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Motek Wayne
Vital statistics
Alias "The Wind"
Gender Female
Race Conduit
Affiliation Man Hunters
Health N/A
Level N/A
Power {{{power}}}
Status Active
Location N/A
Voiced By Wendy Lee

Mortek Wayne is a Conduit, and an enforcer of Richard Tate's Man Hunters.  As a Conduit, she's able to mimic control over the powers of wind, hence her alias "The Wind." 


Mortek is a very tall woman, with long, bushy, snow white hair--stretching down to the back of her neck, with one long strand dangling down by each of her cheeks, with a white and orange band tying her hair together.  She's wearing two long red armbands, also strapped around her hands with no fingers, dark red shorts with a light red ribbon, and a small dark red vest--so her entire stomach is showing--and some sort of white bands covering her breasts.  She also has a dark red legging on her left leg, and odly shaped, dark red shoes on each of her feet, with two orange, diamond shaped marks on her left leg, just above her legging, and two more on her left leg just below her shorts, and two more on the left side of her belly button. 


Mortek has an extremely sadistic personality, seen clearly when she tortures Kuo in her headquarters, giving her special medicine she made so she would stay alive and endure all of the pain.  She also appears to be extremely loyal to her master, Richard Tate, and even appears to have some sort of romantic feelings for him, so to speak. 



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

When Richard Tate rebuilt the Ray Sphere and detonated it on her, she was given the ability to mimic control over the wind.  Although this seems like a very simple ability at it's base, Mortek is able to take control of very unique abilities, as well as all sorts of the generic abilities that you might think of.  To use her wind based powers, Mortek summons two handheld Japanese fans, holding one in each hand, and waves them around for each of her particular attacks or techniques.  Her control over the wind appear to be incredibly immense, which is hinted when Cole was able to sense her presence before she even arrived at his exact location, when she was flying high in the clouds.  Each one of her individual abilities are called "Dances" and the world "Dance" is at the beginning of each of her attack names. 

Dance of Blades

Dance of the Dragon

Dance of Spinning Destruction

Dance of the Hurricane

Dance of Flight

Dance of Feather Flight

Dance of Super Speed

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