Zeal is an extremely powerful Conduit with the ability to manipulate time. He is the main antagonist of InFAMOUS: Belonging.


Not much is known about Zeal's background, including his real name. What is known is that he is among the D.U.P.'s most wanted, and is currently the most powerful Conduit known to exist, rivaling and possibly even surpassing The Beast itself.


Zeal's appearance is easy to recognize, consisting of a black trench coat, black pants, a blue dress shirt, and most notably, a mask to hide his identity.


Known widely for being ruthless and murderous, Zeal doesn't know the definition of mercy. He is a man who gets things done, and doesn't care about how many things he needs to destroy or people he needs to kill in order to achieve his goals. He sees humans as inferior to Conduits, and works with the goal not unlike that of The Beast; finding and activating latent Conduits in order to raise up a new world order. However, to this end, his true motivations are unknown.



Zeal's Conduit ability is the ability to manipulate time freely. He is able to slow down time to a crawl, near stopping it completely, and is thus nearly unstoppable in combat, being able to end battles before they even start. In manipulating time, he is able to destoy nearly anything with so much as a touch. For example, if he were to punch something in normal time, the punch would equal normal energy and force, but slowed down to nearly stopped, that energy would be compounded into an extremely small timeframe, completely destoying the object in question. He is able to do this with anything he does, being able to lift up impossible weights and utterly obliterate obstacles and opponents. This also works in reverse, as energy directed from others would lose all their energy with time slowed, allowing him to catch bullets in the air, and be completely unaffected by impact forces. He is also able to manipulate time within selective areas of effect, allowing him to freeze enemies or object, but allowing others to continue in the flow of time. The ability to manipulate time makes Zeal practically invincible from all external forces, making him incredibly dangerous.

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