The New Marais War was a war which took place on March 20, 2014 from 9:50 AM to 11:31 AM in New Marais, on the north tip of Gas Works heading south, on the edge road.


Before the events of the New Marais War, Thadd Slaussback was a chemist who worked with mutant creatures. His laboratory was located in Northern Gas Works, and people picked on him and thought he was mad. On March 20 at 9:45 AM, he injected a chemical in himself which made him a HUGE beast (the Devourer). He killed everyone in the facility and broke out, collapsing the building. He went on a rampage, and so begins the war

X11 was an agent working for an undercover government, and had secret electric powers. When the giant monster broke out, he was sent to stop it. And boy, a big battle there was.

The WarEdit

The battle was on between X11 and Slaussback. People were screaming and he was eating them with his tongue. Every time he ate someone, he belched which blew up cars, etc. When X11 arrived at 9:54 AM, X11 was lifting cars (regardless of who was in them) and was chucking them at Slaussback. The cars exploded and hurt the monster.

The monster grappled onto X11 with his tongue X11 struggled to break free. Eventually he did, and was thrown onto a car, and the car exploded. The street was filled with cars, and the battle was heading down the street. The people in the car had little time to escape, because as X11 was running down the street, Slausback followed, destroying everything in the process. Yikes!

The monster was chasing X11 and was crushing the cars on the road and anything inside them. The monster flipped a car into the water, and the person inside escaped before the car hit the water. He died, though.

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