An Infamous Roleplay That Takes Place After The Good Karma Ending Of Second Son, Bad Karma Of Infamous 2 And Good Karma For Infamous 1, This Story Relies On Choices

If You Want To Add Your Character To This Roleplay Just Make This Template With Your Characters Name, Powers, Etc

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Week 39: Near Destroyed Edit


Reaper: Fucking Do It!

Drago Stands At The Edge Of The Building, Watching

Mercer: Have Mercy-

Reaper: Shut The Fuck Up!

Mercer: Please-

Reaper: I Said Shut The Fuck Up!

Mercer Stares Hopefully, Wishing He Wont Shoot

Reaper: You Bitch! You Caused This, Understand! And You Nearly Tore A Fucking Dragons Wing Off!

Mercer: Have Mercy!

Reaper: May God Have Mercy On Us All....

He Stares Before Pulling The Trigger


Reaper Drops The Pistol As Dragons Swarm In, Everyone Holding Them Off As Much As They Can, Shooting There Beams And Power Types But To No Avail, Dragons Take Out Dozens Of Conduits And Only Civilians Can Watch As The Battle Rages On

Week 1: Beginning Edit

Markus Sighs While Walking Home. He Opens The Door And Shuts It

Markus: Home Shit Home.

Markus Takes His Coat Off And Hangs It. He Hears Walking From Upstairs. He Thought He Was Hearing Things.

???: Ah!

Markus: Mercer?

He Speeds Upstairs To Mercer and then trips

Mercer: Help Me!

Markus: What Is It?

Mercer: Dragons....

Markus: What?! They Don't Exist!

Mercer: There Is More To This World Than You Think.....

The First Dragon Sighting Was Recorded In 1894. Two Men Were In The Woods When They Saw A Green Creature Fly Over Them. After Many Years A Spirit Dragon Was Found In 2000 Where It Flew Over A City Before Vanishing, This Proved They Were Real.

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