dirty gray vest that did little to hide his suit of POWA Armor. The core glowed a dirty orange. A Milkor MGL rested on top of the table.

Taamosa turned around to greet me. His face didn't match that of this attire. Whereas his attire was dirty and worn down, his face was clean shaven. For a man who was still fighting in his early 40's, he had the look of a young man, almost as if the fighting had not damaged his pristine features.

"Well, well, well." Taamosa boomed, a deep accent echoed through the room; an accent typical of a Johanesburg native. "So, the Thunder God has arrived" he added, mockingly.

I rushed into combat, as did Kaboom. He was a different sort of fighter compared to the other Conduits I fought. Whereas I either used my powers or bested them in hand-to-hand, Taamosa was a better fighter experience-wise: his time in the military taught him well. He used a variety of military CQC fighting styles to beat me down.

The armor's AI alerted me to a pattern in his fighting; when he was about to land a blow to the face, he would strike with his right arm.

As he was about to go for my face, I took his arm, and thrown him down to the ground by it. I then restrained him using my electrical powers. After taking his POWA core, and his power, I boomed to him.

"Modu Taamosa!" My shout bought me his attention, his eyes open with antipication. "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!" I finished, doing a crappy impression of Stephen Amell's take on Green Arrow, before knocking Taamosa out with a few volts of electricity.

Chapter 11 Edit

After I left Taamosa's safehouse, I decided to head back to my apartment in Harlem. Before I entered, I went into a hidden area, and removed my POWA Armor, hiding my chestplate under my light blue t-shirt, and putting the rest of the components inside of my rucksack.

I entered my apartment, seeing Rook sat on his desk. He is staring at me for some weird reason.

"Hey, Riley" he said, triumphantly, "Viktoria came by, asked me if you were around; I said you weren't; so she said she'll be waiting to meet you at 7pm. Outside of the apartment."

I start remembering. Oh shit, I thought. I just remembered that I promised to meet up with her tonight.

"Ah, yeah. Sweet. Did she say anything else?" I ask,

"Yeah" Rook said, "'Expect a text' That's all she said".

"Sweet!" I said, triumphantly, "So, this is it, dude."

"Yeah, man." Rook said, "Time for Spidey to go away, and Peter Parker to come out and play". He chuckles at that comic reference.

"Yeah, man." I said, fist-bumping him, before looking in my closet for anything smart to wear. "Hey, Rook. Would you happen to own any suits? Gotta dress smart for Viktoria."

"Nah, dude" Rook said, apologetically, "But....I know a good place where you can get something classy. Let's bounce"

Rook and I head out of the apartment, I leave my rucksack behind, and bring my wallet with me. We both take a train to a street about 10-20 minutes from Times Square. We find a mall, and start to look in there.

We head into the clothing department, and I see a suit that I like. "Hey, Rook. What do you think?" I ask him

"That looks like the suit that you usually see Michael De Santa wearing during the free roam part of GTA V" Rook said, chuckling, "Go for it!"

I take the suit. I don't know why, but the dark blue jacket looks very appealing with a white shirt. I take a white shirt with some pants as well. I head to the cashier and pay the guy before leaving, suit in hand.

We head back to the apartment. It's 6:25pm.

"Okay, dude. So, been with a girl before?" Rook asks me, sounding like one of those NPCs during the tutorial section of a game.

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