Simon Araster is an earth conduit, one of the enemies of the Revolutional rebels and, as such an enemy of Ray Zhuder. Unlike his other associates, he is not an ally of Ron Zhuder, instead being a mercenary for hire, with a somewhat sense of honor.


In his very first appearance, he wore a bandana, a black coat, with grey pants covered by boots. Later on, when he revealed himself, he turned out to be a fairly young person, with black hair, grey eyes and a somewhat energetic look in his eyes, suggesting that he was normally active.


Simon is an Earth conduit, handling powers of earth and anything that contains at least a few minerals or materials which earth has, meaning he can control concrete and even (to an somewhat degree) mud. His main powers are turning into and using earth as his weapon, even using it in defensive purposes such as armor or constricting what-would-be fatal blows.

He is strong enough to overpower Ellis in strength, and during the war, he fought Ray, keeping him busy until his brother came, giving him a hard fight.