Johnacious is a character in the "They Took Over" Series that you meet in Level 1: Where It All Began. He is your main man and guide, along with Agent Claudia Ryker and later, Wyatt Onasaf, but he is the main one.


Johnacious has sunglasses and cool outfits. He appears in Levels 1, 13, 15, and TBA.


In Level 1 it was revealed that Johnacious (or John, as you call him) used to live in Baity Apartments but it got hit so bad from the Great Flood Event that he had to move to his current location. He also used to party with you on your rooftop almost every night. In Level 3 it was revealed that John used to be a part of the X.I.A Agency but left due to the X.I.A. Bomb Incident.


John is a wise smart-Alec joker who, obviously, makes jokes. They are sometimes cheesy and corny. He also burps a lot. But when needed, he guides you to your goal.

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