This is a new inFamous Fanon-Made storyline called inFamous: World at War. This storyline is Role-played and made by a certain number on experienced RPers and these are the RPers:

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  • Thecryingwolf3553
  • PyroHunter16
  • Nine taled beast

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and we will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a inFamous: OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities.
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.


This RP is about the world at war after the death of the American president and the end of the D.U.P. The world has been split into 4 groups: a group that believes in the superiority of conduitism lead by the Alliance, the humans who want to put an end to the dangerous bio-terrorists, a group who wants peace and a group of humans who want to use conduits as soldiers to do their bidding. It begins with conduits Tom, Bella, Seth, Hunter, Sterling, Jade, Max, Emma, Leo, Madelyn, Mark and Sasha celebrating their victory over the Department of Unified Protection's leader Raymond Agar before the war starts...

Tom: So guys, we did it, we earned this celebration.

Leo: Mouth is full and burps while trying to talk YAHP, WE EAWNED ET keeps eating

Madelyn: Leo! Close your mouth when you're eating! It's gross!!

Sasha: Eating loudly and burps really loud and everybody laughs except Madelyn

Madelyn: Ugh.. gross... takes bite of BBQ chicken and wipes her mouth

Sterling: Let's toast! To stopping the world threat!

Emma: So, what now?

Tom: Well let's party!

They all cheer when suddenly a bunch of government soldiers surround them

General: That's them, open fire!!!!

Tom: Shit! Run!!!

Everyone escapes unharmed


Total war has broken out and the world was divided into the four groups

Tom is at his base with a small army of conduits who joined him in the war

Tom: Okay, guys, we are gonna win this war. We are superior to them, we don't need weapons, we use the world as our weapons.

Seth: I got a plan.

Tom: What?

Seth: Remember the others?

Tom: Yeah those guys.

Seth: Get them to help us.

Tom: Okay, me and you will go.

Seth: Okay.

They go to Sterling's house where he is with his girlfriend hiding

Tom: Sterl, is that you?

Suddenly dust surrounds Tom and Seth and throw them against the walls with dust attached to them while they can't break out. Then Sterling runs from the living room and sees them attached to the wall struggling to escape but Sterling lets them out

Sterling: Tom? Seth? What are you guys doing here? looks confused And you set off my trap! It's a new move I made. But anyway what are y'all doing here?

Natalia: Baby? Who is that? she says with a nervous and worried tone in her voice

Sterling: with a relieving voice No, it's okay, they're my conduit friends hehe.

Then a beautiful girl peeks in from around corner and she comes out

Natalia: N-Nice to meet you... I'm Natalia...

Tom: Hey, that's your girl? Anyway, about the war...who's side are you on?

Sterling: There are sides? Well me and Natalia are on the side that wants peace between conduits and humans. Hugs Natalia and holds her close

Tom: Ha, that's not happening, there are four sides, a side that wants to kill us off, a side that wants to use us as slaves, a side that wants to kill the humans, and a side that wants peace.

Sterling: Uh, I'm the side that wants peace... That's what I just said....

Tom: Well I'm on the side that wants to kill the humans, in fact, I'm their leader!

Natalia scoffs and shakes her head

Natalia: Hey Seb, I'll be in basement practicing my fighting

Sterling: 'Kay babe. See ya sees a sad look on her face

Sterling: So what do you want...

Tom: For you to join us.

Sterling: When my girlfriend is a human? You are such a sadistic bastard who is inconsiderate of others. You don't know what will happen. You didn't even pass highschool for Christ's sake! Do you know the effect it's going to have? Sigh The answer is NO. Now get out of here.

Forms a dust wall the instantly carries and pushes Seth and Tom out the house and close the door with a dust armor around the house and Sterling goes to the basement to help Natalia.

Seth: Do we kill him?

Tom: What are you? Crazy? He's a conduit, he's just protecting his girl, it's alright, we'll convince him later. I'll go to Emma, you go to Leo.

Seth goes to Leo's base where he is arguing with his leader

Seth: Hey Leo! I need to talk to you!

Leo is arguing with his boss and Madelyn is trying to stop him when Seth comes in


Seth: Tom wants you to join our side in the war. We need help.

Leo: angry tone We were just discussing this and now you?!?! Fuck you AND Tom! I got better shit to worry about! Turns back to the boss

Seth: Fucking Jesus, you start one war and everyone gets butthurt. on phone Hey Tom, any luck?

Tom: No, you?

Seth: No, Leo told me to fuck off.

Tom: Seth, subdue them, I can't risk them fighting against me.

Seth: How the fuck does acid subdue?

Tom: Harmless poison?

Seth: I hate you...Hangs up

Seth walks back up to the base the releases his knock out gas then burns a hole through the ground and escapes

On phone

Tom: You got them?

Seth: I released the gas but I ran away.

Tom: What! Why?!?

Seth: There was like fifty of them!

Tom: And there's over a hundred of us!

Seth: And only one of me! We should just give this and join another side.

Tom: No, I'm not abandoning my kind!

hangs up

Tom is at Emma's place

Tom: Hey Em! You there?!?

Tom looks around and goes upstairs, seeing Emma shoving some pills to her throat.

Emma: I hope that'll silent you! I need to get some normal thinking! Looks at Tom Oh...hey?

Tom: What are you doing? Takes pills off her What do you mean "silent you", who are you talking to and why are you taking pills?

Emma: Remember the voices I told you about with Maria? What Ray did to me? Well, it's getting stronger. These are against headaches, but if I use a lot of them, they can silent "that" for some time.

Tom: That won't work. What exactly did Ray do to you?ÿ

Emma: Ray did "tests" on me. It didn't do a thing until some time ago. All I remember is that once, he tested on me all kinds of chemical crap and this is what happened. I was brainwashed into forgetting this, but when it broke out, I managed to unlock all of my memories. The pills work for some time. Give me them back.

Tom: No, he probably unlocked a new power for you, that's why he wiped your memories, he didn't want you to use it.

Emma: A new power? That's how you call millions of voices, and a few that were once me?

Tom: You're a dream conduit, you're probably reading millions of dreams at once.

Emma: One of them is aware to everything I do.

Tom: Shit, this isn't like the thing Hunter has inside him right?

Emma: Begins to cry a bit I don't know... Give me the pills back. They make it go away!

Tom: No throws them out the window you got to find what it is and control it.

Emma: Fine. But the next person I kill will be on your head.

Tom: There's a war going on outside, the world has split apart. Please tell me you're joining my side.

Emma: You obviously want me on your team. How predictable. What exactly are you planning to do?

Tom: Kill those humans that hate us so much then make a conduit world. Any one born human will be a forced conduit. That would really save the world. Humans who don't want us dead will obviously be spared. Please, this is the right option.

Emma: The sparing part is good. I agree. But if you try and kill an innocent or kill people without any right for at least a trial, all of my voices would agree:We will kill you or trap you in your worst nightmare. Now, care to bring me my pills back?

Tom: Em, we need to do this to survive. We can't live in hiding. If they win this war, our kind would die out. We won't kill all humans, just the ones who want us dead.

Emma: I said I'm with you. I said my terms. I have nothing more to tell you for now other than: Give me back my medicine.

Tom: gets the pills Ok, well, see you later. Gotta war to fight. Leaves through the window

Tom goes to Hunter's apartment and knocks on the door

Tom: Hey Hunter, open the door, I need to speak to you.

Tom leaves because Hunter doesn't open

Seth and Tom go back to Sterling's house

Tom: Hey Sterling, open up, I'm sorry, we aren't going to kill her. I didn't know she was human. We aren't going to kill all human! We will spare our friends and family or innocents.

Sterling swings open the door

Sterling: Listen, you better FUCK. OFF. I ain't killin' no humans! We are still HUMANS. Are you an idiot? Will that ever go through your thick head? All we have is a gene that makes us different from the rest of them! Saying we're not humans is like saying we had no feelings are emotions are don't feel pain. But we are still human! Geez... When will you ever learn... You're always looking for dominance... I can see why you never got a girlfriend yet... You're not even respectful to yourself... Slams door

Tom: Seth...

Seth: What...

Tom: Kill him.

Seth: What?!? Are you serious?!? I'm not killing him!

Tom: Fine! I'll do it myself! Tom breaks down the door and sees Sterling

Sterling: Get...out...

Tom: Goodbye Sterl...

A glowing green hand rips through Tom's chest

Seth: I'm sorry Tom, your rule is at an end.

Tom falls, dead

Seth: Sorry about that Sterling, he needed that.

Hunter appears behind Seth with his new Flame mask and a more skeletal form of his Full-bring outfit.

Hunter: The fuck? What happened?

Seth: I-I uh killed Tom.

Hunter: That's fucked up, but he was a dick anyway. Ah! Coughs up a small mass of liquid photons which form the arm of Hunter's Full Flame form Shit! Breaks off the mask and breaks off the armor Ever since the war started and I killed a DUP conduit purger named Isaac, Flame has been acting up. He's been more active then ever. He's been randomly forming in small bursts, and the mask will just appear out of nowhere. I was in meditation and he has been more ruthless than ever. His only goal is to take over my body, and he's been more persistent about it. It scares me. I don't know what to do.

Seth: I could melt the fucking thing. I gotta bury Tom though, he helped me recover from my depression, stopped me from suicide. And I killed him...

Sterling: Geez... I'm gonna go back inside now... Bye guys...

Fixes door and goes back inside to girlfriend

A figure appears

Victor: Hey you guys! Get here an show yourself!

Seth: Who's that guy?

Sterling comes out

Sterling: Uh, who is that...

Victor: How could you not know me? I own America!

Seth: What?

Hunter: Who the hell are you? And no, you don't. I don't think that's possible. Creates Flame mask

Victor: Yes I do, the civilians agree with it, the government are to afraid to not agree with it. I protect this city and I'm going to stop the war for I am The Controller.

Sterling: Annoyed voice Shut up... 2 dust Sai's form in Sterling's hands as he charges at Victor at full speed slashing at his right leg and chest making me fall and then Sterling stabs the 2 Sai's in his legs and throws Victor with all his strength

Sterling: FUCK OFF!! Makes his body into dust and prepares for a counter attack

Victor laughs it off

Victor: You sir, have some issues. Do you know why they call me The Controller? I'm in control! Victor telekinetically picks up Sterling and leaves him there defenseless. He then mind controls Hunter back into Hunter form instead of Flame

Hunter: Oh shit. It's starting again. Sterl, Seth, get ready to run like there's no tomorrow! AHH!!! Hunter is enveloped in a random mass of photons and turns into his new Flame form

Flame: You can't control SHIT! DIE!!! Disappears then reappears behind Victor then slashes him with a beam of solid. Go to Hell!

Sterling: S-Seth... We gotta go... turns into dust and appears behind Seth to get him into the house and surround house with dust armor

Victor: *laughs* You're so cute and pathetic Sterling, Seth and Victor disappear and the background turns to flames. Victor appears beast-sized towering above Hunter

Victor: I can end your pathetic life instantly for I am superior to you but I shall spare you for I am a protector, not a murderer. everything goes back to normal

Flame: That. Is a load of absolute bull crap. No one is superior to me. Ah! Flame tries to hold back his arm but it rips off a section of the mask, revealing Hunter's eye, with red irises and black sclera and pupils Flame, screw off. No, let me have some more time! No! GO back! The rest of the Full Flame form fades into the new Flame mask the rests on Hunter's fore head. Better. Now then, YOU! The, uh, Controller? I-I guess? Fuck off! No Flame, it's not worth it. Stop trying to get me to waste it. I'll use it when it's the most necessary. I don't care if he thinks he's superior. Just let him think that for now. Slides the mask back on then knocks on Sterling's dust armor Hey dude! It's me, Hunter! The Flame attack is over! Let me in!

Sterling's dust armor settles and they come out

Sterling: Geez dude, you should've done something

Victor: Hmmm, Hunter, yeah I know your name, you work for me now. Mind controls Hunter to be his servant. Now, subdue Sterling and Seth.

Hunter morphs back into Flame again and is freed from the mind control then reverts completely back to normal

Hunter: Oh, I forgot. Flame acts sort of as a mind shield. He'll take over and wipe away any effects on my mind. He's a very brutal fragment of my mind, so he'll do anything he can to protect my body from any other form of control. He's the one who wants control of my body, so he'll do whatever it takes to preserve and keep my mind and body in a pure condition so he can fight me head-on. No mind control to hinder me, no nothing to affect me. So, yeah.

Victor: Interesting...I knew everything about you as soon as I looked at you. I know all your fears...all your secrets...your whole life, every thought you've made. As he said this Hunter's worst fears appear. Hailey getting slaughtered and Flame completely controlling him

Hunter: No. It can't be true. You bastard! AH! Another mass of red photons appears and surround Hunter, forming his Titan armor, with his Bankai coat, and his Full Flame head You need to go. I won't say another word. A section of the Flame mask breaks revealing Hunter's Flame eye What. Is this? Ohhh. Never mind. All yours. The missing fragment reappears and he gets into a fighting stance You don't know me. And you can't read my thoughts. I don't bother thinking on a consciously-readable level. Even if you were to probe my mind as far as you could, you still wouldn't be able to sense anything. I exist in a different way from the average human or conduit. Unsheathes sword and prepares to fight Victor. Go for it, Victor.

Victor: *smiles* Oh I know what colour your underwear is! I know everything! Your titan is useless! Victor astral projects and goes into Hunter mind and manages to actually deactivate his titan despite Flames protection

Victor: You don't want to fight me. I am a good conduit. I'm merely protecting the citizens of America.

Hunter: I'm not his titan form. Maintains his form. Like I said before, I exist like no other entity on this planet. If you say you're good, then let the government do their jobs and fall apart naturally. You can take power then and then revise society the way you want to. Gasps Oh shit. The form disappears and becomes a longsword with an angelic motif. Cool. Picks up the sword which then turns into a chain with a wooden angelic hexagon attached to one end. Interesting. Wraps the chain around his arm like Delsin with the badge kept close to Hunter's palm. Victor, go home, you're probably drunk.

Victor: I can't get drunk...what am I doing? I got a war to stop! Leaves

Hunter: That was weird. I wonder what's up with new chain thing? Maybe it's a source for Crimson Fury to form.

A bullet enters Hunters head

Yohan: Die!!!

Hunter: Shit. Drops to the floor. No, you're not dying on my watch! Hunter becomes Flame then stumbles to the nearest light source to recharge then flash steps around a 1-mile radius from the previous source for more sources to drain the reappears behind Yohan with a beam of solid light Alright then, who are you and who do you work for?! Grabs Yohan then pushes him against the wall.

Sterling comes out of house and uses dust to attach him to the wall in an inescapable trap

Yohan turns intangible and escapes and runs to Sterling and knocks him out with a punch to the face

Yohan: Stay out the way, looks at Hunter You! You're time is up! Shoots shotgun then gets out sword to finish the job

Suddenly a fog enters the area and becomes Emma

Emma: What are you doing here?

Yohan: Hunter, your life is at an end.

Emma: So, every time I leave, someone dies, huh?

Scans their mind and understands what happened here

Emma: You are all MORONS!

Seth: Emma, I'm sorry, he was crazy!

Emma: Crazy or not, we do NOT KILL conduits! holds Seth down on the earth for some time

Emma: I'm sorry. I had..feelings, for Tom. And my split personalities are reacting much worse than I do.

Seth: I buried him, I didn't want to kill him, I just did it, I couldn't control myself!

Emma: Do you want me to dig into your mind and force you to control yourself? I did this a few times. It is not pleasant.

Seth: No, no mind raping!

Emma: I have never raped anyone. It's more You want me to do that?!

Seth: No!

Victor reappears

Victor: Another mind conduit? Great!

Emma: I am more than just a petty mind conduit. I can manipulate reality itself.

Victor: Yeah I know. I can astral project.

Emma: Whoopty doo! Excuse me, I have someone to kill.

Seth: What?!

Emma: Your mind, not you. You'll live. As a creature with no mind of its own, but its the price you must pay for killing someone I love!

Summons all kinds of monsters from her mind to attack Seth

Seth: Uhhh, Controller? Aren't you going to make this under control?

Victor: You did kill her crush.

Seth: What?!? Arg! Fine Melts the constructs with an acid splash

Emma creates more and makes them more durable(Requiring more acid to kill)

Emma: Idiot. I can recreate everything here! Pauses for a minute and giggles in an evil tone

Emma: Huh. I'm..a goddess. The very thought of the world, kneeling to me before I destroy my enemies...It's incredible. Creates swords and throws them at Seth

Sterling comes in front of Seth and catches swords making them explode of dust

Sterling: Seth, leave I'll hold her off. After all this is my house!!

Seth: No, I can do this! Pushes Sterling out the way. Shoots acid then acid punches the constructs and poisons Emma which weakens her

Emma regenerates

Emma: I AM my fog, you morons! Creates a tornado out of fog

Seth: Fuck Gets sucked up by tornado

Makes dust tornado that spins in opposite direction of Emma's tornado to cancel it out saving Seth

Sterling: Shit... You guys gotta take your fight somewhere else!!!

Emma: Fight? A fight is when two people are equal and battle. I am a goddess! creates demons and causes them to attack Seth in order to subdue him

Hunter: RROOOAAAARRRR!!!! Charges up a massive energy blast from both the horns on his gauntlets then fires them as small blast at everyone SHUT UP!!!

Emma dashes to Hunter and catches him by his throat, while causing him to feel massive amounts of pain


Yohan: That's my job! knocks Emma away the stabs Hunter with a knife

Natalia comes out of the house with wind going everywhere as everyone is fighting and she yells


Everything and everyone just stops moving to look at her

Sterling: Natalia... Get out...


Sterling goes to her and hugs her

Sterling: Okay... I'll stop...

Yohan: Not till I kill Hunter.

Emma: A mortal's words mean nothing to--oh fuck. What happened here? Emma's confused and takes down every construct.

Flame: What the hell do you want from me?! What have I ever done to you?! Or anyone you knew?! The Full Flame form reverts to its newer mask form

Hunter: As I was saying, Why do you want to kill me?! Who wants me dead?!

Yohan: That I don't know. He was wearing a black hoodie and gave me money and a picture.

Hunter: Did the hoodie have blue stripes on it?

Yohan: Yeah, why?

Hunter: Did you get a look at his face? What did his hair look like?

Yohan: It was just a big shadow. It was night.

Hunter: Kyle. Forget the hit. I'll pay double what he paid you to forget this hit.

Yohan: He paid me twenty k.

Hunter: Here. Hands Yohan a check for $40k My parents are somewhat rich. Now then, just forget this hit. If he asks for a picture, show him this Hands him a fake picture showing Hunter's maimed corpse. He'll never know the difference. I've studied your work. You seem to have a sense of honor for your "hired gun" act.

Natalia: So it's finally over huh...

Sterling: Yes... I'm sorry I acted like this... This 'Victor' dude thinks he's all that and I just couldn't stand it...

Victor: I am all that. I own this place and if you don't like it, you can get outta my Kingdom.

Sterling: Neck cracks This isn't your kingdom...

Natalia: Babe no... Just leave him alone... I know you can kill him but not today...

Sterling: Fine... Glares at Victor then leaves to go inside house with Natalia

Emma: We need to make a funeral for Tom.

You hear Sterling yelling from the background

Sterling: Tell me when the funeral is!!!!!!

Hunter: Singing Stand up, be strong! Know right, know wrong! Forever hence, believe yourself! Stops singing Tom Green Jr., rest in peace poor soul. Your intentions seemed evil, but they were in defense and preservation of the conduits. Now, move forth from this death and be reborn in the afterlife. Remember this: no matter the obstacles, fight it with all you can and more. Draw on all those that have helped you to this point, and fight on. This world is cruel, but you must not let this drag you down. Push through and fight!

Emma cries a bit and sends her speech telepathically instead of talking

Sterling: You were a cool dude.... Rest in Piece brotha...

Seth: He was a great friend, he helped me recover from my depression. Rest in Piece Tom.

The gang of conduits head to Sterling's house after the funeral

Seth: So, how long have you two been together?

Natalia: Since the end of highschool. smiles at Sterling and looks back at Tom He had told me his secret too, after the ceremony... And I mean... I had to accept him, I loved him too much...

Emma: Aaghh..someone, give me a drink. I need alcohol. It's urgent...

Sterling: Hahaha, got it! turns into dust and reforms with a drink and hands it to Emma You good Emma?

Seth: Guys, I'm gonna go, back to the Alliance base. He leaves looking sad

Hunter: As much of a jerk as Tom was, he was a pretty cool guy. Hey, can someone get me a soda?

Sterling does same trick to get Hunter a soda

Sterling: Catch bro throws soda to him He was a cool dude...

Hunter: Catches the soda Thanks.

The front door opens and appears a figure with a hole through his shirt

Tom: Hey guys...said in a creepy voice

Hunter: SWEET, MERCIFUL BUDDHA, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! Drops soda from surprise and forms Flame mask in case. How the fuck are you still alive?!?!

Emma: Am I drunk, or that you see Tom too?

Hunter: I see him too. What the actual hell are you?!

Tom: I never died. Walks inside

Emma: Ok, this is not real. I..I...I must be drunk.

Tom: Em, you're not drunk, it's me. I never died. I survived that bastard Seth. It just knocked me out.

Emma: Oh my god...Walks to Tom and hugs him hard

Tom: blushes and hugs her back You guys buried me alive! I was so scared, I broke out and dug my way through.

Sterling: What the... How?

Natalia: Oh my goodness... conduits are so overpowered!!

Tom: You got that right. I gotta go back to the Alliance guys.

Emma: You do know about what Seth is doing, right?

Tom: What? What do you mean?

Emma: He has become the new leader of the alliance.

Tom: What?!? I gotta go Runs off

Emma: I need to follow him. If something goes wrong, I'll knock some heads off.

At the Alliance baseEdit

Emma and Tom see Seth talking to the new Alliance

Seth: We need this half to go around back and blow up the-

Tom: Seth! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?

Seth: Shit...

Conduit: I thought you said he died.

Tom: Seth tried to kill me!

Emma: Sadly for you, asshole, he didn't die.

Seth: I-I uh

Tom: You know what? Fuck you Shoots shard at him

He goes to Seth then picks him up from the throat

Tom: You fucking traitor.

Seth: You're crazy! Killing the humans!

Tom: Is that why you're planning to do the same?

Seth: Your approach was pathetic!

Tom: So you offed me?!? You just wanted leadership!

Seth: Fuck you.

Tom: Time to die Seth.

Seth: You don't kill conduits.

Tom: You're right, I don't. Seth, meet Emma. Throws Seth to Emma

Tom: Emma, kill Seth please.

Emma: Killing is not enough, love. I'll brainwash him into a mindless slave. Any last words?

Tom: No, what is it with your "mindless slave" thing?

Emma: I never had the time to fully learn how far could I reach with my mind powers, yet control over reality is perfect.

Induces a lot of pain in Seth and keeps him awake and alive by a thread

Emma: Last words?

Seth: Tom, you're an idiot who should go back to school and Emma, let's bring out the monster in you. His eyes glow and he glares into Emma's eyes which makes her unleash her "other side" and becomes more dominant over her good side

Emma covers Seth in fog, causing him to see his greatest fears and fear everything he sees

Emma: Fear me! You will suffer in your last moments! Emma kicks him out of the window, not killing him yet though

Tom: Look, I'll kill him. Traitor...

Tom goes outside and sees Seth. He grabs him by the throat

Tom: Seth, what did you do to Emma?!?

Seth: Oh she'll handle it. Hopefully.

Emma flies over there and kicks and punches Seth rapidly before sending her dream constructs to hit him

Emma: Tom, you want revenge or that I'll kill the bastard?

Tom: You know what Seth? I'll let you live. Once Emma wipes your mind in the most painful way.

Emma: What?! The son of a bitch tried to kill you after all you've done for him and you will let him go!? Are you sure?!

Tom: I admit I was a little crazy.

Emma: Mind-wipe it is. Seth, any last words?

Tom: Just do what you did to Ray okay? No killing conduits.

Emma: Disappointing. Emma induces a lot of pain into Seth and knocks him out while erasing his mind of everything that recently happened, leaving him with very little knowledge.

Tom: Thanks. Well, got a war to fight.

Somewhere elseEdit

Hunter: I wonder, where is everyone now? I don't think that I should go see Tom or Emma right now. If I do, Flame's probably gonna fly into utter rage and kill everyone. Where is that Victor guy?

Victor appears

Victor: You called? A burnt car flies through the air at Hunter but is caught by Victor's telekinesis and thrown back

Hunter: Oh, guess appearing when your name is mentioned is one of your powers.

Victor: No, I can hear everyone, even their thoughts. So I can help them when they need it. I can also fly.

Hunter: Never mind. I just wanted to know what side your on. Peace between conduits, Human-superiority, Conduit-superiority, or Enslaved Conduitism?

Victor: Peace. Enslaved Conduitism is winning though. Conduits and humans work well together when humans control them.

Hunter: Yeah, seems legit. Anyway, I'm gonna find Tom. Flash-steps away to find Tom.

Hunter finds Tom, with glowing red eyes and a "dead" look, standing next to a soldier

Soldier: Kill him!

Tom: No problem! Tom runs to Hunter and claps his hands together which blasts many shards at him

Hunter: SHIT! Jumps out the way and then forms Flame mask and then Flash-steps away

Tom: Give up! You're outmatched! grinds towards Hunter then forms sword and slashes Hunter

Hunter: Why Tom?! Draws sword just in time to block Tom's sword I thought you were a pro-conduit fighter! Don't make me us it. Really, don't!

Tom: Fuck the rights for conduits!!! You will die!!! as he said this, the soldier watching laughs and Tom kicks Hunter away then shoots shards at his stomach

Hunter: Looks at the soldier Bastard! Breathing heavily Alright then. I'll need to use my titan. Activates his titan and rampages throughout the city RROOAARR!!!!!! Continues on rampaging.

Soldier: Stop him!

Tom: My pleasure boss! Tom turns into knight mode and forms his obsidian blade and glass boosts up to Hunter and stabs through him

Hunter: ROAR!!! Transforms back into Hunter, except standing in mid-air with smokey clouds of white-and-red light wafting off his left forearm, right arm, and his hair is long enough to graze his shoulder with a black-almost red bandage-like carapace that encompasses his right upper arm, upper torso and straggles off into the lower torso and stops right below his eyes, and a metallic left arm that has a broken off shoulder pad that has the remnants of the kanji for fire on it. I didn't really expect for this to happen. I'm apparently in half FSHP form. Let's finish it. The shoulder pad reformed completely, the carapace finishes forming on the arm and torso, his armored leggings formed, and his ripped-up bankai coat formed. Well then. Hikari-Ryoshi. Forms a blade of light then swings it at the soldier, where a column of light erupts from the ground and cuts apart the soldier controlling Tom. Shako-tai. The blade of light then becomes a riot shield which surrounds Hunter with an opaque sphere of light, preventing anyone from entering or breaking apart. Now that is done. Teleports away from the area and deactivates the FSHP while the shield remains distracting any enemies then passes out on his bed.

Meanwhile out in the coast of New Spire... Edit

Levi Infamous Augustine Labryinth 1

Concrete Structure that rose out of the water

A giant concrete structure is rising out of the water as many dead soldiers are too. A figure is seen crawling out from the structure coughing out water with a blast core in his hand

Kenneth: Coughing out water AGH!! AGH!!! He looks around and tries to escape on a speed boat when some conduits find their way out too while yelling and trying to shoot at Kenneth

Some Conduit: STOP!! WE NEED THAT BLAST CORE YOU IDIOT!! coughs water

Kenneth: Tch, points middle finger at them and jumps into the water as a speed boat forms but seems to be glowing a bit red and it speeds away to New Spire

Kenneth: Ah shit... Finally got this piece of shit and almost drowned for it... Who makes an underwater base anyway... Stupid war...

Suddenly behind him a giant wooden and concrete golem forms and its trying to shoot Kenneth

Kenneth: Looks behind with surprised face The hell? Speed boat starts going really fast dodging all their projectiles but they finally shoot it and it explodes and Kenneth is sent flying

Kenneth: Stupid!! hits water and sinks but swims dodging projectiles *I might have to go up for air soon, and I need to absorb this blast core... Ahh fuck it...

As Kenneth says this a military jet and is glowing a bit red flies up out the water and is flying high in the sky and it breaks apart by Kenneth's doing and Kenneth skydives on the golem

Kenneth: FUCK YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!! I'LL TAKE YOU APART PIECE BY PIECE but then he gets swatted away far onto the beach of New Spire AHHHH!!!! crashes onto beach

A whole bunch of civilians are scared and watching Kenneth get up but the giant golem is coming and Kenneth decides to face it head on

Kenneth: COME AT ME YOU FILTHY BEAST!!!!!! Kenneth starts making helicopters that shoot missiles and fire them at the golem but its fends them off for a while and then the golem swings its arm which causes a blast of air to launch Kenneth back into the rocks at the end of beach

Kenneth: I'M FINISHED NOW!!! Suddenly a giant golem structure comes up from water glowing a bit red and grabs the other golem from behind and slams it into the water. Then its starts jabbing into the concrete and wood golem and rips it to pieces

Kenneth: Hehe... y'all fucktards were just making me stronger by increasing my anger like that! HAHAHAHAH

Kenneth then gets up on the street and constructs a car and starts driving really fast down the road, away from the scene

Later in a penthouse Edit

Kenneth's Friend: You got a blast core??! We can finally use the power transfer device!! R-Right?

Kenneth: Yea yea... You guys better pay me back so I can get some powers too... Anyway, with that thing, you'll never surpass me... Haha!! laughs like an idiot

Kenneth's Friend #2: Bet you we will!

Kenneth kisses the blast core

Kenneth: We've been through a lot baby....

Kenneth's Friend #2: You JUST got that thing on a mission!!

Kenneth: SHUT UP! We had moments starts fake crying then starts chuckling

Kenneth's friends get in the power transfer device as Kenneth places the blast core on the stand in the center. He starts it up and watches as it powers up and then his friends start screaming. Kenneth constructs a chair and sits down in front of them as he watches their powers transfer into each other with an unamused face.

Kenneth: *Idiots will never get past my damn level, hehehe*

The machine starts to falter but Kenneth doesn't notice as he's playing games on his phone, then a second before the machine explodes he forms a solid shield and then when the dust clears, the shield vanishes and reveals 2 glowing conduits.

Kenneth: Yo. Guys? Y'all good?

Both of Kenneth's friends look up at him and shoot plasma at him and he gets hurt and flies back to the entrance

Kenneth: AH! FUCK! YOU FUCKFACES!! Kenneth forms 4 giant miniguns and starts firing them at his two friends and they apparently have super speed and moved around the guns, both punching Kenneth in the stomach making him fly out the penthouse

Kenneth's Friend #1 (Named Sam): So we haven't gotten stronger than you bro? You haven't landed A HIT on us yet.

Kenneth's Friend #2 (Named Jett): Yea. Do you KNOW how much stronger we are now?


Kenneth's dodge. (VIEW GIF)

Kenneth chuckles and gets up and wipes blood away from his mouth

Kenneth: He constructs a giant baseball bat and hits them 2 away in the penthouse and makes 4 tanks that shoot missiles inside the penthouse at them. As the they explode you see the explosion absorbed by Jett and then Sam uses the super speed to attack Kenneth but Kenneth does a swingthru 900 feilong over Sam and shoots a construct at his leg making Sam fall on his face then turns around to see Jett flying at him with a plasmic punch but Ken makes a bubble construct around Jett's arm and slams him into the ground then throws him at Sam.

Kenneth: Is breathing heavily because of his rising anger I FUCKING told you... You guys can NEVER beat me. No matter what power ups you get.

Sam: FUCK YOU Him and Jett shoot a giant plasmic beam at Kenneth but makes a shield that breaks on impact but gave time for Kenneth to run out the way, but Sam and Jett have already flew away.

Kenneth: FUCK. What the hell did I just do... punches ground and makes hole into ground. He then gets up and gathers the pieces from the Power transfer device and he brings it to his apartment in New Spire.

Somewhere else 2 hours later... Edit

Dan is in the middle of the Sun District where most of the war is being fought in

Dan: Hiding Oh shit, I'm not fit for a war! (what do I do?!? I guess I have to fight for the Enslaved Conduitism, conduits are too dangerous) runs out and engulfs himself in black flames and shoots a rocket at a group of humans who are attempting to kill conduits, disintegrating them


(VIEW GIF) Leo's Pop Feilong move

Dan: Shit. Emma appears with the same red eyes as Tom had and is chasing after Leo, trying to kill him but she won't kill Dan because they are on the same side

Leo: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! SORRY EMMA!! Leo turns around and does a Pop Feilong with his fire knocking Emma off her feet then sending her flying. Sorry!!!

Leo spots Dan and runs over to him

Leo: Hey you!! What side are you on?!

Dan: Her side. points at Emma And you? holds arms out with balls of fire in his hands and his eyes on fire, black fire

Leo: I don't know what her side is... But I'm on the side with peace smiles then smirks and creates a flaming wall between them that turns into ice

Dan: walks through the wall while melting it with his heat Your fire is unique but...weak. Peace will never work out, you should consider changing sides. Conduits are too dangerous to be roaming free, but are too useful to kill. Controlling them is the best option.

Dan looks around to not see Leo anymore but to see him fly away from the scene

A conduit flies to Leo and drags him down

Wind conduit: WE ARE A DANGER TO HUMANITY!!! shoots a blast of wind at him which knocks him back through a building The D.U.P will sacrifice us!

Leo emerges through the wreckage and dusts himself off

Leo: So that's how it's gonna be huh. His eyes start to glow purple and and produces mass flames as he runs freezing the area and then shoots down the wind conduit with ease

Tom comes grinding in Leo's direction escaping from what appears to be a giant sludge monster conduit


Leo: With his eyes still glowing he shoots a giant shot of Ice-Fire at the sludge freezing it in its tracks with very burning ice and steam starts coming from the giant ice made glacier

Leo: Why were you running you could've stopped it. eyes stop glowing and he looks at the monster but more conduits come from behind the monster and here comes a super fast conduit and can run really fast and they start fighting

Leo: Shit!!

The conduit runs around Leo and punches him in the jaw but Leo does a windmill move and flies off the ground dodging the conduit's next attack and shoots it in the back but he keeps running fast. As Leo is going to hit the ground the super speed conduit hits Leo through a building

Tom: Thanks for the help! Tom shoots a ball of glass which subdues the conduits then gets his obsidian blade and jams it through the big ice cube revealing a 13 year old boy trembling in fear

Leo: Whoa...

Tom: It's, a-a kid. helps kid up How did he turn into that monster? Why are you fighting a war kid?

Boy: I don't know. Leave me alone! sludge comes out his hands

Leo: Hey kid you better stop!!!

Boy: NO!!! traps Tom is a sludge trap then uses the last of his source to trap Leo's legs Oh no!

Leo: Dammit! Stupid kid!! breathes lots of ice-fire on the sludge to freeze it, then he strikes it to break it

Tom: Kid, sorry about this. Traps kid in glass statue except head then puts him into a safe building I hate kids. So Leo, what's up?

Leo: Nothing bro, what's goin on with you?

Tom: Well I'm not going to kill all humans now, just a few.

Leo: pats Tom on the back I will sadly not allow you to do that smiles

Tom: Leo, you've got to learn that humans and conduits can never live in peace, only one side can be dominant. Open your eyes.

Leo: We ARE humans you twat, it IS possible to live in peace if we actually tried. Why are you guys so afraid of "humans" for? We have more power so we can set them in place anytime we want.

Tom: Fine, "normals" then, happy? If I was afraid, I wouldn't go out murdering a bunch of them now, would I? The time for trying is over, killing or severely injuring is the only solution.

Leo: picks him up by the shirt collar and throws him on the floor Like I said, you won't be killing ANY humans. Begins to walk away

Tom: gets up And your going to stop me? Weak. Is Maddy okay? Too bad Ray didn't finish the job.

Leo: Laughs Yea, it is too bad. She's a survivor. He couldn't have killed her anyway. That's what I love about her ya know? She's a trooper! She doesn't even stoop down low like you conduits. chuckles while he is still walking away And uh, your girlfriend Emma over there is a crazy bitch isn't she? Too bad she isn't as sane as Maddy smiles

Tom: Leo, what are you, a hero? Your not. Your just a dick. You need to die. stabs him with obsidian blade

Leo: AH!! AHH!! NO!! YOU STABBED ME!! YOU BASTARD!! then he busts out laughing and pulls the obsidian blade out his leg and falls on ground Me? The dick? You're the one that made the comment about my girlfriend hahaha! closes the stab wound with ice and it heals fairly quickly and he gets up

Leo: Now, my turn... Leo jumps and puts his legs around Tom's neck and then does a back-flip, sending Tom flying and Leo lands on his feet Tom, please... Just stop this...

Tom: Tom neck cracks and his eyes turn pinkish red. Leo, get back, now, the drug is kicking in again, hurry!

Leo: If this is just a scare tactic it isn't working. Eyes start to glow purple of blast core power Whatever you're doing, I'll do it better... Gets in ready stance

Tom: Please stay back, I don't want to kill you...

Leo: Tch... flies back and watches Tom

Tom explodes into billions of shards that begin rotating like a tornado

In another place... Edit

Max: *Finally* absorbs a blast core and creates a blade of darkness

389px-Enton Kagutsuchi

Max: Awesome.

Max has a blade of darkness in his left arm...

Max: Now I should go the blade disappears as he exits the building

Back in the Sun District Edit

A man shoots a large ball of fire at Tom

Man: (Shouts to Leo) Dude, get out of the way!

A face of shards forms through the tornado

Tom: Idiot! the tornado moves closer to the man and rips him apart

The man returns, and explodes, destroying where they are(A building in the district)

Leo gets thrown back hitting a building

Leo: Shit... I'm safe... Leo makes a glacier come from the ground to block out another random attack from a conduit

Man: Dude, you ok?

Tom reforms into knight form and walks up to the man and grips him in an inescapable grip

Tom: Which team are you on?!?

Man: What the hell are you talking about?

Tom: Are you fucking stupid?!? Which of the four sides are you on?!?

Man: I'm not stupid, dude! I just moved here! I have no fucking idea what are the sides!

Tom: New Spire isn't the best place to book a holiday to, why did you move to a place in the middle of war? There are four sides, a group of humans who use conduits as slaves, another human group which wants to kill conduits, a group of conduits who want to kill the humans and the people who want peace. Choose one.

Man: Which one do you belong to?

Tom: I'm currently deciding that. What side are you on?

Man: I am currently deciding that, dude.

Tom: Well okay.

Man: Any chance you let me go, dude? What's your name, dude?

Tom: Oh uh sorry. Tom transforms back to human form and releases him I'm Tom. What's your name?

John: John.

Tom: I remember a guy named John, he had great plans. Too bad he died.

John: John White, right?

Tom: Yeah, one of the most loyal and strong conduits ever.

John: Why do I always remind people of him!?

Tom: Your name's John and you have fire powers.

John: It's not fire. I absorb powers and then I can drain other elements that I can use to create new types of blasts.

Tom: Wha?

John: It's complicated. Do you want a live demonstration?

Tom: Ok.

John: Ok. Now, I am gonna show you my current abilities.

John drains a cigarette that's on the floor and then shoots a ball of fire that explodes

John drains fabric from the ruins of the building from before and then shoots a ball of fabric that explodes into many wires

John: And now to show you a new trick.

John grabs Tom's hand and drains his powers like Delsin does and then shoots a large ball of glass that explodes, throwing shards everywhere it hit

John: Same trick. Different power-sets. I can do the same stuff with each power, but each power contains new properties.

Tom: My cousin can do that too but is restricted to melee weapons.

John: That's cool. I can explode, shoot balls of the substance I am using, have one special ability for each power-set, spawn minions and do a few other cool tricks.

At the G.E.N.E Base Edit

Max is entering the base

Max: Let's do this gets in as he goes in an alert goes out and 20 conduit guards appear

Max: *Shit* guards surround him and take him somewhere else...

In the Nature District a long time laterEdit

Hunter: I can finally take a walk in peace. Fuck, I just jinxed myself, huh? If so.... Forms Flame mask with real fire and then forms a sword construct of light and fire I'll keep these with me just in case. Continues to walk through the forest I finally take a relaxing walk through the forest. Oh, good. Now to find Leo. Flash steps away to find Leo

At the Market District Edit

A wave carries Emma to the shore

Emma: Aaaghh..My head...

Becomes fog and teleports(Moves with the air really) to the Sun District

Everyone meets at the Sun District

Sun DistrictEdit

All conduits end up at the Sun District were an army awaits them. G.E.N.E has retreated to repair their "weapon" and the Conduit Alliance has broken apart after the leader Thomas has joined the side of peace. The only remaining teams are the ones who want peace and the ones who want a conduit genocide

Tom: Oh shit. all soldiers take aim and ready their anti conduit weapons

Hunter: Bankai. Forms fire Bankai and Flame mask then prepares his swords Y'all ready for this?

Leo: So... This is bad isn't it...

Sterling: Obviously idiot... What are we gonna do....

Tom: Fucking hell!


Hunter: You're going to die then. Gets in a fighting pose

Victor: I'm trying to read their minds to predict their next move but...I can't. All of them are filled with ant-ray field radiation.

Mark: This is very wrong.


Sasha: You guys seriously do not want to see the bad side of me! Says in sing-song voice Or else you guys will get it! Like, HARD.

Madelyn: Looks like we have to do the inevitable...

The army begins firing shots but Tom reacts quickly and creates a glass barrier to protect them from the bullets, half the army go around the buildings and behind the conduits. Some of the army shoot rockets at the glass

Tom: D-do something! I don't have rocket proof glass!!!

Hunter: No shit Madelyn. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Prepare to die dick heads. Flash steps out of the barrier then slashes apart the soldiers with rocket launchers then flash steps back into the barrier

Emma creates a tornado that kills many of the soldiers and comes back into normal form

Emma: SUCK ON THIS! Continues to kill as many soldiers she can with her constructs.

Hunter: Keep it up Emma! Cuts apart several soldiers then forms a fire golem which then runs at a group of soldiers then explodes. Kamikaze bitch! It's time. Form the Final Heaven-Piercer! Forms a sphere of light and fire which then disappears, leaving Hunter standing, wearing armored leggings, a very dark red, almost black, bandage-like carapace that covers his torso, right arm and stop right below his eyes, and shows breaks that stop next to the left shoulder, where a metallic left arm with a shoulder pad that has the kanji for fire and light imprinted on it in red. Flames waft off his right arm, left forearm, and shoulders. Ryoshi! swings his blade at some armored vehicles which then causes them to exploded and the fires are absorbed into the fires on Hunter. Who's next?!

A homing missile is shot at Hunter and Emma which severely weakens them both because it's made of ant-ray field radiation

Tom: Fuck! the barrier shatters and Tom absorbs the glass then turns into knight form and car jumps behind the soldiers and cuts apart some from behind. A rocket is shot at his face sending him flying

Max: Gotcha creates a hand which stops Tom from falling

Tom: Thanks, on phone Alliance, ATTACK! 'An acid snake, a wave, a wood ball, a sound wave, a tornado and Tom in a glass ball form all drop down and create a huge explosion leaving behind dead bodies and the Conduit Alliance

Tom: Alright guys let's kill these bastards! they begin killing the army

A huge armoured jet hovers above and shoots all the conduits many times

Leo shoots icy-flames on the ground and makes it rise to block out the attacks for about 10 seconds and it breaks

Leo: Shit!!!!

Sasha: Guys gather around! She forms a lava wall around everyone and makes it into molten rock Okay hurry we need a plan guys... This is gonna break any time soon....

Kenneth: We should just fuck it all up....

Max: or we can hit it from different sides at the same time

Hunter: Do it. My Final Heaven-Piercer is gonna wear off soon, so I'm gonna save it for later. The Final Heaven-Piercer fades leaving only the bandage carapace that now encompasses his torso and arms with his bankai coat, loose-fitting pants, and swords with chains that wrap around his bandaged arms.

Tom: That would tear us apart, we need a bet- the rock breaks and the jet shoots homing missiles

Leo: No! Leo runs forward and spins around making a giant ice shield and it blows up sending everyone flying back Shit...

Suddenly someone comes flying in from the shining light of the sun and crashes into the ground making a huge explosion killing some of the anti-conduit people. The figure emerges as a rocket is launches at him and he just shoots it with what seems a plasmic solar beam.

Figure: We will not die... Fuckin' whores.... He flies off the ground and is following the jet about to hit it when someone hits him out of the sky and he crashes into a building

Figure: AHH!!!!!! I AM SOLARIS!! Flies out the rubble and starts fighting the conduit, hand to hand combat then kicks him in the chin which launches him upward then flies up to him, grabs his leg and throws him to the ground with great force killing him. And as another homing missile comes to hit him, Sterling disintegrates it destroying it before it hits him.

Solaris: Thanks... I'm Ace.... Walks up to them

Sterling: Nice to meet you Ace!

Leo: Sup bro. Nice skills...

Tom: Wow, I can't believe you just straight up murdered a conduit. forms an obsidian blade and walks up to him slowly Alliance, cover me.

Ace: Huh? I do what I have to do to survive. You can try to kill me with that if you want. Ace suddenly makes a giant flash blinding everyone and is behind Tom, hand on his back and absorbing his internal heat. You pose a threat, and I have to survive.

Tom: Fuck, you know what? I fucking had enough of life, kill me, end me quickly. I just want to protect conduits and...I can't, so just end me!

Ace: K. Slowly absorbs his internal heat, slowly causing hypothermia onto Tom

Christine: N-No.... Stop!!! She uses a wave to wash away Ace on his back and he stands up angry

Ace: Look... I will not fight a girl like you...

Christine: a GIRL?!?! She shoots hyper speed water bullets at Ace and they all hit him quickly

Ace: Shit... He makes a solar shield and fires a blast at her and hits her and knocks her down but as this happens the jet shoots its missiles at her and is about to hit her but everyone is distracted

Tom: SHIT!!! Shoots shards at missiles but the explosion still damages her. He runs to her

Tom: Shit, Christy, are you okay?!?

Christine: Agh... T-Tom... I'm...too weak.... Shit....


Hunter: Forms Flame mask with Fire Can we kill the rest of them now? Runs at them with swords drawn and then starts to cut them apart like Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Just kill the conduit genocide people!!!! Continues cutting apart the anti-conduit soldiers with his swords

Max: sorry but I can't kill all of them a solider comes aiming at him but maybe the soldiers shoots the solider in his leg

Emma drains the minds of half of the soldiers and wipes their minds, causing them to die

Emma: Damn...This power!

Tom: Nice Em! The jet flies around and shots Tom at the back while he gets angry and turns to knight form Now let me show you MY power! Tom glass boosts up to the cockpit of the jet and forms the obsidian blade and stabs it through the glass and kills the co-pilot but the pilot spins the jet and knocks Tom off

Tom: Fuck, the pilot is still alive!

Suddenly Leo boosts up to Tom in his Ice Knight form, grabbing his hand as he's falling and as Leo's being boosted and spins around swinging Tom back at the jet

Leo: Kill her!! The pilot!! I'll get the other jet!!! Another jet flies and shoots it's mini-gun at Leo and he gets shot down into the ground getting severely injured but his Ice knight form, protects him of dying

Madelyn: LEO!!!! She makes a sand dune and starts making small sand bullets come out the sand dune that's on the ground at the soldiers trying to close in on them and as this happens Sterling gets shot down into the sand by a few soldiers. As he's in the sand, he makes the sand lighter with his dust and Madelyn starts forming shields around everyone.

Madelyn: Nice! Then Max is shooting soldiers while a helicopter comes crashing down at him but Sasha makes her lava hit the heli, melting it before it crashes into him.

Tom then smashes through the glass and throws the pilot out and randomly tries to fly the jet but crashes into another jet, taking it down and causes a huge explosion and seriously injuring Tom

Tom: AH FUCK! That looks sooo much easier in the games!

Hunter: Yeah! Gets overwhelmed by soldiers then makes them all randomly explode then absorbs the fire from the explosions and recharges Hey Tom! We need to hurry this up!

Tom: Let's combo, heat my glass, hardening it while I reflect your light to fry these assholes!

Hunter: You didn't finish high school. How the hell do you know that? You know what, fuck it. Let's do it! Gets ready to heat up Tom's glass

Tom: Yeah well Einstein didn't know how to tie his shoe laces! creates a huge glass circle ready for hardening

Hunter: Burn bitches! Heats up the glass circle then concentrates a beam of light through the circle

The light instantly disintegrates most of the soldiers leaving a only a few soldiers and jets

Tom: Like staring at ants through a magnifying glass!!! That was awesome!

Hunter: Damn Right! Takes off Flame mask then converts it into a blade made of Fire and Light and a Khyber knife made of Fire and Light Now then. Let's finish this. Prepares to fight the remaining soldiers

Tom: forms obsidian blade It's slaughter time! He grinds around while slashing many soldiers apart WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Hunter: I think it's time for Flame... TO BURN YOU ALL ALIVE!!!! Charges and slashes apart a massive pack of soldiers and slices them apart

Leo starts flying with his jets and shoots down a jet all the way in the sky and it crashes down. Kenneth makes a jet and is flying around at high speeds shooting the army killing massive people but as he is doing this Sterling is running around slaughtering everyone around as they try to go towards him. Ace throws light energy at Hunter so he can absorb them and is using his plasma beams at the people around him, helping Sterling.

Leo: HAHA YEAA!!!!

Suddenly 25 helicopters come from the east direction and 5 tanks come from the west direction and the tanks each shoot at everyone but Kenneth runs his jet in front of the shots and jumps out making the jet get caught in a huge explosion making everyone fly back from the impact and making Kenneth land hard injuring him

Kenneth: AGH! Sheesh...

Leo: AGHH!!! He flies past the the bullets of the heli's but then gets shot down and as he's falling Ace flies to him and catches him but throws him at the heli.


Hunter: Have at it! Throws out a Over-Clocked Light Charge which then donates in Incendiary mode leaving enough fire to completely refill Leo's energy

Leo grabs the fire in midair and uses his rockets to boost up to one of the heli's and shoots it, completely destroying it and uses the fire to shoot down some other heli's but falls into Madelyn's sand


Hunter: Damn right Madelyn! Cuts apart the rest of the soldiers he was fighting then runs up to Madelyn Got any ideas? Forms a revolver construct and shoots a guy in front of them with a fire ball

From afar


Hunter: I don't have dust with me. Madelyn, what should we do to finish this faster, besides my Final Heaven-Piercer?

Tom: I have an idea, Sasha, pour some lava on the floor, Leo, as soon as she does that, cool it straight away so I can drain the obsidian that is formed and transform it into metallic glass and trap these fuckers is a dome.

Emma: And what should I do?

Tom: When they're in there, do what you want to them...

Max: What about me?

Emma: I want to test my limits. When they're attacking, tell me, step back and try not to die when I see how far can I go.

Tom: Guys, when I trap them, I'll let you in and let you test your limits and show them the suffering they caused us. Max, you can make darkness around the dome to block out the...violence.

Emma: Violence is nothing compared to what I'm gonna unleash. Come on, trap them!

Tom: I need the obsidian!

Emma: Then go get it?

Tom: Obsidian is made when lava is rapidly cooled. I need lava from Sasha and cold vapor from Leo.

Suddenly a huge blast of fire kills a few soldiers and then rematerializes into John

John: Hey, dudes. Need help?

Emma: (whispering to Tom) The guy's annoying me. He says dude too often. You know him?

Tom: I have no idea.

Sasha: Are we ready? I have a game to catch at 7... Heehaw... just kidding Giggles at herself

Leo: Rolls his eyes

Tom: Guys, obsidian, a lot, now.

Sasha: kay! She forms the ground in front of them into lots of lava then Kenneth launches Leo into the air and Leo shoots his fire into it but before it reaches, Christine shoots 2 high pressurized water from her fingers rapidly cooling the lava and making obsidian.

Leo: Geez....

Tom: Perfect. Tom absorbs the obsidian and uses it to make metallic glass and uses all his energy to make a huge dome and trap the remaining soldiers. Opens up a small hole for Emma They're all yours Em.

Emma: Stand back.

Emma becomes fog and enters the trap. She then summons constructs to torture the soldiers, rips their flesh with her bare hands, terrorizes them with their deepest fear and eventually wipes their mind, killing them, while refilling her energy. She continues to rampage across the city, causing tornadoes and summoning constructs, causing chaos

Max: She's gone crazy

Hunter: No shit, Sherlock. How can we stop her? Flame isn't gonna be enough to fight her, neither is Crimson Fury nor the Final Heaven-Piercer.

Max: She's too strong.

Tom: This will put a bad name on conduits. We need to do something.

Emma shouts at them with multiple voices talking at the same time: "You wanted to see how strong I can be!"

Emma: Who cares about humans?! I'm a god! We are all gods! Isn't that your mantra, Tom?

Emma rips apart a whole building with the people inside it and restores them back to normal and to life with the flick of a finger

Emma: Fuck. THIS IS GOOD!

Tom: That's true but if you destroy the world, what will you live in?

Emma: I am not gonna destroy the world, darling. Instead, I am gonna rule it, play with it, purge it, kill it, rebuild it, or whatever it is our race wishes.

Max: seems like a good plan too bad you won't do it

Emma: And who would stop me?

Max: well there is me and every one who want's to live

Emma: Join me, and you'll survive. Fight me, and you will be...missed.

Tom: Emma, great plan. But let's do it like this; kill the humans, destroy useless buildings, make better countries faster and better, be happy.

Emma: Agreed. So, Leo, Max,all of you, what is your side?

Max: you are out of your mind and I will never join you

Tom: Fine, but when we take this world, you will be jailed.

Max: we will see about that so who's with me and who's with them

Emma: Why jailed, sweetheart? I can re-program him to be a mindless little puppy.

John: I'm with Tom. He tried to kill me once, but he didn't. That's already one good thing, dude. And as my mom always said, don't mess with the *Coughs*psycho*Coughs* with the weapon, and Emma, you have one big weapon.

Tom: Okay John, Em, let's go.

Leo: Sigh Whatever, I'm gone guys...

Sterling: Yea... Me too... We'll stop you guys before you can do anything anyway..

Ace: Yup, I should've just killed that dude. Whatevs. Everyone flies and leaves the area

Emma: Well, Tom, call your allies and everyone that's on our side. I'll recruit my minions and we'll destroy this world to build a better one. Mind controlls citizens and turns them into minions

Tom: Alliance, let's go. the Alliance and Emma leave

End of RP

The next RP will involve Hurst, Harry and G.E.N.E attempting to take over the world


Next Chapter:

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