Infamous Online is an MMOR (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplay) setted in the Infamous universe. It is where users roleplay. The tone of the roleplays are required to be either PG-13 or below. People post online roleplays and link them to here. So, in other words, think of this as an Index for roleplays under catagory. Roleplays not registered here are not a part of Infamous Online.


State your username and character here. Keep it under a numbered list to keep track of how many players.

  1. <insert username> -- <insert character name>

List of Story ArcsEdit

This is the list of roleplays with a specific story involved.

  1. <insert roleplay name with link>

Filler roleplay.Edit

This is where roleplays between specific roleplays are. These are also known as talk plays.

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