"Kick some govie ass."
— Trennis, to Aaron Griffin after being asked what he wanted to do after escaping the reseach facility[1]
Trennis Jones
Vital statistics
Alias Tren (by his friends)
T.J. (by his friends)
Gender Male
Race Conduit
Affiliation Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (formerly)
Conduit Militia
Power {{{power}}}
Status Alive
Location Mobile; formerly Empire City
Voiced By Unknown

Trennis Jones is a Conduit that was locked away by the US government after the Blast, along hundreds of others. He was set free after being cryogenically frozen for close to twenty years by Aaron Griffin, a clone of the very man who caused his incarceration in an attempt to resurrect the genetically-advanced race.



Creation of the Conduit MilitiaEdit

Resurrecting the forgottenEdit

"Geokinesis. [...] What? You never heard of it."
— Trennis after being unfrozen[1]

Powers and SkillsEdit

Trennis possesses the ability to generate shockwaves and ripples to earth and rock as well as plants and trees.

Appearance and personalityEdit


Connor is based off Trayus' friend Trennis' personality

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