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    Introduction of Character. “Some people view me as a monster, most a soldier, others a legend, some a myth, but rarely called a hero. They want a monster, they'll have a monster that protects them, they want a soldier, then they'll have a soldier, they want to see a legend, then let the legend come to life, if they want a myth, good, because that's the last thing they'll know about me. If they want a hero, then that will just have to wait, because I'm my own master now."

    Name: Jin-Roh (He views his old name as a curse).

    Age: 28.

    Gender: Male.

    Nickname(s): Jin.

    Alias(es): Wolf (Due to the meaning of his name), Werewolf (Because he once did a mission while wearing wolf's pelt), Gen. Wolf (By most of his soldiers), the Wolf in the battlefield (Due…

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    _______________________________________________ THE KNIGHTS OF A.R.M.O.R (INTRODUCTION PART 2).

    When the alarm sounded, Jason's eyes flared red and he gave of a residual red glow, he knew what the disturbance was, “She's escaped!", He said in rage.

    “Impossible, Augutine's under extreme security, there's no way she's out.", Anderson said in denial.

    Suddenly an A.R.M.O.R agent barged right in, he started hyperventalating and panickining, he looked like a rookie.

    “She's escaped and the First Sons and DUP are here, they're meeting up with Augustine , it's a slaughter at ground floor", the agent said while panicking.

    Agent Anderson looked stern .

    “Assemble the KNIGHTS, as for the First Sons, kill all of them, leave one alive for interragation.", And…

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    As they heard that they were all confused, “Wait, wait, wait, who are you and how do you know who we are?", Jason asked.

    “I'm Agent Anderson of A.R.M.O.R, and I know about you two through the News.", he answered while showing his ID badge.

    “What's A.R.M.O.R?", Hannibal asked.

    “You don't have to know, only these two heroes have to know.", Anderson said while looking at Jason and Helen in a slightly arrogant tone.

    “Watch it Agent! I may not be a conduit but I can still kick your ass.", Hannibal sad while breaking a cup out of anger.

    “Hey, Hannibal stop breaking cups, this may be your bar, but this is where I live.", Jason said while trying to calm him do…

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    ___________________________________________ THE QUEEN RETURNS TO HER CASTLE.

    Somewhere in an unknown government island facility, a man and woman agent walk in a hallway, on thier ID badges were thier names, Agent Anderson and Agent Harker, both looked very stressed and they had to have a meeting with thier superior Director Mason. "Are you sure it was her, I mean is that psychopatich bitch free from her cell?", Anderson aked in dismay, "Yes, but she didn't do it on her own, she was helped by “them“., Harker answered, “No fucking way!", he exclaimed, “Yes, you guesses it right, it was the First Sons that helped her.", she answered, “How? Kessler's dead there's no way it was them!", he said in defense, “Look, let's just get this meeting over …

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    There was a road, and around this road was a forest, walking on the road was, a man who had grey hair, " Where am I ? " the man said to himself while walking on the road, as he walks he struggles at trying to remember, but the only things he remembered were his name, age and what he is, while walking he talks to himself saying " My name is Jason" overe and over again, but out of focus he trips and falls, when he got back up he saw a bridge, a sign seying welcome to Seattle,WA. After crossing the bridge he sees a man "Excuse me, where can I find a decent place to live in ?" Jason asked, "Just across the street over the-----------" the man stoped before answering in horror he backed away saying "Stay away from me you f-f-f-f-freak." in a t…

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