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  • My occupation is Fanon writer, I guess
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  • Jim Logan

    Rating Contest!

    July 30, 2012 by Jim Logan

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Beasts and Corrupted, this is the first -ever The Instant Classic Story Rating Contest, in this contest, users can submit one or two of their stories or character pages to be reviewed and rated by yours truly under these classes. "Action, Comedy, Family Friendly, Additude Era(Swearing/Adult Refrences), Fan Canon(Follows the InFAMOUS/InF2 Storyline, Spin offs(New Story, New character) and Imigry(i can't spell lolz)." Character pages will be rated by "Neatness, detail, and image placement."

    1. KesslerBeast

    1. [e.g]InFAMOUS:Anarchy

    1. Lucy Kuo
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  • Jim Logan

    A Conduit Saga Info

    March 3, 2012 by Jim Logan

    I know this is Uber Super Duper late but, A Conduit Saga, InFAMOUS 2:Post Beast, and InFAMOUS: Origins(originally) were all apart of one huge story, but after a minor inactivity, This guy, instead changed his story(,which is completly fine). Now in recent days you may have seen Blood Fest, InFAMOUS:Brotherhood, and Clone Wars, pop up as side-stories. Now that "A Conduit Saga" was finished, and on a bad note in my opinion, I have no real idea what to write next.

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