Cray Zhuder

Ron utilising his Magma Powers

Ron "Craz" Zhuder is the big brother of Ray Zhuder and is also a Conduit, controlling Magma. He eventually loses his powers as a result of the RFI blast, and becomes the boss of New Maurais criminal world.


Ron is smart and cold, colder than Ray. He is dead serious and often bored. He does get angry to the point where he can use his Magma powers to kill someone.


Ron is often wearing a costume and a tie. After his rise in the criminal world, he wears a black coat as a cape, and wears a red costume.

Conduit PowersEdit

Ron's Conduit powers are Magma, which means that he can turn his body into volcanic Magma, or just parts of it. His powers grants him immunity to heat, and he can use the powers to enter restricted areas with little to no effort, no matter if it's from the air, from walls or even the ground.

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