Mordred Darkblade is a Conduit that lives in the area of Claremore, Oklahoma.


Mordred lived a pretty normal life, everything went pretty well as he grew up, he even discovered he was nearly invulnerable. One day Mordred got made at another kid in his class, yelling at the kid so loud he actually bursted the classmate's ear drums and shattered the classroom windows. The local police saw him as a bioterrorist, and gave him to the military. While being taken to the military, Modred busted out of the car he was in, seemingly unnoticed. Now knowing he had these powers he took it out on the public, nearly murdering everyone there. Mordred later in life realized the mistakes he had made, and tried to help everyone out in rebuilding the city. Mordred is still attacked by the military to this day (that is until Delsin Rowe in Seattle came along, one of the most powerful Conduits in the U.S.), but while he fights the military off he tries to protect the citizens of Claremore.


Mordred is a pretty scrawny kid, 16-years old. He wears blue jeans, sneakers that used to belong to his father, a black hoodie, and a white T-shirt. He also wears glasses, as he has poor eyesight. Usually Mordred can also be found wearing headphones around his neck, a nod to his powers.


Audiokinesis: Mordred has the ability to control sound, which can be useful in a fight. For example, he could distort the sound around him to make an ear piercing screech that will make his enemies ears bleed. 

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