Name: Rex

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Nickname(s): Rexy

Alias(es): Phoenix

Birth Date: 21st of March-1996

Occupation: Singer

Rank: Champion


The Character’s Appearance:

Appearance: Rex has black hair, with black eyes and a decent body build. He wears a black jacket with yellow shoulder-pads and yellow elbow-pads, some blue jeans, and some Adidas shoes

Height: 7.3 feet

Weight: 80kg

About the Character

Personality: Rex is a cool and friendly guy. He's an okay guy who's easy to get along with.

Fear(s): Oceans, water

Likes: Adventures, sports, video games

Dislikes: Ice, wood.

Habit(s): Killing drug dealers.

Flaw(s): nothing

Talent(s): Acrobatics

The Character’s Relationship With Others

Reputation: People view Rex as a champion of the people. He's viewed in a good way by the general public

Love Interest(s): Shakira

Friend(s): Nobody until now

Enemy: None so far.

Relationship(s): None so far.

The Character’s Abilities

Conduit?: Yes

Power(s): Fire control/Pyrokinesis

Hand-To-Hand Combat:8 /10

Weapon Handling: 8/10

Defense: 9/10

Offense: 10/10

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information

Birthplace: New York City

Family: Father: Tony, Mother: Emma, Sister: Jade

Familial Background: Rex had his powers since birth. When he was only 7 years old, Rex's powers awakened. He accidentally burned down his house, which was made from wood, primarily. In light of these events, somebody screamed, "Fire, fire!" Everybody ran out but they forget him. His mother called out for him, trying to save him from the fire. Rex's father, Tony, stopped her, stating, "He can be saved. He's gone." However, Rex was perfectly fine, still inside the house. He tried his best to find his family, until the fire department came and rescued him.

Character Background: After many years when he was 16 he didn't know that he could control fire. But when he was running from the police, he jumped and felt a new feeling in him. Suddenly, fire came out from his legs and Rex jumped onto the roof of a building and realized that he can control fire. Rex decided to test his powers, shooting fireballs then, mini fireballs, and some heavy missile-like attacks. This could be a new beginning.

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